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» 01 Jul 2010

Alex came into this world on a rainy Valentine’s Day at 1515 Hrs. Raised in New Delhi, India; he is the younger of two siblings.

As a child, he was happiest with his nose in a book, following adventures through the words of storytellers, such as: Sir Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alexandre Dumas, and others. He admits however that his own real life adventures began when he ventured off to the United Kingdom for his higher studies, post completion of his Bachelors Degree (Honors) in Commerce from Delhi University.

Upon completion of his MBA in Finance studies in 2001 from the University of Lincoln; he worked for a while in London, honing his excel and pub crawling skills, before venturing home to be closer to family.

Work Life He’s spent the last nine years entrenched in the world of corporate finance, operations, and now marketing. Today, he works for Fortis Clinique Darné, the premier private hospital here on the island. He started out working for Fortis Healthcare Limited in India in the former half of the decade. As part of his last stint with the Company, he was selected to join an elite team of 10 individuals chosen to work with McKinsey & Co. to design and implement more efficient operating systems across all Fortis hospitals.

Alex then headed the Investor Relations function at Emaar MGF Land Limited, one of the world’s largest real estate enterprises. However, his relationship with Fortis was destined to continue. He was invited back by friend and colleague Raj (now the hospital’s COO) who recruited him to re-join Fortis here in Mauritius and Alex has  found it to be an enriching experience.

He spends his days as the business analyst spearheading business development and looking after the marketing function of the hospital, with goals of redefining the healthcare delivery landscape on the island.

It’s a labour of love for him as the day often flies by without his realising that he’s worked a 12 to 14-hour day. Island Life Alex is passionate about his career but he knows how to unwind, too! The island’s scenic beauty is very therapeutic after a hard day’s work--- especially with his favourite beer in hand to soothe the nerves. He tells us, “When you’re done appreciating its beauty, the Island has no dearth of activities which include golf (which his favourite doctor on the Island has promised to make him a pro at) to the complete opposite end of the spectrum – canyoning and scuba diving, with many other activities, too.”

Alex quotes Mark Twain who aptly wrote in his non-fiction account of his trips to different countries titled Following The Equator. “You gather the idea that Mauritius was created first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Not just passionate about working in healthcare, Alex firmly believes in taking care of his own health as well. He often starts his day with squash, a jog, or time at the gym. He loves sports and like all true Indians, of course he’s passionate about Cricket. He’s also got a love of English football and supports Manchester United FC as well as the national team wholeheartedly.

While he loves the plethora of culinary choices here on the island, like all sons he misses his mother’s amazing cooking the most. In terms of family, Alex is currently single. He believes that happiness is a state of mind and feels very blessed with all that God has given him. Amongst the things he is thankful for - his family, a 7-year old Aquarian niece (just like her uncle), a promising career, great friends, and a phenomenal place to live in and explore. Alex claims that all of the above have helped him create a balance in his life.

Besides a former love that had a big influence on him personally and who he fondly remembers as explaining that love is about having a friend who “gets” you for the way you are, others who have vastly influenced him include Alex’s father, for his: unwavering work ethics, sincerity, and patience as well as his brother-in-law who has truly inspired him to not only dream dreams but to set forth and make them come true.

His unquenching thirst for knowledge is what has driven him across oceans and he continues to do so... To sum it up, in the words of Eric Hoffer, Poet & Longshoreman: “In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth while the knowers will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

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