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» 01 Mar 2011

Whoever said that retirement around age 55 is a good idea has not met Fred Steinberg! He says that life is just beginning at 55 and with his recent relocation to Mauritius a few years ago to expand his I.T. solutions company Malachite Business Solutions, he is a living testament to this credo

Fred Steinberg grew up during the apartheid in Pretoria, South Africa without the typical entertainment of television and computers that kids have today. His mom was his biggest influence making sure that all of her kids had a close relationship with their Creator. Fred has fond memories of making friends wherever he went as well as their yearly family seaside holiday hours away from home in Durban.  At his age, Fred doesn't feel that his education, 38 years ago, has much impact on what he is doing now but some of his experiences have shaped his life. In 1984 and 1985, he was chosen to participate in the World Power Boat Formula 1 series for a team based in Holland and then Chicago, USA. Because of his German descent and the fact that the South African government's apartheid rules prohibited international competition for their sportsmen, Fred raced under a German flag and license. International travel was immense and he   saw a lot of the world in just a few years.

 Professional Life     
Trading in his international racing lifestyle with numerous championships under his belt, he segued into his professional life with as much spirit and sense of competition as he had while piloting a Formula 1 racing boat. Fred founded the South African Circuit Racing Association and additionally served as chairman and treasurer. He was also part of the Who's Who in South African between 1989 and 1993. With qualifications in project management and marketing, Fred Steinberg has over 32 years of experience in a variety  of key management roles. He has served as Director of Sales and Projects with the Brasco Group of Companies and Sales Director at Waterworld, the largest boating company in South Africa. He has established almost 20 supermarkets in Botswana,Africa and has a vested interest in a renewable energy company called Eecofuels, where his son is now CEO. Fred was based in Johannesburg, South Africa for quite a while and decided he needed to get away from the area permanently after experiencing two failed  armed hijackings.After a visit to Mauritius where his grown daughter was getting   married, he decided to make the move and has been on the island for two years     

 Life in Mauritius 

His company Malachite Business Solutions has kept Fred quite busy on the island. Among his many projects has been the launch of several South African brands     
such as Ashanti Containerjack,WAP Industrial Cleaning Systems and Tabard Insect Repellents. He is also working on a world championship boat race to take place in Port Louis Harbour.

Fred's life in Mauritius is not all work,  no play. In addition to his grown son and daughter and two grandchildren, he shares his life with a lovely Mauritian woman Sonia and their young daughter Neilah, just minutes from Balaclava Beach. Fred rises early to take advantage of a quick swim or walking the dogs before heading into his Port Louis office by 7. Because of his diverse business interests, meetings are often scheduled both on and off-site throughout the day.

 Unwinding after a day of work may find Fred either enjoying a home made meal with his family or dining at his favourite local eatery, the Beach house restaurant, a business he has very close affiliation to. Fred is business partner to Cabous van der Westhuizen in no less than three ventures on the island! While you won't see him playing golf, you may find him yachting around Grand Bay during his off time.The easy mix of cultures on the island as well as the importance of family values are two of Fred's favourite things about living in Mauritius. The excellent weather, low crime rate and the amazing friends he has made in just a few years on the island are additional things he loves about his new life     

After years of working hard in business, Fred has discovered a few things that life on the island has taught him. He says, "Money cannot buy true happiness. Happiness comes from within. Nowadays, happiness for me is in giving to others."   These discovered beliefs are probably the reason why he is so passionate about  truth, his family and his adopted community where he and his family help with a local shelter for abused children.

As you can see, Fred Steinberg is nowhere near ready for retirement.With his new life in Mauritius, he is really just getting started .    



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