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» 31 Aug 2012

Hi, Mr Hylton, where do you hail from?
I was born in South Africa (but have Irish nationality) all my education was done in South Africa, after com-pleting school, I studied Electrical Engineering and obtained a Diploma, I also studied Sports physiology, and was a freelance fitness instructor in South Africa and later in Europe France. I am married and have two young boys.

And how was it like living in South Africa as a child?

I had a very happy simple childhood growing up in South Africa, most of the time was spent outdoors but I still remember the day my father came home with a TV (was Black & White) it was a big (Huge) thing way back then….. Today my kids have toys with HD color touch screen…..Things have changed!!!!

We’ve seen the picture of your other half, do you want to share with us where you met?

I left South Africa with by back pack to travel in Europe, and my life was never the same again, I ended up living in France for 7 years got married to a beautiful French lady, and as a none French citizen it is VERY complex to get married in France but after much patience and a lot of paper work we got married.

Have you experienced any life changing event?

My wife and I got the opportunity to move to Tahiti as I was offered a job in the Spa industry, this was an amazing experience, I had already learnt so much about the French cul-ture, trust me not the same as South Africa, and now a completely new culture, we embraced the experience and remained in Tahiti for 5 years, and left with an extra addition to the family our first son was born in Papeete Tahiti. As if Tahiti was not wow enough I was transferred to
Hawaii and there our second son was born. I would say that we are all the creators of our own destiny and it is very important to make the best of every situation, as we never know what will happen tomorrow.

How did you leave Tahiti to come to Mauritius?

I was working for Banyan Tree/Angsana Resorts in the Middle East for 4 years and when we signed the contract to manage this beautiful property in Mauritius, I was asked if I would be interested to relocate to help with the set up and running of the Resort, this was not a very hard choice to make ‘’Middle East V/s Mauritius".

We’ve been to Angsana, lovely place. Do you want to share anything about your job?

I work for Angsana Balaclava this is a small boutique 5* Resort, we have many Resorts around the world but this is our first in Mauritius. Our roots are planted in Asia Thailand, we are proud to say that we are one of the best and biggest Spa com-panies in the world and our Resorts are world renowned, within the same company we have a second brand called Banyan Tree, both with Spas and Resorts.

What are the things you are passionate about?

My Family first and then natural beauty. I love to travel and discover the natural beauty of our world.

Give us a glimpse into an average day in your busy life?

I arrive at work at about 7h30 by Kayak when I can, I do not live too far as I live on the coast so I prefer to come to work on a Kayak (no pollu-tion no traffic, no parking problems)!

Kayak! Wow! And what do you love most about living here?

Mauritius is a very beautiful place - I love the mountains and the people are friendly. The Island has the un-spoilt natural side, but we can also find all the luxuries of the modern world.

Do you have any closing comments for our readers?

If my Family is Happy I am happy it is that simple, I would have to say the first quote that comes to mind ‘’to-day dreams are the threshold of tomorrows discoveries"


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