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» 01 May 2011

Mauritius was simply a job destination for photographer Joseph Manglaviti but the allure of the island, the climate, and the welcoming people changed all that. Joseph is an International Winning Master Photographer. He specialises in fashion, advertising and high end weddings.


A Solid Foundation

Coming from a close Italian family living in Australia, Joseph was firmly mired in a variety of cultures. Not only did he benefit from the strong ties of family (not to mention the great Italian cooking by his Mother), he easily picked up on languages and understood different cultures. All of this served him in good stead through the university and photography school, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography.

Joseph did the things normal boys in Australia did – hang out at the beach, play sports and race around on motorbikes and indulge in cars! As he grew up, there were a number of people and events that shaped who he is today.

The passing of his father left an indelible mark on his heart as have his experiences with family and teachers. In fact, Joseph believes that each person he has met – in both significant events and in passing – has influenced him in some way. He feels that without exploration and continuous learning you cannot evolve as a person.

Perhaps understanding that every person can have an impact on your life is what drew Joseph to his calling as a photographer. Since the age of 14, he knew what he wanted to be. Even after photographing celebrities to normal, every day people, he feels that underneath it all, people are the same, regardless of status.

Journey to Mauritius

About six years ago, Joseph travelled to Mauritius for a photo shoot for an Australian fashion magazine. He kept returning to the island for various work and was eventually asked by some companies here to be the head photograph judge for the First International Fashion Awards in Mauritius. He began to truly see the heart of the island, the warmth of its citizens and its photographic opportunities.

Joseph now has a company on the island called Clique Photography Mauritius where he teaches, learns and collaborates with the best photographers on the island. The company currently offers photographic safari and will soon be opening a new commercial studio proposing a variety of fashion, advertising, wedding and other photographic specialties, unlike anything else in Mauritius. With ties to a future movie studio being built on the island called Pinewood, Joseph looks forward to being a part of the best photographic studio in the Indian Ocean.

Passions in Life

Many things spark Joseph's zest for life including travelling, different cultures and languages, dancing, food, motorbikes, and sports cars. And, of course – photography.

The challenge of sharing his experiences and knowledge with others is fulfilling; he loves being with people and learning is always an adventure. However, his true passion is his children and family. The loves of his life are his two daughters, ages three and seven. And while his marriage of 12 years did not work out, the mother of his two children is still one of the most important person in his world.

Everyday Life

Because Joseph splits his time between Melbourne and Mauritius, he has two versions of an average day. In Australia, he gets up early for a walk on the beach, checks his email and sees his children off to school. After, he heads to his studio in the cosmopolitan Carlton suburbs to check his work schedule and meet with colleagues.
Joseph may attend meetings with clients or business associates as well. While the days are often busy, he always squeezes in time for a coffee date or dinner with friends. Of course, spending time with his girls is also a priority each day. He typically wraps up an evening with a relaxing movie or book and a glass of red wine.

His Mauritian life is a bit different because he must get up very early as his Australian connections are seven hours ahead. Joseph relies on Skype to keep in touch with his studio and clients in Australia as well as family. After an early walk on the beach, he is ready to tackle client meetings, photo shoots and travelling the island for his many photographic concerns. His days are quite full and he relaxes by catching up with friends, experiencing the night life, meeting new people or even having a quiet night at home. Joseph's definition of happiness stems from his quality of life with family, friends, health, peace and love. He does not want to sit on his veranda at 90 years of age wondering what might have been, so he lives life to the fullest now. He definitely has no regrets, especially with his new life in Mauritius

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