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» 01 Aug 2011

Poland is a long way from Mauritius but the sport of tennis bridged the gap of these two worlds for Lukas Skowronski. Growing up in the small, old-world city of Zlotoryja, Poland, the son of two sports teachers, it was natural that Lukas himself was a part of this active lifestyle. Since the age of seven, he has been playing tennis, becoming one of the best junior players in the country, even making the national tennis team!

Growing Up

Lukas’s parents are the most important people in his life and have always encouraged his sports activities. They sacrificed a lot to ensure he and his sisters always had opportunities for learning through sports and travel. To understand their sacrifice, the price of a tennis racquet was roughly the equivalent of one month’s salary. Therefore, for a tennis player, it could get very expensive to stay in the game but somehow, Lukas’s family managed to do just that. Their support is a huge reason for his success.

Sports and Business

Because tennis was such a huge part of Lukas’s life, he faced a dilemma after passing high school exams – following a future in tennis or advancing his education.
With the encouragement of his parents, Lukas studied economics and international trade, eventually securing a job in a logistics company. However, this career path was not for him, with his high energy and longing to get back into the world of tennis.

Lukas had spent his summer months between his studies travelling in the United States and Germany, improving his foreign language skills. His ease with languages and love of travel prompted him to seek jobs relating to travelling and tennis.

Eventually, he was hired by an American tennis company that appoints international coaches all over the world to run tennis programs in exclusive hotels and clubs. After training, Lukas was offered a tennis director position in the famous Mauritius luxury hotel Le Touessrok.

Arrival in Mauritius

Even though Lukas’s dream was to work in Dubai, the offer in Mauritius seemed like an adventure so he thought that he would give it a year. However, after arriving on the island in 2007, he quickly realized that his stay would be much longer than that.
For the following three years, Lukas learned more about the island, meeting people involved in all aspects of the sports, leisure and hotel business.
In 2010, he decided to start his own business.

 Lukas joined forces with two other tennis companies on the island run by Marcel Noe and Kamil Patel to create Team Advantage, an elite tennis company that offers first class tennis instruction and services on the island, catering to exclusive clubs and hotels. Some of the company’s largest programs include Le Touessrok, La Pirogue, One & Only Le Saint Geran, Heritage Awali Golf and Spa Resort and many more. Many of the coaches are native to the island but there are some tennis professionals that come from all over the world.


Professional and Personal Life Intertwined

Mauritius has brought many blessings to Lukas and he welcomes each day with his high energy and passion for tennis. The day usually starts around 6:00 a.m. with some fitness training with junior tennis players before returning home for some quick playtime with his German Shepherd Prada. Next, he heads into the office to handle calls, emails, and management of the many employees as well as drive to the multiple locations where Team Advantage operates. He also works with Mauritian juniors at the national tennis centre in addition to teaching tennis lessons and other projects.

Lukas often has a full schedule (servicing hotels is a 24/7 business) but he does make time for his personal life too. He has met some interesting people like his best friend Maista, a singer from Belle Mare who named him godfather of his son. His girlfriend Rachelle holds a special place in his life as well. In his off time, Lukas and Rachelle embrace the Mauritian lifestyle, enjoying the multiple cultures and partake of the many island pursuits such as catamaran trips, water skiing, mountain climbing and even just hanging on the beach with friends. He is also a hobby mechanic thanks to his second passion – cars!

Lukas Skowronski is lucky to have found happiness in both his professional and personal lives. He believes that happiness is when you feel at peace with yourself and when you are able to work at your passion. And because tennis has been a passion since he was a little boy, he is definitely lucky and happy indeed! His venture in Team Advantage has definitely forged a strong tie to the island. Mauritius is no longer just a blip on his job radar but now a place Lukas calls home.

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