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» 01 Oct 2011

Maude has been here since 2005 on what she describes as an endless honeymoon. She and her husband Julien spend their days with their son and with their favourite pastime, their business, which teaches Stand Up Paddle and Kite Surfing to Mauritians, ex pats, and to tourists.

Maude was born in the North East of France, kilometers from any sea, and while she never knew her biological father she believes his birthplace of Kabylie, Algeria most likely played a part in contributing to her intense love of the sun. Her mother and adoptive father are intellectuals and artists and they exposed her to a variety of things, like education, culture, music, art, travel, and the sea. She attributes the blend of this upbringing and her love of sports and adventures to the fact that Mauritius feels like the perfect place for her to live and grow both personally and professionally.

Never-ending adventure

The extroverted and motivated individual loves the melting pot of cultures and its colours and warmth, which is so inviting. It helps that the intermingled French culture makes it feel like the best of both worlds --- home and a never-ending adventure. After seven years of living in Mauritius, she still feels the same passion for this country as she did when she first arrived. The fusion of culture, colours, flavours, sand, saltwater, and the perfect kitesurfing conditions makes it like travelling and “breathing” new horizons on a daily basis.

What does Maude Guillaume love about living here in Mauritius? This kite surfing French woman, who has lived here for seven years, has found a charmed life here in paradise with the turquoise lagoons and with the steady trade winds, nice waves, and its warm and welcoming inhabitants. She, her husband Julien, and their son Mahé (who was born here in Floréal) work and play here and they plan to stay in paradise and get their citizenship.

She says, For French people it is amazing how different from home it is because of the colours and the warmth of the people, but at the same time so familiar because of some points of the culture. Even just the fact of hearing the children in the school sing the same songs I have sung! Maude says she took to the water and swimming almost immediately after she learned to walk so it’s no surprise that she developed a love for kite surfing and the sea. She craved the life she now has here from a very young age. When other girls were interested in shoes and shopping, Maude, described as an athletic tomboy, dreamt of adventure.

Romantic love story

She met Julien under circumstances that fit a picturesque and romantic love story ….on a kite beach in the south of France with each of them attached to their own kite. It was a windy day and it was the start of a beautiful and adventurous relationship together.

Their journey to Mauritius started with a one month kitesurfing holiday after a chapter closed in her career. Things happen for good reason and the changes in her life allowed her to begin living her dreams. The following year, they moved here to start their kite school, Kitesurf Paradise Ltd.

Three years later their son was born and since then they’ve been building their business and planting roots here. They have also developed their Water Wind Waves Trading company and a second kite school, VIP Kite and S.U.P (Stand Up Paddle)Ltd.

Colourful environment

Julien and Maude Guillaume are living what many say is a dream of a life where they get to live in paradise, spend time together enjoying their passions (and building a successful business with a great team and amazing clients!) as well as raising their child in an adventurous, cultured, and colourful environment.

While Maude had a successful career before she came here she sees her life as getting better and better all the time because she gets to lives out her dream with the man she loves on a daily basis. A day in the life of the Guillaume family is filled with family time and sharing the love and adrenalin of kite surfing and stand up paddle with others. Maude also enjoys meeting new people, reading and surfing the internet, and loves hiking and using stand up paddle to discover remote parts of the island.

More info about Maude and Julien’s businesses can be found at www.mauritius-kitesurf.com , www.stand-up-paddle-mauritius.com, www.kite-trip.com, & www.kiteshop-mauritius.com.

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