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» 28 Dec 2011

The Journey to Mauritius:The couple visited Mauritius in May of 2008 and officially started their Mauritian adventure and becameresidents just a few months later in November. They were first attracted by the beaches and the cli-mate. Cabous had the opportunityto open the Beach House and Moira was offered a position at Investec. It has been a great adventure so far and the island has become home.
As a chartered accountant, Moira worked in an auditing & accounting practice in Umhlanga, Durban before she and Cabous relocated. When she arrived, she
worked for Investec Bank but recently transitioned to work with CCI in Grand Baie. Moira speaks English and Afrikaans fluently but her time here is helping her develop French, which is coming on a bit slowly. Moira is a numbers person
more than a literature person but even more than numbers, Moira Van Der Westhuizen is an animals person!  At one time she believed she’d become a vet. While that
didn’t happen, she’s recently been able to devote a lot of love to animals.
Moira and Cabous currently have several four-legged “fur” chil-dren. They brought Uzzi and Merlot here and then adopted local dogs Zoe Coral and Coco Chanel.  Since moving here, the list of animals Moira gets to show love to has grown.

Growing Up:
Her childhood was stable, living in the same house in Kloof, Natal for
almost 28 years with her three sib-lings and parents. Moira attended Kloof Junior, Kloof Senior and then Kloof High School.  She was an active child in hockey, swimming and athletics in general and she loved school, academically and athletically. She still loves an active lifestyle and often participates in cycling races here. Moira’s mother, who was lost to
Cancer this past April, always en-couraged her to follow her dreams and never give up, no matter how long things took and while she feels she’s achieved some goals later in life (at the age of 30 she became a Char-tered Accountant and got married
the same year. It was chaos planning the wedding while studying for
exams!), she’s a happy and balanced person who tries to live life to the fullest.
Animals have always been at the core of a happy home for her. Each of the four kids in her family had their own dog and their own cat. Their parents did, too and there
were other pets as well. It was a noisy, chaotic, and happy and loving house to grow up in.

Shortly after moving here, she be-came involved with PAWS (Protec-tion of Animal Welfare Society) in Mahebourg. Moira was concerned with seeing a large number of strays so felt there was a need for another refuge on the island. This past November, her dream of opening an an-imal refuge came true and the second PAWS refuge in the North in the Vale (and sends big thanks to those who help the centre on a reg-ular basis) was opened.  Losing her mother helped her realise that life should be lived to  its fullest. She chooses to be  surrounded by those that have a positive impact on her life. Moira intends to keep living out her dreams and doing things she’s  passionate about, including helping animals and people. A Day in the Life… Life is busy but good here in Mauritius.  The last several months have been spent getting the refuge going while working full time. The day typ-ically starts with a walk with her husband and their dogs in the sugar cane or at the beach. Moira typically
races to spinning class at Studio 360in Grand Baie or goes to the gym after work.  And after that, she often has dinner at the Beach House where the fantastic manager makes sure that she always eats a great din-ner.  Weekends are spent with peo-ple and animal friends, especially at the refuge. Happiness for Moira Van Der Westhuizen is:
● Being with family and friends
● When the books balance
● Happiness is…a quiet dinner athome with her husband and “babies”
● And happiness is….sitting on the floor at the refuge surrounded by the puppies who climb all over her for kisses and love and knowing that they are safe and off the streets. Moira says, “I live my life around
the following principles – I know what is right and what is wrong and I believe in giving and helping where ever I can! I believe that education is
vital and we should all be continuously striving to improve ourseleves!"

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