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» 13 Jul 2009

Born in Paris to French parents, Muriel hailed from a very “European” family, with
German and Italian uncles and a Swiss sister. Educated in Paris, she studied Turkish, Pachtoun and Farsi at Paris university with a
view to working for the French Foreign Office. However, upon graduating in 1972 she went on an eleven month tour of Turkey, Iran
and Afghanistan with three friends, and spent four of those months living in the palace grounds of the Shah of Iran in Tehran, during the
winter. When asked what it was like she replied demurely ? “It’s very nice.” Upon returning to Paris, Muriel and her friends made a documentary
about their travels abroad, on the strength of which she landed a job as a journalist and camera woman for a French news programme which broadcast on cinemas just before
the main movie. She worked for them for two years.

It was in 1975 that Muriel met and fell in love with her husband Colin, an English computer scientist. They were happily married for ten years and had
four children, Cedric,Alexandra, Barbara and Mary.Tragically, Colin died at the age of thirty five due to a sports accident and Muriel was faced with a dramatic and unexpected
change in her life. Recalling those events and asked how she managed, Muriel shrugged slightly saying, "I coped." She went back to university, this
time in Aix en Provence and Marseille, to study Political Science and Economics & Management.

Shortly afterwards, in 1988, Muriel formed part of a delegation which was sent to French Guiana in South America to audit the Ariane space rocket programme.
Their mandate was to determine the funds that the project would require to continue operating, which worked out as something in the region
of one thousand million Francs. Muriel remained there for three years with her children and in their spare time they visited
numerous islands in the Caribbean, such as Martinique and Guadeloupe and countries such as Venezuela, Peru and Brazil.

Returning to the South of France, Muriel worked for an American company, ICA, for a while as commissioner of auditing and for Val Adour as a financial
manager. She then left France for New Caledonia, a French island in the South Pacific, but the travel time between the two countries was too long and so she
relocated to Reunion. There she was again a financial manager, this time for Sterne and later became a teacher for the Reunion Chamber of Commerce.

In 2006 Muriel moved to Mauritius and initially worked as a high school teacher at La Bourdonnais for almost two years, but later became a professor
at Alliance Française university lecturing in Economics. Interestingly and to her credit, she saw the first signs of the coming
of the current world economic situation back in early 2007. In 2009, following a visit and some advice from a
friend who runs a concierge in France, Muriel started a new business, La Conciergerie de Maurice.

The goal of the company is to provide personal and organisational facilities to organisations and individuals.Whether
it is catering services for a simple meal or a party, or organising corporate transportation by helicopter, La Conciergerie
will endeavour to provide the best services possible.

The company also specialises as a relocation agent and will help with such problems as finding a place to live, organising
residence and occupation permits and locating good schools for children. has all the information a person might need.
Now a grandmother of four, Muriel enjoys swimming, golf and walking with the Mauritius Hash House Harriers as well as visiting Reunion and France to
see her children. Her main ambition is to see La Conciergerie become one of the most important companies in Mauritius and to prove to herself that at over fifty
years of age she still has what it takes to reate a flourishing business. I have no doubt at all that she will be successful.

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