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» 01 Aug 2010

Oliver was born in Cologne in 1970 to German Parents. He graduated from the German sports University, Cologne, with a Masters Degree in Physical Exercise and Coaching. Oliver then went on to be a personal fitness coach in Germany and Switzerland, before becoming a Water sportscentre manager, which he did in a couple of different countries. It was not long before Oliver met Katja in Turkey and they married.

The call of Mauritius was then simply too strong and he returned with his bride to start their family. Oliver embraced Mauritian soil with his new wife in 2008 and they have been here ever since. Soon after arriving back in Mauritius they became a family of three. Neo, who recently turned two, is the light of their lives.

Oliver likes to live by the philosophy that every day is a new adventure and you must enjoy it as much as possible. When one looks at Oliver’s life it is plain to see that he has tried hard to live by this philosophy. Oliver has enjoyed a fairly remarkable life; living in ten countries over the last fifteen years--- Egypt and Greece to name a few.

This has been very beneficial to Oliver as he now has knowledge about many countries and their respective cultures, “It strengthened my attitude to be open- minded and curious, to think positively and listen to my heart”. He says that the biggest impact in his life so far was stepping on to a wind surfboard for the first time, when he was ten. This is clearly visible as he is still involved with wind and Kite surfing through his career today.

Oliver is involved in a business called Air-switch, which provides unique services and individual solutions in Kite surfing and other fields. From beginner to expert; Airswitch meets the needs of all Kite surfers. 2011 will be an exciting period for Oliver as plans are underway to open a Kite Surfing Academy, where Oliver and his team will train and educate young locals to be certified Kite Surf Instructors. If you are interested in kite surfing you can get in touch with Air-switch at

He is also involved with a business called Agile; where his wife Katja also works. Agile, as Oliver puts it, “is your authentic and professional partner providing superior solutions for health, nutrition and fitness”. If you feel your life needs a health boost have a look at Oliver’s work keeps him fairly busy, but he does not mind this as he has a great passion for it. This is apparent in the way in which Oliver talks about his work, “I think that I am really lucky:business and fun, hobby and work, passion and job – everything is linked”. When Oliver is not working, he likes getting together with friends and enjoying an active and fun lifestyle.

He also enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family at the beach, “sharing as many sunny vibes as possible”. This makes Oliver seem like a laid back person, however this is not the case. He likes challenges and believes that, “variety is the spice of life”. Oliver also believes that while wrong decisions may be bad at the time, they can shape us for future success. It is quite clear, therefore, that Oliver loves every moment of his life ... apart from hectic shopping that he leaves to his wife.

Oliver thoroughly enjoys living in Mauritius and views it as paradise, “I am very lucky; I’m living my dream in Mauritius. I have made fantastic new friends in extraordinary surroundings. Mauritius with its openness, its multicultural environment in a perfect climate – is paradise for me”. Oliver feels that he is a very fortunate and blessed individual – he has a beautiful family, a job he loves, and he lives in what he views to be paradise. However what really makes him fortunate and blessed is the wonderful outlook he has toward life and its challenges.

He tackles everyday as it comes and lives every moment of it to the fullest. We are lucky to have him on our beautiful little island.

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