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» 01 Sep 2011

Sophy Mathew didn’t plan to move to Mauritius before she came here but she says that now feels like she really didn’t leave home after all. Her lifestyle here in Mauritius has allowed her to grow both professionally as well as personally, giving her the opportunity to help her company reach its goals. She came here in May of 2010 to work for SBI Mauritius, a growing bank that’s a locally incorporated subsidiary of the over 200 year old State Bank of India.

Sophy works for SBI Mauritius Ltd as an Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. Her long and accomplished journey with SBI took a course for the better in 1997 when she was trained to become faculty in the Staff Training College. This time in her life along with the intensive behavioural sciences courses she took helped Sophy to improve her thinking processes and further develop her business acumen. She is very grateful for the training and the course her life has taken since then and her philosophy include doing as Ghandi said and leaving her footprints in this world.

Sophy has left distinct footprints with the work that she does as well as with her family and now in more than one country as her background includes over 25 years of retail, corporate, and trade finance areas covering Mauritius and Kerala and Hyderabad, India.

As a child, she grew up on a small island near Kochi in Kerala, India. Perhaps that’s why she feels so at home here on our island. But back in Kerala, Sophy has vivid memories of walking, running, and playing in the rain when she was little, as that island’s weather resulted in a large volume of rainfall during about half of the year. Sophy has fond memories of often searching to find and identify fish in her front yard, which frequently resembled a river due to the excessive rainfall.

Sophy’s mother and father were both school teachers and she did her graduation in Agriculture, with a 2nd rank from the University of Agriculture in Kerala. During her early career as an agricultural officer for the Kerala government, she met her husband, who is the Deputy Director of Agriculture in Kerala.

Sophy and her husband are immensely proud of their two daughters, who they were blessed with and Sophy says, entrusted by God to care for. Their eldest daughter is B. Tech, MBA (Finance) and the younger of the two has just become a doctor in Animal Science and currently doing her internship in Trichur, Kerala.

A day in the life of a Chief Operating Officer of a busy bank with 14 branches and 15 ATMs is busy one. Branch locations include: Rose Hill, Central Flacq, China Town (Port Louis), Port Louis (Sir William Newton Street), Montagne Blanche, Mahebourg, Goodlands, Rodrigues, Vacoas, Curepipe, Quatre Bornes, Triolet, Rose Belle, and Ebene.

Sophy is passionate about her work with the bank and about helping the bank serve Mauritians and visitors well as it continues to grow. In a typical day, she’s exposed to many of the inner workings of the company, including: retail, corporate, global, treasury, human resources, audits and compliance, and other areas as well. Sophy’s management style is to empower and enlighten and she wants herself and her staff to finish each and every day with a sense of accomplishment, knowing they’ve contributed value to their team and to the bank’s customers.

Sophy has enjoyed living in Mauritius and has strong respect for the people who live here. Why? For many reasons, such as their sense of civic duty, the friendliness and because of the warmth of Mauritians, and she has developed very positive impressions of the island overall.

What’s Sophy Mathew’s philosophy? She appreciates and identifies with Ghandi’s quote on happiness, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”


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