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» 31 Jan 2012

Johan was born in Belgium in 1953 and got married for the first time in 1976, following
which he became father to 2 daughters, Fanny 32 (Judge) and Wendy 30 (Teacher). He remarried to Petra in 2009 and has fathered 2 daughters in Mauritius! Johan is a ladies’ man at home being  surrounded by his wife and daughters perfect combination for the making of a gentleman!

The list of different posts occupied by Johan made me realise how much of a multitasker he can be. Lieutenant in the Belgian Army, ‘Commissaire de Police’ are jobs he occupied before landing himself into Reinsurance Underwriting and Underwriting Man-agement. Johan actually holds a de-gree in Criminology and is a qualified Police Superintendent! An interest for studies also suggests that Johan is probably hyperactive and holds an
insatiable thirst for knowledge. At the age of 58, he is currently undertaking and International MBA from IAE of University Panthéon-Sorbonne and University Paris Dauphine in partnership with a management institute in Mauritius. He is a very inspiring role model for his team members who joke about getting arrested for misconduct!


If Johan is nowadays inspiring, he was undeniably in turn inspired by his father who taught him to ‘always aim for the top’. As a bomb disposal officer, his dad was in fact a peace time hero cleaning up a dispersed battlefield waste of unexploded  devices from 2 world wars and also dealing with a new wave of terrorist threats at the end of his career.

‘Macaronis’ for Italian migrants working in coalmines and ‘Dirty Flemish’ for people speaking French with a Flemish accent were appella-tions that marked Johan when he grew up. This form of racism/ discrimination was something he despised. Although Johan is now-adays the General Manager of a growing company, he is grounded and his humility is heart warming. His team is multi-racial (Mauritius being known as a melting pot).Besides, Johan is very happy with the fact that the new Prime Minister of Belgium is from a modest Italian origin – proof that things are changing although he does not get involved into politics.


Félix Maurel, former head of insurance company “La Prudence Mauricienne” was a leader with a vision. He wanted to start a credit in-surance company in Mauritius. He is the one who offered Johan his current job which he joined in July 2009. Unfortunately Félix tragically disappeared in Farquhar in April 2010 and Johan wishes, wherever
he is now, that he could see the company he decided to set up bloom with success.Johan likes to quote his first credit insurance boss, back in 1987, who said “being a credit insurer is the world’s greatest job!” After 25 years in this business, Johan is now
the General Manager of Credit Guarantee Insurance Co. Ltd (CGI). Info about the company is available at www.cgi.mu.


The reasons he loves living here include what he calls the usual clichés like the great democracy, nice people, beautiful weather and beaches and an amazing lifestyle. But beyond these he believes this is a land of opportunities and there is “a Mauritian dream” as with high spirits and hard work a lot can be achieved in this country.

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