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» 29 Sep 2010

William de Marsangy’s day starts early, but he starts it off right with a nutritious breakfast because he believes it’s one of the most important meals of the day. And he needs a strong start to his day to be able to run his business and enjoy the wonders of Mauritius. Passionate about friendship, family, hard work, and flying, William feels that Mauritius is the perfect place for him and his wife to explore their personal life journey.

The Early Years   
Born in April, William is the first born son of a Scottish mother who was pleased that her son was born in time for her to enjoy her afternoon tea. William has two older sisters, who now have small children of their own, and one younger brother. His most notable memory of childhood is that he never stayed still. He wasn’t content reading a book, but rather enjoyed being out running, jumping, and playing football. His goal was to create memories and have fun so that he could be the one to write the story, rather than read it.

William’s father was an officer in the French army, and William spent much of his childhood travelling the country. Thankfully, William loved all that an army life entailed. He got to experience different cultures, learn the history of other countries, and visit places his friends only dreamed about. Instead of taking ski vacations like the other kids, William was off with his family having adventures in Roma, Kenya, Madagascar, London, and New York.

After spending six years in a Catholic boarding school, three of which were difficult years as he spent time adjusting and learning the ropes, William learned developed a strong spirit. He believes his experiences in boarding school gave him a fighting spirit and taught him to meet obstacles with a smile and humour. He still carries this spirit and philosophy with him today.

Learning to Fly
William credits friend Lou Wainman, whom he met in the Dominican Republic, as being a strong influence on his life. Lou is a passionate kite boarder, Maui. William spent three months in Maui, living out of a van, taking life as it came and learning to fly a kite board himself. He remembers the strong energy of Maui and all of the wild but tiring times of learning how to fly, and he considers it a very fulfilling experience.

William’s education has also given him the gift of wings and allowed him to experience other lands and cultures that led to his current profession. William holds degrees in hotel and tourism management and gemology. His travels to Tahiti in 2004 introduced him to the Tahitian black pearl and life on an atoll. William was amazed at the simple life led by the islanders and how warm and welcoming they were to strangers. He remembers how passionate they were about their ukulele music, their oysters, their lagoon, and of course --- their pearls. The experience in Tahiti led William to want to move closer to family, and that’s what led him and his wife, Julie, to Mauritius.

Mauritius – A Fusion of Colour, Nature, and Goodness
William is impressed by Mauritius’ fusion of cultures, richness of nature, and proximity to Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The couple hopes to start a family here. After living in places such as Hawaii, New Caledonia, Australia, and the Dominican Republic, they believe that this land of good food, great beer, strong winds, and waves is the perfect place to be happy and continue on their life journey together.

In June 2010, William and Julie began a jewelry work shop in Pointe aux Cannoniers. Their time in Tahiti taught them much about the Tahitian black pearl, and William now considers himself the “human pearl buying guide”. With a variety of pearls existing from China, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines, William believes that many consumers struggle to shop for and purchase a good pearl. Not only does he create custom jewelry pieces using the black pearl, but he provides consultations with clients to educate them about pearls and how to know the true value of a pearl.
He has created the Living Room Concept “Invite me to your home and I will draw you the piece of jewellery that I will create for you”

William considers himself very lucky to be living on Mauritius, not only because of the people and culture, but because running his own business allows him to spend extra time with his wife and enjoy a day of kite surfing and swimming when the weather’s right. It’s not uncommon for William to see a favourable weather forecast, close up shop, and spend the day flying. He has great respect for the Ocean and hopes that all people realise the treasures provided by the ocean. Most of all he strives to continue to create a great life story.

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