03 Aug 2009
I grew up in Black River on the West coast of Mauritius. As a kid, I was fascinated by water sports. Later on I started enjoying jogging regularly until it became one of my favorite sports. In fact this sport is a true wonder. I am taking much pleasure doing mountain running. I am now mountaineering and guiding hikers, mostly on the West and South West region of the island. Mauritius appears to be an unexpected ‘green’ destination. Its relief of basaltic mountains shape up the in- land. Each peak offers a unique panoramic sight of this most appreciated well known paradise. My best selection : ( on the web site ) The Pouce : 812 m, North West The Corps de Garde : 780 m, West North West The Trois Mamelles : 605 m, West The Tourelle de Tamarin : 548 m, West The Black River Piton : 828 m, West South West The Piton Canot : 550 m, West South West The Chamarel: 596m, West The Morne Brabant : 555 m, South West The Black River Gorges : 6500 ha, South West The Tamarin Falls : Canyon, West Yan de Maroussem c/o Yanature Adventures Tel : ( + 230 ) 785 6177
Posted by: Yan de Maroussem
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