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Health Tips
» 09 May 2014
Use Safety Eyewear at Home, at Work, and While Playing Sports
Even the injury which appears to be minor may turn cause serious damage to the eyes.
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» 05 May 2014
Is all chest pain a heart attack?
Often angina occurs during exercise or emotional stress when your heart rate and blood pressure increase and your heart muscle needs more oxygen.
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» 28 Apr 2014
Glomerular Diseases
Glomerulosclerosis also describes the scarring or hardening of the tiny blood vessels within the kidney.
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» 22 Apr 2014
Baby Teething Symptoms
You as a parent will definitely be doing all that you can to help your baby through this difficult period.
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» 22 Apr 2014
Do you know what smoking does to your heart.
If you smoke a pack/day, you have more than twice the risk of a heart attack than someone who doesn't
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» 18 Apr 2014
Baby Teething Symptoms
At certain times of the teething phase, a baby may develop a very low fever.
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» 15 Apr 2014
Gums Abscess
Treating a gum abscess becomes a lot simpler and easier when it is diagnosed at an early stage.
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» 14 Apr 2014
Caring for your teeth
Food acids soften tooth material and dissolve the mineral in tooth enamel, causing holes (cavities/caries). In severe cases they might be eaten right down to the gums.
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» 08 Apr 2014
Liver Cirrhosis (Contd)
The liver is the body's main factory for blood proteins, including the proteins involved in normal blood clotting function.
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» 07 Apr 2014
Liver Cirrhosis
It is expected that the number of people affected by cirrhosis will continue to increase in the near future.
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