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Health Tips
» 21 Jan 2014
Keep Your Heart Healthy This Winter
By Keeping the following in mind you could avoid heart attack:
BP Should be less than 140/90mmsHG
Fasting sugar should be less than 100mg/dl
Blood cholesterol less than 150 mg/dl
Avoid tobacco in any form
Check your weight
Avoid getting stressed out.
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» 20 Jan 2014
Oral Thrush
Eating plain yogurt with live and active cultures may help restore the proper fauna in your mouth. Additionally, medications may be used to combat the infection.
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» 16 Jan 2014
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
These factors may increase the rate of TB infection in a population: HIV infections, increase in number of homeless people (poor environment and nutrition), Appearance of drug-resistant strains of TB.
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» 13 Jan 2014
It's a simple effective and enjoyable way to burn those calories and keep your weight down.
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» 09 Jan 2014
Shoe Evaluation
Those women who wear high heeled shoes have seven to 10 times' greater chance of developing joint pain and problems.
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» 08 Jan 2014
Change your day to day positions
Taking a break from sitting constantly in front of your laptop will help you from various types of postural pains like that of the back and neck region.
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» 06 Jan 2014
Don't Over Exercise
Our muscles tendons and ligaments all need time to rest and repair after a hard workout. That's what causes them to strenghen over time.
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» 06 Dec 2013
In many cases, benign meningiomas grow slowly. This means that depending upon where it is located, a memingioma may reach a relatively large size before it causes symptoms. A primary brain tumor originates in the central nervous system, while metastatic brain tumors spread to the brain from other parts of the body.
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» 02 Dec 2013
Multiple Sclerosis
Early MS Symptoms include weakness, tingling, numbness, and blurred vision. Other signs are muscle stiffness, thinking problems, and urinary problems. Treatment can relieve MS Symptoms and delay disease progression.
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» 18 Nov 2013
Building Positive Relationships
Some of the basic things like learning to listen may help to maintain and stabilize our relationships.
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