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Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition

There is no harm whatsoever in having the following-provided you eat in moderation and exercise regularly:

  • Fried food-not deep fired thoughts do take precautions to not reuse the oil used for frying. Fried food is ok once a week or so.
  • Once a week meat is not bad in our hot climate. More frequent may cause problems unless one exercises vigorously.
  • Cutting down does not mean abstinence
  • Whole cream milk-again provided one walks or does other exercises.  Skim milk is tasteless and has lost a good amount of its nutritive value.  Again fresh milk is much better than canned milk-no matter how much pasteurized. And cow milk is better than buffalo milk.
  • Curd/Dahi is everyday as good as yoghurt.
  • Whole wheat bread is good but it can be had in leavened or unleavened forms. The one done fresh in an oven or on a Chulah is better than the one done in mass produced varieties.
  • Fresh fruits do not permit one to have too many calories even as one has enough of nutrients (fiber is added bonus) while juice has lot of energy and there being no roughage, there is always the possibility of having too much of it-thus leading to weight gain. Fresh juice us superior to canned one.
Having 3 major meals and nothing in between will keep your body devoid of flat but one must exercise even then!

Not everything from the west is good, try eating brown rice or some of the other menus mentioned.
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