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Health Tips


Heatstroke, also known as sunstroke, is a form of heat illness.

  • Heat illness occurs when a person’s core body temperature rises above a safe level of the body’s internal temperature range.
  • Heat cramps are the earliest sign of heat illness
  • Heat exhaustion, can occur in a rapid progression, resulting in a potentially life-threatening situation
  • The most severe form of heat illness is a heatstroke, which may result in a shock, brain damage, or death.
First Aid Guide for Heatstroke

When heatstroke is suspected, seek emergency medical care immediately. While awaiting emergency medical services, try to cool the person as described below:-

Use a combination of the following measures depending on the circumstances and means available:

  • Have the person rest, legs slightly elevated, in a shaded area or cool air-conditioned building, room or car.
  • Remove or loosen the person’s clothes
  • Give the person an electrolyte drink or water.
  • Wrap the person in wet cloth, and position a fan toward him/her. Evaporation of water on the skin aids in cooling
  • Apply cold compresses (e.g, to neck, armpits, and grain)

Did you know:

  • A person with heatstroke may have
  • A high body temperature (above 102 F)
  • Skin that is red and hot with lack of sweating (sweating that has stopped)
  • Small pupils
  • A rapid, weak pulse
  • Rapid, shallow breathing
  • Extreme confusion or irritability
  • Weakness
  • Unconsciousness
  • You can make a salted drink by adding 1 teaspoon of salt to one quart of water.
    Do not give beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol.

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