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» 01 Oct 2011

Canyoning is a sport/leisure activity consisting of travelling down river beds or canyons using a variety of techniques including waterfall abseiling, river walking, jumps, swimming and hiking.

Canyoning should not be confused with canoeing / Kayaking, which involves floating canoes and paddles.

There are very few things that can compare to canyoning for the true outdoor adventurer. Your first descent is an unforgettable experience and each descent after is distinct from the others. Explore the real ‘inside’ of Mauritius, places that are not normally accessible to people. Our trips will provide all necessary equipment as well as canyoning experts who will safely guide you as you discover the world of rocks and water.



★★★★★ Awfully Difficult: Requires very good fitness level, strong hiking capacities with heavy loads + excellent rope techniques

★★★★ Difficult: Good physical fitness, good hiker with back pack, good rope skills

★★★ Medium: Normal fitness, normal hiking with 10kg packs

★★ Easy: Average fitness level, 30 min hike maximum, no rope skills



Situated on the central plateau, near the small village of Henrietta, Tamarin Falls (‘Sept Cascades' in French) is the most beautiful canyon of the island. Sourcing from the Mare aux Vacoas reservoir, the river feeds the Tamarin Falls reservoir (supplies water for irrigation and for the hydro-electric power station some 250m below) and cuts the Tamarin Falls canyon.

With its 11 waterfalls and 13 possible abseils, deep ponds, cliff jumps and surrounding lush green vegetation, the Tamarin falls is a beautiful canyon fit for the beginner and would certainly satisfy the more experienced canyon adventurer.



Situated on the Central Plateau, 20min from the town of Curepipe, Eau Bleu, also called Cascade Rama sources off the Eau Bleu reservoir, in central south of the island. The name comes from the azure ponds that are often supplied by underground water springs in summer giving the whole river a blue glare. The river has 5 waterfalls not exceeding 15m, several possible jumps and swift water movement, depending on the season. Eau bleu is an aquatic seasonal canyon.

We run trips there when there is a reasonable level of water (best period January to June / July)


EXIL FALLS ★★★ Situated on the southern slopes of the island on the outskirts of the Combo forest, the Exil canyon sits on the Savanna River on the lands of the Exil lodges and is surrounded by tropical forests. The canyon has a fair level of water all year round that rapidly swells up during heavy rainfall, turning the river into a nice aquatic adventure. The canyon consists of two main waterfalls, Leon, a 20m drop into a 25m wide pool and Cascade Cecile, a 45m drop. The river continues to the Hydro electric power station with various water pools and a few possible jumps.



UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations Alpines) and the FFME (Fédération Française de Montagne et d’Escalade) requires that there is at least 1 instructor per group of 10.

For groups above 4 participants, we have 2 instructors. All instructors are fully trained and autonomous in canyon progression techniques including water rescue.


Ropes, harnesses, helmets, wetsuits, adapted technical Canyoning gear. Waterproof bags and floating jackets for non swimmers.

Safety equipment we carry on the trip

Waterproofed field medical kit, head torches, signal flares, waterproofed cell phone and VHF radio, technical rope rescue equipment, throw bags, lighters and emergency food amongst others.

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