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» 01 Dec 2011

Day 1 Quad biking

When I entered Casela , I was drawn in by the beauty of its nature, the big fish, the various birds chirping and many exotic flowers. For almost 2 hours I walked through the park, taking pictures of parrots, monkeys and giant tortoises. Then it was time to go quad biking. Prior to every outing, a short initiation circuit is completed by all participants to familiarize themselves with the vehicles and to give the guides an idea about the driving skills of each participant. All outings are guided and include a professional photographer.

For an hour we drove through the African Reserve and came across zebras, ostriches, African antelopes and many other animals in their natural environment. To end the day at Casela, I went to the restaurant and experienced their excellent cuisine. The menu offers Mauritian, European, Indian and Chinese food. Enjoying a nice meal in an enchanting natural setting with a sumptuous view over the sea and mountains is highly recommended.

Day 2 Canyoning

The 2nd day I booked a whole day to go canyoning. The circuit, full day or half day, consists of abseils in waterfalls, walk, swimming in rivers and canyons, Via Ferrata, hanging bridges and a swim in ‘Trou Pigeon’. Everyone had to follow an initiation session before starting the adventure which is an authentic canyoning circuit with abseils of 5 to 20 meters. The first time you descend will be an unforgettable experience and you will be amazed by the superb views over the mountains and west coast. A whole day of canyoning is a whole day full of adventure!

Day 3 “Big Cats”

On the 3rd day, I got the opportunity to encounter lions, cheetah and tigers. First I did the lion & tiger walk. For an hour these magnificent creatures led us the way through the bush and I even got to stroke the back of the lion! There is always a professional photographer on the walk to take great pictures of you with the animals. Interaction with the cheetah was like petting a big kitty that purred along welcoming the strokes. I ended the day with the big cat drive thru to meet the big cats. It was a great experience to see these animals in their natural habitat and being treated with so much care and respect.

Day 4 Segway & Via Ferrata

The segway tour started with a short initiation circuit to make the participants get used to the segway. Afterwards the guide led us on a 45min tour through the Safari Park. To see these animals from up close and to pet them was a great experience. There are a lot of opportunities to take pictures of you with the animals. After the segway tour, I did a half day of Via Ferrata. The circuit of the Via Ferrata is unique in Mauritius and therefore already one reason to book it! It wasn’t that easy, but with some help of the guides everyone finished the circuit. We safely reached the peak of ‘Mamzel Zabeth’ with breathtaking views.

Day 5 Ziplines

Another day full of adventure at Casela! I chose the zipline programme “Le Full” this includes hanging bridges, double ziplines, ziplines of 400m, 300m and 200 m, walking, zipline landing in water, swimming, a BBQ lunch and a swim through a canyon. After getting in a safety harness, we got into the bus and had to drive up the hill, where you get an amazing view over the valley. After a few instructions it was ziplining time! The instructor clicked me onto the cable and started the countdown..3…2…1..JUMP! Thrilling and amazing will be my end words!

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