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» 29 Apr 2015

Blue Safari Submarine, the only submarine base operating in the Indian Ocean, had started its activities in September 1998. Blue Safari Submarine has, to date, initiated more than 12,000 dives. Over 150,000 persons aged 2 to 91 have experienced the thrilling adventure of the Blue Safari, some on their own, others with their family or in groups.

Blue Safari Submarine is offering you the opportunity to live a unique, thrilling and memorable experience: diving with the BS 1100 Submarine (10 seats plus pilot) at 35 metres depth. A wonderful experience to share with your family! During this 40-minutes dive, you will view the coral reefs, the fantastic Star Hope wreck, a 17th-Century sheet anchor, and, all through the way, myriads of colourful fish like the surgeonfish, capitaine or kingfish. The BS 1100 is framed and equipped like the archetype legendary submarine, with individual windows viewing out on the underwater world. Inside the cabin, you can watch, live, on a television screen, the impressive immersion of the submarine filmed by a camera from the deck. You will enjoy the fascinating movement of the pneumatic valves activating the ballasts. The Blue Safari Submarine also offers exclusive dives with the BS 600 Submarine:

● Exclusive reservation of BS 600 submarine (two to five people)
● Lunch for two
● Champagne at 35 metres (two to four persons)
● Underwater wedding (three to five people) The cylinder-shaped methacrylate cabin of the BS 600 Submarine is entirely transparent, thus offering an incomparable panoramic view of the ocean. For all exclusive dives, you will be greeted by a private hostess who will guide you to a transfer boat, booked especially for you. It’s an experience no one should miss, be it at 2 or 90 years old!

Ever dreamed of driving a submarine? Now you can do it, safely, in 3 meters of water! No need to be a diver or even to know how to swim to embark, alone or with another person, on this original and unique underwater adventure. The submarine is easy to pilot, with a steering wheel and two accelerator pedals. It has a maximum speed of 4km/hr. The air inside the cabin is permanently regenerated due to an air cylinder with autonomy of 50 minutes for two people. In case of emergency, a backup system can take over. The cabin is also equipped with an alarm button which can be activated anytime to draw the attention of the accompanying diving guides. The building plans and the modus operandi of the subscooter have been approved by a renowned International Classification Society (IRS). Comfortably seated, one behind the other, on height adjustable seats, you can breathe normally inside the big transparent dome and enjoy the panoramic view. No regulator is required. What a great pleasure then, to share, throughout the trip, your comments and views on the marine flora and fauna! Down to 3 metres, the immersion is gentle and gradual. This is because the subscooter stands on a hydraulic platform. Such equipment and accessories, especially the torpedoes used by the diver’s guides, make it all looks like a James Bond movie! Back on the platform, you will have the opportunity to freshen up and wash off the salt in the changing room provided with showers. Complimentary refreshments will be served before you resume the exploration of the island.
● Accessible to every person above 12 years, in good physical condition and not suffering from any heart, ear or respiratory diseases.
● Not suitable for pregnant women.
● Open to non-divers and non swimmers.
● Teenagers under 16 years cannot pilot the subscooter.
● Maximum client height: 2 metres.
● It is advisable to wear flat-heeled shoes, shorts or swimwear.
● Bring your own bathing towel.
● No high-heeled shoes, sarees or pareos inside the subscooter.

Contact us:
Blue Safari Submarine
Coastal road, Trou aux Biches
Tel: (+230) 265 7272
Fax: (+230) 265 7058

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