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» 03 May 2017

I was born and raised in UK and having worked in the media / PR domain for a while I decided I would uproot myself and travel. But I wanted to travel with a sense of purpose. My parents are Mauritian / Indian, so I was quite fortunate as a young child to be exposed to various African/ Asian traditions and culture. So when I got a job offer to go to Mumbai, I thought this could be a stepping stone to a whole new adventure....
We first started by launching the first pop up shop on the island in 2012, followed by the first concept store in 2015. But to be honest it’s not about being the first. It’s about preserving and highlighting the cause, core, goal and ethos of our business. Once we gained the support and more and more people became aware of us, we could visualize our next move, which we did with our new project - a multi- functional creative venue.
Our aim is to build a platform for STUDENTS, LOCAL ENTERPRISES, EMERGING AND YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS, ARTISTS, SOCIAL AWARENESS GROUPS, CHARITIES, NGOs and COMMITTEES to exhibit and promote their innovation, art, business, design and creativity. Our socially minded project offers exhibition, performance and studio space for the development of business and creative enterprises. Devoted to the promotion and production of art and design, performance and innovative business. Our new venue was built out of a desire to build a platform for local businesses, charities, artists, students and more to exhibit and sell their work to fund further projects and enable them to have work spaces in and around Mauritius.
Alongside our concept store (dedicated to artisans), we now host a gallery space, an event space for pop ups. We also have our very own on-site cafe. Our cafe offers locally sourced and carefully selected produce from local / emerging businesses. With our new project, Imiloa is not only creating a platform that will build and enrich skillsets. But to encourage diversity and experimentation in the arts, business and world of creativity. Imiloa provides a workspace as well as supporting innovation. Our venue will also hold local grassroots programs, workshops, seminar, children/ group activities for local participation, business development, and niche recreation...
Our goal is to become the ultimate hive for local creative participation. Our aim has and always will be to support creatives - and that doesn’t have to mean in the art world ONLY. It can allow anyone who has an idea to exhibit. We want to build and generate a community based on innovation, which, will in turn boost these individuals creatively. It’s about making a difference and creating a whole new platform so no talent goes amiss.
My parents came from a very poor upbringing / background. From a very young age Ive seen how far their resilience and focus has got them, and us as a family. When I kick back with my parents and listen to them reminisce I’m in awe of their achievements, particularly my dad. His endurance is overwhelming but inspirational too. When I’m on the road, I’m sometimes in the most poverty- stricken places. I live the way they do, eat the way they do, I adopt their lifestyle and its certainly eye- opening. Yet despite their impoverished conditions, their positivity and warmth is admirable. Anything is possible when I reflect on these incredible beings - nothing is comparable in terms of their courage and tenacity.
I always say there’s no work without play and vice versa. Each decision, step or move you make has a purpose. Whether it’s wrong or right there’s a message to be learnt. Be curious, oh so curious. There’s an adage scrolled across our wall in our venue - it reads: you were once wild here, don’t let them tame you. Never conform or be driven by people’s acceptance . Be you. Be now.

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