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» 04 Jun 2009

Full Swing Golf (FSG) is the most advanced golf simulator in the world. It uses revolutionary image processing software to create the most life like visuals available
and replicate accurate terrain and elevation data to provide the most realistic golf possible. Every tree, bunker, and hazard is faithfully reproduced exactly as you would
see it when playing the actual golf course.

This amazing system is now available in Mauritius and is provided by Mahpushp Resorts
Pvt Ltd, trading as The Sand Wedge Indoor Golf Center, at the Ventura Hotel,Royal Road, Grand Bay. Imagine the power of being able to choose from over fifty championship courses from different continents at any time of the day or night with perfect weather conditions! Imagine being able to play at your own pace or being able to play eighteen holes in under an hour whenever you wish! With plenty of driving ranges and greens to choose from, training is engrossing.Wedge practice isn’t so boring when you are on the seventh at Pebble Beach, and the eighteenth at Carmel Bay is the perfect place to overcome your duck hook driver fears. Other courses include Royal Melbourne, Torrey Pines and Devil's Island.

It doesn’t end there. FSG uses the Internet to connect your bay with others, anywhere in the world, for live audio, video and data transfer. Do you need your favorite instructor in another country to take a quick look at your broken swing? Or fancy a game with a friend on a different continent? Not a problem! Using picture in picture technology on the big screen and stereo sound, each players’ swings, shots and comments are transmitted and received allowing coaching or competitive play with anyone, anywhere, at anytime! The Sand Wedge is planning to hold a tournament in the same format as the Ryder Cup, with teams from Singapore & South Africa, at its facility in Mauritius with real time data transfer using an ADSL Business connection which has been obtained from Mauritius Telecom. Mahpushp Resorts are also planning virtual golf competitions which should prove extremely popular. Naturally, meals and a variety of snacks and drinks will be available. All this costs as little as Rs 200 per person (for a 200 hours bulk booking) with a 10% discount for women & children below seventeen years – you simply can’t go wrong! There will be group and individual coaching
available for beginners from Golf Pro, using state of the art equipment including Explanar.

Gift vouchers will make a nice present for friends and loved ones or you can even buy professional coaching lessons from one of the best Professional coaches on the island.
So why not head over to the The Sand Wedge Indoor Golf Center as soon as possible and treat yourself and your family? You might just find a budding Tiger Woods in your midst…

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