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» 01 Feb 2008

Hidden in the hills, on a beautifully landscaped and secluded site in the south-east of Mauritius, Le Domaine D'Anse Jonchée embodies the island’s own secret garden.  Overlooking the magnificent bay of Mahébourg, the site is emblematic of the inland beauty of Mauritius. It is a heaven of peace and serenity which will please both nature lovers and those who wish to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Le Domaine D'Anse Jonchée stretches over hundreds of hectares of forest-clad slopes and thus offers several trekking possibilities. The tracks range from relatively smooth ones to much steeper ones; they are designed to please both occasional and trained hikers. Hiking along the carefully laid out trails, guests will discover Mauritian fauna and flora in a preserved natural environment. Stags, monkeys and wild boars live amidst the luxuriant vegetation of ebony, eucalyptus, ravenals, palm trees and wild orchids. The chirping of birds and the songs of waterfalls also accompany trekkers along the way.

After a refreshing walk, guests are welcomed at le ‘Panoramour’ restaurant which will entice them into an authentic combination of typical Mauritian cuisine (Venison specialties) and panoramic views.  The restaurant is at about a 250 meters elevation and boasts a breathtaking view on the Anse Jonchée sea front. It faces l’Ile au Phare and l’Ile de la Passe, two historical islands, strategically significant in the only sea battle that the French colony won when the British Empire tried to invade Mauritius.
Le Domaine D'Anse Jonchée also caters for those who wish to spend a few days amidst the virgin woods, away from the stress of modern life. Lodge “Ti-Vilaz” offers 7 comfortable bungalows surrounded by lush vegetation, located at a 300 meters elevation. Guests will enjoy a rustic ambiance and dwell on enchanting views from their lodge balcony. They can wake up to the songs of birds and appreciate the soothing colours of an early morning sea.
Moreover, Le Domaine’s involvement in saving endangered wildlife from extinction cannot be overlooked. It is currently in partnership with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to preserve the rare indigenous falcon, the Mauritian Kestrel, once regarded as the world’s rarest bird. It has been saved from extinction by intensive management of the wild population. Guests at Le Domaine D'Anse Jonchée are privileged as they can admire the Kestrel evolving freely in nature.    

Those who are fond of delicate perfumes and essential oils will be delighted to find a variety of aroma therapeutic products on sale there, produced on site through the distillation of fresh flowers. Another main activity at Le Domaine is hunting, necessary to contain the number of animals (wild deer and boars).

A stop at Le Domaine D'Anse Jonchée is hence a must if one wants to fully appreciate the natural wonders that the island has to offer. The site will readily fulfill the wishes of visitors, whether they yearn for invigorating moments or simply desire a hideout to relax. It unveils a special facet of Mauritius and promises a memorable experience.


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