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» 29 Sep 2010

Airswitch opened its doors in 2008 in Mauritius. Located in Le Morne, the company boasts promises of turquoise lagoon, world-class wave spots, perfect service, friendly people and top equipment to keep everyone on the same wave-length.  Other Airswitch schools are nestled in Bel Ombre, at the Telfair Resort and at Ile aux Bénitiers. The team behind the company fondly calls the seven oceans their home. They are in fact a team that has been consolidated by international experience and exposure.

The instructors are more than mere friendly people. Kite-surfing is classified as an extreme sport and the team will take all precautions to keep you safe. The instructors and trainers rely on their long-standing experience combined with their knowledge from their sport science university to be able to provide professional and efficient training. Their certificates are from the International Kite-Boarding Organisation (IKO) and VDWS International, which certifies that the holder is qualified to use kite-surfing materials and carry out rescues.

You will train with extremely competent trainers who genuinely care about your kite-surfing experience whether you are a beginner or a pro. Besides, they are fluent in English, French and German. Airswitch exclusively trains a maximum of 2 trainees per instructor. These wave riders strongly believe that the most important learning factor is practical experience. One of their widely used phrases ‘No waiting until it's finally your turn - here it's always your turn!’, suggests that the Airswitch team is out to make your experience unique.

Learn how to ride the waves with video training, water proof cameras and a laptop which enables improved analysis and faster progress - a unique technology in Mauritius – just enough to make you feel like the new James Bond. Supplied by Core and Carved, the equipment used by Airswitch is definitely one of the best so as to ensure easy, safe and effective training throughout. The kite sizes range from 5 square metres for beginners to 13 square metres for experts. Sizes used also vary according the wind and wave strengths.

The jetboat Seadoo is a new acquisition of Airswitch. It uses a special jet engine that enables the speedboat to run on waters as shallow as 30 cm deep. The jetboat is used for two purposes, to ensure the safety of the kite surfers and for excursions. Starting off in Bel Ombre and going all the way to Le Morne, the jetboat is definitely an experience that will rejoice everyone including friends and family who wish to accompany expert and amateur kite surfers.

To enjoy kite-surfing the Airswitch way, bring along with you a good pair of sunglasses and sun cream. If it is warm enough, surfers can wear their swim suits although a wet suit is highly recommended to avoid sun burn. Wet suits are provided by the company for your convenience.

If you are planning your holiday around Kite-surfing, contact Airswitch for accommodation and airport transfers. The company strives to make your experience as smooth as possible and the team will even help you out with car rental.  

Kite-surfing is an incredibly enjoyable sport and in a couple of days you will be whizzing around the bay like an old pro. Although it may look strenuous, it is suitable for both men and women as the harness takes most of the strain and a great deal of strength is not required.

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