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» 06 Apr 2009

So, you’re a bit of a speed freak. Fast cars and roller coasters are your idea of fun and bungee jumping off a cliff is the stuff of dreams not nightmares. You’ve sky dived, skied and done all manner of crazy death defying stunts but, I have to tell you, YOU AIN’T DONE NUTHIN’ YET!!

“Maeva Speed” is a nine point two meter long aqua dynamic boat straight from the bowels of Poseidon himself. With two, one hundred and seventy five horse power Yamaha engines it can hurl up to sixteen people through the waves at breakneck speeds and short of being swallowed by a whale is practically unsinkable. Not surprising really, as the vessel was designed for the South African coastguards who patrol some of the fiercest waters in the world.
So what is this tempest of a boat doing based in Grand Bay in Mauritius? Well, how else are you going to circumnavigate the island in just six hours? Or get to Round, Snake and Benitier islands in just over forty minutes? Fancy a trip to Ile au Cerfs in an amazing 60 minutes? Or Flat and Gabrielle islands in a mere fifteen minutes? Then this is the boat for you and Maeva have the expertise to provide these services with the professionalism and enthusiasm which has made them Mauritius’s largest cruise operator.

Of course “Maeva Speed” isn’t just about zooming from one place to another as quickly as possible, it’s also about fun! Enjoy a one and a half or three hour Extreme Ride whatever the weather! Feel the thrill of the ocean spray on your face and the wind in your hair as the boat cuts through the waves like a legendary samurai warrior, forever ploughing onwards like an unstoppable force of nature let loose upon the world by Neptune himself. Laugh in the face of danger as the world speeds by and you instinctively hold on for dear life, though safe in the knowledge that, come rain, wind or shine, this boat just keeps on going.
So you think you’ve done it all? Think again my friend. Take it to the limit, while you have the time.


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