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» 01 Jul 2011

JFKwas right. We are tied to the ocean. For some it is a thirst for adventure that draws them, whether that adventure comes from taking on the might of the ocean by sailing the open seas. Or maybe the adrenalin rush that comes from kite surfing, riding the coastal waves with nothing but the power of the wind to carry them. For others it is the tranquillity
of the sea, the sound of the waves that connects them with the natural beauty of the ocean.

For us at Ocean Spirit, it is all of these but the one thing that captures our imagination more than anything else is the sheer diversity of life that makes the ocean their home.

The ocean covers two thirds of our planet, and yet there is so much we don’t know about it. So while others like to spend their time enjoying life above the waves, you will mainly find us under water filming and photographing the marine life around the coastline of Mauritius.

I work for an underwater media company, Ocean Spirit in Pereybere, and our mission is to share with everyone our love of the ocean through film
and photographs.


As a Mauritian who has lived in the greyness of Europe in the past, it amazes me how little the majority of the population of Mauritius know about the wonders of the ocean that surrounds our island.

Seriously, if you haven’t experienced the ocean for yourself you really don’t know what you’re missing!

The over riding sensation I experience every time I hit the water on my  way into the deep blue is that I just never know what I will find. Sharks, Dolphins, Sting Rays, Turtles, Tuna and Octopus, these are all things I have spent time with in just the past month alone, plus all manner of other sea life of every imaginable shape and colour.
The sheer diversity can take your breath away.

And yet I am worried.
In the 10 years I have been diving the northern coastline of Mauritius I can honestly say I am always surprised by the incredible sea wildlife we are lucky enough to enjoy in Mauritius. But although we still have the diversity of life I have seen a very worrying decline in the numbers I see within each species. There is the variety but we are
losing the volume of life at an alarming rate. My films over the years are visible
testimony to the declining numbers.

If things continue in this way I believe that we will reach the turning point in the health of our marine environment somewhere in the next three to five years unless we change the way humans behave towards the ocean.

The problem is most humans are still so unaware of the amazing sights and experiences of the ocean they don’t see what we are loosing. Mauritians especially, which is all the more astonishing when we think that tourists come from all around the world to experience what we have on our doorstep.

But I want to change that… Along with the Ocean Spirit team, we want to bring the ocean to the lives of the people of Mauritius.

On the 1st August 2011 we are launching OSTV (Ocean Spirit TV), a brand new online media channel to bring some of our most exciting underwater experiences directly to the homes of everyone, everywhere.

We have so many features, movies, events and other exciting plans scheduled that I really cant wait.

If you have ever wondered about what draws us so much to the ocean you should visit OCEANSPIRIT.MU for a quick taste of what’s to come. I hope, you are going to look at the ocean in a whole new way!

But for now I want to encourage you all to go and experience the ocean for yourself. Explore it. Enjoy it. Find out what it is that ties us all to the ocean because it is through this connection that we will make the changes that allow us to preserve the life of the ocean for future generations to come.

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