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» 27 Jun 2012

Lagon Bleu Project

The Lagon Bleu project was conceived in 2009. The project aims at the protection, preservation and restoration of the marine and coastal environment of Blue Bay and Point d’Esny. The project site, one of the most beautiful in Mauritius, is an economical asset that supports the livelihood of many families and needs to be protected. This beautiful site is threatened by:

•    Non-recycled waste such as plastics and lubricants
•    Pollution
•    Mechanical or physical damages affecting corals, fish populations and other species
•    A reduced fish population due to over-fishing, illegal fishing practices and     sometime abusive use of the lagoon and coastal region by tourist operators

The project is managed by the NGO Eco-Sud and is in line with the ambitious national “Maurice Ile Durable” project. The project aims at the protection, preservation and restoration of the environmental and biological integrity of those sites by:

•    Increasing public awareness to the importance of marine biodiversity and marine     ecosystems’ protection (for all the stakeholders: fishermen, tourist operators,     inhabitants of the coastal region hotels)

•    Encouraging fishermen to continue using traditional fishing techniques and to keep         the traditional fishing know-how alive, therefore contributing to a sustainable         development of the local fishing industry

Illegal fishing can be considered as a great problem in Mauritius. In order to prevent illegal fishing, a hotline has been set up. This hotline is anonymous and has been released by the Fisheries to report illegal fishing and any other matters that can cause harm to marine life. As a team, Lagon Bleu totally supports this hotline in order to preserve the ecosystem and marine life and help the fisheries to create awareness on the hotline. The hotline number (which is free of charge) is: 800 10 11. We from Lagon Bleu hope that by posting this article, awareness will be raised among the local residents of Mauritius.


Address:  Villa Badamier-Route Royal - BLUE BAY

Tel: 631 1994

Mob: 9212642



Hotline:  800 10 11

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