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» 01 Nov 2011

Founded in 1987, Royal Big Game Fishing is the leading fishing company on the East Coast of the island. Passionate about Big game fishing, the team of 10 fishing specialists organizes trips on all the coasts of Mauritius, but particularly on the East, North-East and South-East areas. With its rich marine fauna, Mauritius is revered by fishing enthusiasts and holds various world records such as the Blue Marlin World Record (1430 lbs). Royal Big Game Fishing concentrates on the relatively unexploited East Coast to provide an even greater rewarding fishing experience. Indeed, the East Coast is not only bountiful, but also refreshingly uncrowded. Amidst that idyllic setting, anglers feel privileged to have the infinite blue sea to themselves, and all the time in the world to make their dreams of the perfect catch come true. Exclusivity is guaranteed.

Highly sophisticated 

The most common species are the Bonito, Wahoo, Dorado, Yellow-fin Tuna, Blue Marlin and Sailfish. November is the ideal time to join the Royal team for a fishing frenzy as it marks the peak season for the marlin! The adventure starts once you step into one of the two private luxurious yachts, all set for deep sea. Royal II and Royal III (14 and 17m respectively) are highly sophisticated. Spacious cabins, cozy sun decks, lounges and built-in bathrooms ensure ultimate comfort. Integrated with air-conditioning, Royal III allows guests to enjoy the luxury of a cool cabin on hot summer days. Moreover, one need not worry about safety: VHF radios, EPIRB, radars, flares, lifebelts, lifejackets and lifeboats are available.

Unforgettable trips

For optimal results, world-class Penn International reels and lures, 3-dimensional GPS and depth-sounders are used. Guests are also privileged to have onboard highly experienced professionals. The two captains (Edley and Urbain) have over 20 years of fishing experience; their unfailing navigation skills and deep knowledge of the Mauritian territory (including on-request expeditions on fishing banks 200 km off the coast) ensure fruitful and challenging trips (for both beginners and experts). As the captains skilfully maneuver the boat towards the best spots, seasoned fishermen Jimmy, Andy and Henry detail the itinerary. Dealing with the sharp tools, they explain how to manipulate reels. It’s a pleasure to see them applying their know-how and to learn from them.

Their enthusiasm is contagious. Soon, fishing gear in hand, you’ll be winding your first fish. It could be a Dorado, a most colorful fish, or a Wahoo, one of the fastest fish. Another thrilling catch is the sailfish which flies through the air when hooked, in an aerial display of fury. And, in this peak season, it may be a bluemarlin – the ultimate big-game fishing challenge! In fact, tailor-made packages are proposed. The crew trolls mainly for fishes targeted by anglers. It also organizes Bottom-Fishing outside the reefs or trolling inside the lagoon for Barracudas. And what about a barbecue onboard to prolong the fun? While some chat about their fishing prowess, others may admire the superb views of the coastline and the occasional dolphins or whales frolicking near the boat. Families are also pampered; diving, snorkeling and trips to islands on the East Coast (organised on request) are heavenly in the spacious yachts. After their unforgettable trips, guests are personally greeted by the Manager, Gerard Julie, who is the driving force behind the team.

The crew’s motto is to always move forward and this is illustrated by their personalized, high-quality service. The delighted smiles of guests after an exhilarating fishing quest are what they look forward to. Moments shared with them are memorably filled with excitement and fun. So why wait to get into action on the East Coast during your vacation?

Royal II, the sleek 42-foot yacht, smoothly glides across the magnificent cobalt blue waters of the Indian Ocean, off the East coast of Mauritius. Comfortably settled in one of the three fighting chairs on the aft deck, you grip the reel handle and lock your eyes onto the line which explores the prolific expanse of sea. Your heart beats in anticipation. You don’t have to wait for long before you feel the tug. A full forced pull! Could it be a large yellow-fin tuna or maybe the King of all Game fish, the ‘Blue-Marlin’? The excitement mounts and you know it’s the perfect time to display your strength and skill. As you resolutely reel your catch to the surface, the rush of adrenalin felt is unparalleled. World-class equipment coupled with an expert crew makes the adventure even more exceptional. Such is the experience promised by the legendary Royal Big Game Fishing Company.

Royal Big Game Fishing

Tel: +230 775 2279

Email: info@royalbiggamefishing.com

Web: www.royalbiggamefishing.com

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