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» 01 Dec 2010

Safari Adventures welcomes 5 new lion cubs. Their names are Mulatsi and Shangani (White lions) and Pezula, Sinanga and Mampara (Savannah Lions).

Safari Adventures is one of the few places in the world where you can interact with Lions and Cheetah. The cats are trained from an early age to treat people with respect and they are used to being petted and around people generally. In fact, they are so well taught that the cheetah are used for educational events and promotions.

All interactions with the felines are photographed by trained staff with professional equipment and the pictures are of course available to anyone who participates in the event.

For those of you who prefer to see the cats in a more natural setting, it is possible to "walk with the lions". Each walk lasts an average of an hour to an hour and a half and consists of a small group of people and two lions. It gives you the opportunity to mix with the lions and form a unique lionhuman "pride", providing a once in a lifetime experience. The adventure is video recorded and photographed for posterity and naturally a DVD of the event is available afterwards.     

The lions range from three months onwards of age and are alternately selected for each walk. Prior to your lion encounter you will be given safety instructions and a stick to hold
which marks you as a member of the "pride" and grants you immediate respect from the lions.

Like most mammals, the lions' mood can be interpreted by their body language and these particular lions are chosen for their very good temperament. Being savannah lions they are darker in colour than their desert counterparts, as this provides them with better camouflage in the bush. The white lions have a recessive gene known as the colour inhibitor or chinchilla.
Though significantly smaller than the males, females are faster and more agile and do all the hunting. However, after they have caught their prey the males and cubs eat first, the females are not permitted to until the others have sated their hunger.

Visiting Safari Adventures should be a priority for anyone as it is certain to create life - long memories.

Open from Mondays to Saturdays (Sundays viewing only), it is located on the west coast of Mauritius just east of Flic en Flac and entry is via the Casela Wildlife Park which hosts other wonderful animals such as giant tortoises and ostriches and has a  great restaurant.

So leave all your worries behind and take a walk on the wild side. You'll love it!

Safari Adventures, Cascavelle - Tel: 230 452 5546
Mob: 230 718 3769 - Fax: 230 452 5574

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