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» 04 Aug 2009

Scuba-Doo is a Mauritian based entity which specialises in scuba-dooing, scuba diving and sunset cruises. Originality, hospitality, professionalism and conviviality are the key ingredients which have contributed to the phenomenal success of scuba-dooing in Mauritius and this exceptional activity is something completely different indeed!

“But what is scuba-dooing?” you may well ask. Scuba-dooing is an awesome experience on a motorised scuba bike, which resembles a cross between a scooter and a submersible. Designed in Australia, it has been operating around the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage site for many years with an unblemished safety record.

Seating one person, this funky yellow submarine floats at a depth of approximately five to six metres and is tethered to a buoy. It has a simple steering and throttle mechanism and is powered by an electric motor making it non polluting and safe for the marine environment. Though your body is immersed in the water, your head remains dry inside a transparent plastic dome, allowing you to breathe easily and wear contact lenses or glasses comfortably, while admiring the one hundred and eighty degree view.

The Scuba-Doo is designed so that people as young as eight and as old as seventy nine have used it with ease. There is no need to be a strong swimmer or have any diving skills and once the instructor or dive master has shown you the safety techniques you'll be enjoying yourself in no time. Scuba-Doo caters for three to four people at a time who are accompanied by two professional divers on an underwater excursion lasting approximately thirty minutes.  

Conventional scuba diving is also available and is taught by “Admiral” Nelson who is the Operations Manager and a member of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association – as a Senior Diving Instructor  he has decades of experience. Beginners courses last for three hours and consist of learning equipment use, hand signals, shallow water training and finally a thirty five minute session in the ocean at a depth of six to seven metres.

If you have the time, I recommend you take the “open water course” which takes four hours per day for four days to complete. It involves watching a DVD tutorial, reading a concise manual, learning basic diving techniques, four one hour ocean dives and finally an exam. Be assured, it is money well spent for the PADI Open Water qualification which allows you to dive anywhere in the world.

For experienced divers, Scuba-Doo will take you on an advanced dive to a depth of about thirty metres and you can even explore a couple of old ship wrecks such as an old Japanese fishing trawler. One of the most memorable times to be had is during a night dive when all the fish come out of hiding from amongst the coral reef and you can see beautiful creatures such as the snail-like Spanish Dancer.

During the summer months, sunset cruises on the Scuba-Doo catamaran, “Scuba-Doo 1”, can be organised. These leave Trou aux Biches no later than six pm and last two and a half to three hours. Up to twenty five passengers can be accommodated and as you watch the sun set into the Indian Ocean, enjoy some delicious Scuba-Doo delicacies and a glass of Soupson – a mysteriously tasty cocktail.

The staff at Scuba-Doo delight in recording all your activities digitally by camera, for you to share with your friends and family and, without giving too much away, if you are taking a dive to celebrate an anniversary of some kind – you may well find yourself in for a pleasant surprise!  

There is no doubt about it, these water activities can be addictive. Scuba-Doo feels like a home away from home, so don't be surprised if you find yourself going back for more – I know I will!

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