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» 30 Apr 2013

I cannot help but start this article on a quote from For-rest Gump « Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get. » At Van Ann which opened its doors some 20 years ago, 15 employees work their magic
to ensure that each chocolate in the box will be a pleas-ant discovery for your senses ! The chocolates are not or-dinary off the shelf chocolates but will bring you an extra
sensorial experience for your taste buds. Have you ever thought about all the attention and work that's hidden behind a box of chocolates? Consider the box itself and try and see with the eyes of the design-ers, imagine the hands that cut the box and assemble it
together, fold it and tie the ribbon on top… How about the chocolate itself? Think of the theobroma (cocoa tree) lit-erally meaning in Greek "god's food", giving fruits in Africa or America. The bean traveling to Europe to be
processed into chocolate and shipped here to be meta-morphosed to please your senses. It sounds magical now isn’t it? Next time you have a chocolate, think of all those magicians who make this sensual and tantalizing moment
a reality. It is amazing to realize how many people work hand in hand to bring satisfaction in a moment.  A CHOCOLATE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY This box is ready made to support your intentions: a
"Welcome" message, a "Happy Birthday", "Merry Christ-mas" , "Sorry" ,"Bon Voyage" ,"Thinking of you", all your thoughts can be translated in a box of chocolates given out as a gift.
The weight of a Belgian style "Praline" is of around 12 gr: something like two bites. The first one is interesting as you desire it intensively and you are fully aware of it.
The second is even more intense because you appre-ciated the first bite and already regret that the pleasure will soon be over. Until you pick another "praline" among the 20 different flavours: Vanilla , coconut, caramel , mint,
cardamom, nutmeg, “Fleur de Sel”, “eau de fleur d'or-anger” Orange, Ginger, cinnamon, star anis, thyme, Pink berries, red chilies, honey, coffee, almonds, hazelnuts... We, at Van Ann, have created a large range of boxes
for different events. Chocolate slips in many sweet recipes: on top of pancakes, as a light sauce on ice cream, decorating your vanilla custard or in your bread with just some butter.
Can you imagine something more attractive than a chocolate mousse or cake as dessert?  Chocolate is festive but so casual. Have one on your own with a cup of coffee! Simply close your eyes and
allow your senses to dwell into the moment and relish the taste of the combination of both. A note for Health Conscious People: Keep in mind that "a chocolate a day keeps the doctor away." Choco-late is a living organism and is thus delicate: In the heat,
it will melt; in humidity it will become white. It is best stored below 22 ºC in a dry place. Your are most welcome in our shop situated at the corner of Royal road and Old Notre Dame Junction road
at Calebasses

We are open every day from 8 AM to 6 PM except on Sunday and public holidays.  

Feel free to contact us on: + 230 243 4000  
You can also find our 50 gr chocolate bars or Tropical spice boxes at :
Mauritius Duty Free Paradise, Super U , Jumbo,
Intermart Ebene and Winners Pereybere.
Or for more inspiration you can visit our web site on

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