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» 28 Dec 2011

Walnut & Thyme opened its doors on the 28th of October 2011. Most of us have read introductory sentences like this many a time but this month’s Discovery venue is special. What Kat-rina McIlraith has succeeded in doing by opening  Walnut & Thyme, is bring-ing to Mauritius the best condiments, oils, vinegars, jams (the list is endless) from all over the world through an in-fusing and unrivalled passion for food.  Why? Because she is someone who believes that grocery stores and delis should not govern what is available  by being scared of prices everyone  deserves the best palatable pleasures and food is one of the most wonderful experiences that we have.

Presentation par Excellence!
Katrina loves beautiful food products. Her store located in Cascavelle Shop-ping Village, leaves visitors and customers in awe. I have many a time spotted people taking pictures of  Walnut & Thyme. The ceilings and front doors
are unique and singularly stand out. It is the kind of shop which leaves you in-trigued and will draw you in out of curiosity! Some food items are available for taste so you can make an informed choice about your purchase. The staff
are all chefs and can give you informa-tion about products and pairings. Wal-nut & Thyme is here to pamper clients whether they are connoisseurs or food
lovers, everyone will feel welcomed and comfortable in this wonderful setting which took months and months of hard work and ingenuity to set up. With an owner who is such a perfec-tionist, having something mediocre or
average was out of question.

The Response When I asked Katrina about the response of the clients, her answer was phenomenal! I believed her. Quality has a price and Katrina had her doubts before opening. She was hoping that
people would understand that her food items are exquisite and that she was actually trying to get them the best quality for money items ever. This is exactly what happened and at the  moment she is excessively surprised with the fact that her clients range from the most affluent to the average person and the tourist looking for gifts to bring home. Fine food in an enchant-ing environment –why not? After all the consistency of this magical experience is mastered and minutely controlled.

Consistency – the Key word
in Hospitality! I courageously asked Katrina about the secrets behind her recipes as Walnut & Thyme offers divine pies, samoosas, cupcakes, sauces etc! She said – “a good
sense of smell and taste, adaptation, the ability to constantly innovate and not being scared to try unusual pairings”. At Walnut and Thyme you can find pies with fill-ings like Camembert and Caperberry, Goats cheese and Parma Ham, Blue Cheese and Walnut and my personal favorite… Chorizio and peppers. Recipes are consistent down to the last gram of salt and everything is tasted for seasoning before it leaves the
kitchen as vegetables do not have a consistent flavour and often the sea-soning has to be adjusted. Those who have been disappointed by inconsis-tency in product in the past can now be rest assured Walnut & Thyme is meticulous about consistency. Amongst the best sellers are the Hot Mango Chutney jars, Bread Dippers, stuffed olives, Goat’s butter and creams. Food wise it’s something else! I’ve had the best orange cupcake ever at Walnut  & Thyme! We  strongly  recommend  you to find your favourite food item yourself. It is a fantastic discovery.

The Mission
Walnut & Thyme strives to educate pal-lets by introducing wonderful flavours. Right now in Mauritius people often settle for second best and come up
with excuses such as – ‘it’s Mauritius so we cannot get this item or this kind
of service’. However, the country provides for great lifestyle, has wonder-ful weather, friendly people and a good economy as well and, there is abso-lutely no reason why people shouldn’t have the best of other things either. Ka-trina will always fill her shelves with the best new product on the market and will always innovate to keep ahead of any competition. We will seize this opportunity to congratulate Katrina and her team  and we look forward to making use of Walnut & Thyme’s catering services!

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