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» 01 Nov 2010

Imagine lounging on a chair underneath a parasol as the ways gently break on shorea fresh cocktail glistens in  your hand as you enjoy a beach read or watch others attempt to windsurf or kayak on the open ocean. As the  sun sets,you relax in a warm bubble bath and prepare to dine on fresh,  cultural food while enjoying local entertainment.

This is the experience guests of the Shanti Maurice have when visiting this southern coast resort on the island of Mauritius. Situated around a horseshoe shaped coral sand cove, the Shanti Maurice is the perfect place to enjoy the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean or explore the local gardens or mountains. With the resort dedicated to sustaining  the island’s natural environment and supporting the local community, guests experience the splendor of Mauritius from knowledgeable staff who is dedicated to helping guests de-stress and experience the island.

The resort is situated on 36 acres and is completely enveloped by the ocean. You can snorkel the many coral reefs located on the southern coast and explore the black volcanic rock tide pools that become apparent as the tide goes out each day. Families can enjoy dolphin watching or board a deep sea fishing boat and cast out to catch tuna or barracuda. The tranquility offered by the  resort is further enhanced on the ocean where the Shanti Maurice practices only nonmotorised water sport fun. Guests can kayak, windsurf, sail, paddleboat, snorkel, and play sports, or arrange with the concierge to go jet skiing, water skiing, or boating on a neighborhood part of the resort.

Families with small children can enjoy a fun-filled day of swimming, snorkeling, and arts and crafts. The experienced staff at the resort’s Kids Club design activities with families in mind. You can enjoy a few hours splashing in the kiddie pool and then
the kids can challenge mom and dad to a video game playoff or enjoy refreshments and a movie. There are also child-centered lessons for kayaking and tennis where kids can improve their skills while enjoying the beautiful resort surroundings. Parents can enjoy a break by entrusting the expert staff to provide an entertaining time for their kids while they have a private romantic dinner, a leisurely stroll on the beach, a garden or mountain tour.

Guests who want a day of total relaxation and pampering can take advantage of the Nira Spa. Here, there sort staff will cater to your needs and help your body and mind destress as you choose amongst a variety of renewing services and treatments. Couples can get romantic with a couple’s massage that includes essential oils and master massage techniques to increase blood flow, improve energy, and provide a sense of well-being and calm. Or imagine being treated to a warm water therapy session that promises to help reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing.
After being completely rejuvenated, guests can be pampered at the resort’s salon to prepare for a beautiful night enjoying the sights and sounds of Mauritius.

Plan to spend your evening being catered to by the resort’s expert dining staff. The chef and his team prepare tantalizing dishes that blend local flavors to appease all of your senses. Sit back with a cocktail and enjoy the views of the lighted gardens and sounds of the ocean. Satisfy your desire for fun by singing and dancing along with the local entertainment, enjoying fresh drinks and skillfully prepared meals. Go from beach to dining by taking advantage of the resort’s casual seaside dining, where your taste buds are treated to fresh grilled fish caught by local fisherman and seasonedwith herbs straight from the resort’s home grown herb garden. Orenjoy a romantic picnic on the grounds of the Shanti Maurice. Imagine lying out on a blanket with wine and freshly made food, enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of this ocean paradise.

At night, enjoy a dip in your private pool and Jacuzzi followed by a romantic outdoor rain shower. As the sounds of the ocean lull you to sleep, you will experience the type of bliss fou nd only in tropical paradises such as Shanti Maurice.

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