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» 28 Nov 2013

In this stunning and innovative 3D book, every page comes to life when viewed with the special pair of high quality anaglyph glasses that can be worn on your reading or bifocal prescribed glasses and get a close to reality effect.

This hard cover coffee table book will give you a glimpse into the island; opening with a brief history of the island in English and French. It has an amalgamation of historical architecture, landscapes, and most of the places of interest of the island.


In this contemporary world everything has evolved and so has the visual industry, every top grosser movie today is shot in 3D, many attempts have been made in the past to root up the 3D movies or photography but they all failed due to cynical and negative critics by negative minds who don’t value hard work and technology. But thank god this has changed as mankind has really evolved from the nutshell. Every new television set sold today in a modern house today is a 3D TV. Every blu-ray player supports 3D,
every gaming console supports 3D consequently 3D is the future of the visual industry; stills or moving.

Easiest way to value 3D, is to tell between a mono from a stereo soundtrack; a mono soundtrack is recorded with one microphone, so both your ears hear the same sound whereas a stereo soundtrack is recorded with two microphones so each of your ears hear a different sound giving you a wider sonic effect.

When viewing a regular photograph (2D), both of your eyes see the same picture so you will never pick out depth. When viewing a 3D picture each of your eyes sees a
different picture and the optic receptors in your brain mix the two and depth is perceived. Conclusion; a
2D picture is made from one optical lens and a 3D picture is made from two. The anaglyph glasses separate the images so both eyes obtain their respective signals. It is what your eyes were meant to see.

The book is on sale in the in-house boutique of most hotels, or at any BOOKCOURT store country wide, Casela Safari Adventure, Vallee Des Couleur, and other souvenir shops.  Last stop you can get it at the airport BOOKCOURT in the departure lounge.

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