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» 30 Jan 2015

What’s your description of Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary? Is it a hotel? A retreat? A wellness resort? Or a rejuvenation Clinic? Those are questions we have been frequently asked. Situated close to a river, amidst a wave of hilly slopes, surrounded by pineapple plantations and sugarcane fields, our Sanctuary is a combination of all these- a little piece of paradise
nestled in the heart of nature over-looking the northern coastline of Mauritius. Engrossed amidst the incredible beauty of the fauna, you feel connected to Nature and there comes the realization…you are in a haven of tranquility and harmony …your little ‘peace’ of paradise. You deserve the very best and you may expect the very best from us! A team of dedicated and passionate professionals’ delights in helping you feel right at home and create your own tales of wellness and bliss.
Imagine the oldest health systems of humanity combined with the latest neuroscience research within your reach. In our 5-star Sanctuary, your health is our priority -we bring to you a combination of the very best, from Traditional Chinese Medicine with its 3000 year old history, together with the traditional Indian medicine of Ayurveda which emerged over 5000 years ago. From the West, we utilize the best from German homeopathic science, herbal medicine together with conventional medicine. For you are your own doctor and we are helping you to re-connect with the healer within you. Yet, if you wish to have a diagnostic scan , we have the latest in Bio  Energy Scanning technology  a 45 minute session will indicate to you all, the energy imbalances of each organ/gland/body system. We can accurately visualise the energy distribution in each of your Chakras and Meridien system. This information will help us in developing tailor made treatment programs and lifestyle choices for each guest. Our mission is to help you access your own inner self and facilitate your self-healing so you can achieve perfect balance and harmony at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. With yoga, taichi, mindfulness, meditation and fitness exercises, hot-cold hydro therapies, massages, fine cuisine pre-pared from organic food from the surroundings, you will recover to your full health potential, shed years, and feel your cells vibrating with vitality. In your life, there will be a before and an after Les Mariannes.

Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus qualified in Dublin and worked in London. He has over 30 years of solid experience in medicine that has seen him in various positions around the World Medecins Sans Frontieres in Chad and Darfur, assignment with The Saudi Royal Family, then a journey of learning and exploration of oriental medical practices in India, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, during which time he specialized in acupuncture, auricular therapy and bio energetic medicine.
His approach to healing is simple: the body works in a dynamic and self-healing mode until a major blockage -i.e. environmental toxins, wrong food choices, viral attacks or a severe psychic stress comes along and throws a spanner in the works- this is at first and faint signal at the bio energy level. This wrong signal starts getting to the tissues and only at this stage can conventional medical tests pick up the malfunction. As our Scanning Equipment at the Sanctuary can pick up.
Dr Siddick Maudarbocus uses all forms of health care, from conventional western medication to alternative therapies, to treat his patients.

While your days will be full of health-enhancing activities, we will be glad to fulfil any specific request if you wish to see the island’s mountains and rivers, sail the lagoon, come face-to-face with dolphins, go on excursions or indulge in cultural activities.  And you will love coming back home, to your sanctuary, have an evening stroll in the pristine village around or a dip in our pool while ad-miring the radiance of stars reflected in its calm waters, get energised by the breezes filled with the scents of flowers, enjoy a freshly squeezed cocktail from the inspiring infinity of our sanctuary roof-top…

Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary
D’epinay, Mauritius
Tel: (230) 243 9200 Cell: (230) 5728 7110
Fax: (230) 464 1298

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