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Mauritius Online Magazine
May, is an interesting month. Not least because it includes both Labour Day on the 1st and ends with Mother's Day on the 31st. Both days are steeped in history and My Month on page sixteen contains a brief overview of Mother's day, its origins and history. Our Lifestyle article waxes philosophical this month with an interview of Lord Steven Aldridge. From a humble butcher's beginnings, this man has carved out a considerable niche for himself in the world of property development and finance, but values life and living above all else. Speaking of life, what would it be without golf? Head over to Grand Bay and try your hand at “Full Swing Golf”. It's the first of its kind in Mauritius and uses the latest computer technology to bring you indoor golf with a real outdoor feel. Sensors monitor your club movement and ball trajectory and everything is rendered in beautiful and highly realistic 3D graphics. It's little short of amazing. Just like Mauritius!
In this edition of Islandinfo we feature Elie Bernager in our Lifestyle section. A fantastic photographer from Paris, he provides couples getting married in Mauritius with the best photographs of the occasion that you can imagine. If you are coming all the way to Mauritius to get married, you want the best. You want Elie. Our Discovery section this month is all about La Vanille Reserve de Mascareignes. A wonderful park in the south of Mauritius, you will be delighted by Giant tortoises, crocodiles and many other animals. The insect collection is also absolutely fascinating. Finally, April the twelfth is Easter for those who follow the Western Christianity of Rome. Try some of the special Easter recipes featured in the MyMonth section and have fun making them with the kids and then later on eat them too. The recipes that is, not the kids. This is supposed to be a religious festival!
So it’s March already, the start of spring in the northern hemisphere and for most of human history the first month of the year. The Russian New Year began on the first of March up until the fifteenth century and the British used the twenty fifth of March as recently as 1752. Many cultures and religions still celebrate their New Year in March, such as the Hindu Ugadi festival which this year is on March 27th. You can read more on page 16. Roger Martin features in our Lifestyle section this month on page 12. A man of impeccable taste, he will design you the perfect rooms for whatever purposes you have in mind. If you're a bit of a speed freak check out Maeva Speed on page 22. It's a rescue vehicle designed for South Africa's coastguards – they patrol some of the roughest seas in the world. This boat is fast! And practically unsinkable, so be sure to give it a go
February is of course the month containing that fateful day known worldwide as Valentine’s Day. But who was Valentine and why is he famous? Page 16 has some of the answers and if you read the editorial you may well conclude that Valentine was responsible for the extinction of the dodos... Ever heard of Hashing? Combining two of the best aspects of British culture, namely a good long run to re-vitalise the body and a few pints of beer to satisfy the soul, Hashing is now a world-wide phenomenon that can be found here in Mauritius too, so head over to page 22 to find out more. Thinking about getting married in Mauritius? It is becoming more and more popular these days and is very easy to do. So if you fancy getting married in one of the most romantic places in the world, why don’t you?
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