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15 Jul 2010

David Beckham insists he has no plans to become a manager and does not expect to ever be tempted by the England role.

Beckham has laid the blame for England's dismal World Cup campaign at the feet of the players and insists boss Fabio Capello did all he could to prepare the squad for the finals.

Former national team captain Beckham accompanied Capello's squad in South Africa, despite being injured, but would not want to be the manager of any team, never mind England.

"It's something I've never been interested in," he said in a webchat with Yahoo. "It's not a passion of mine to be a manager of a football team.

"I'm passionate about the game and being there and obviously I was wearing the suit so people have looked and thought I could be going into that.

"But coaching a team, being a manager, at this point in my career I don't want to do that and in the future I don't think that will happen either."

Looking back at the World Cup, Beckham said: "[Capello] did everything that he could have done.

"He prepared us right. He worked the players to the right amount and he set everything up for the players, but obviously the players know it was disappointing.

"We didn't perform and as players you know that - you know when you don't perform, you know when you don't play well.

"The manager can do so much and then it's down to the players. The players go on to the pitch and they know if they don't perform they don't win games.

"The players are honest about that but it's not about individuals, it's not about how individuals play - it's about how we played as a team. It's a cliche but you win as a team and you lose as a team."

Beckham has his sights set on becoming an Olympian in 2012 - even though he will be 37 at the time of the London Games.

He will have just come to the end of his five-year contract with Los Angeles Galaxy when the Olympics begin but insists he would be interested in competing for gold on home soil if he is still playing at a high standard.

The Leytonstone-born star, who played a key role in helping capture the Games in 2005, said: "If I'm still playing and I'm still considered to make a difference to the team I'd love to, but if not then I'm definitely going to be there anyway.

"It's the east end of London - it's on my manor.

"To be part of getting the Olympics to the east end of London... it's one of the best experiences that I've ever experienced."

Meanwhile Beckham believes English players would benefit were the Premier League to follow the continental model and introduce a winter break to the schedule.

"I think it's something that would be good for our players," he said in an interview with Sky Sports News.

"It happens in Germany, Spain, Italy and many other countries, but this discussion has gone on many times before.

"I don't think it will come over Christmas. Christmas is such a big thing for football - watching games on Boxing Day is part of English culture - but I think at some point something has to change and a break would be good at some point."


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