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» 12 Nov 2013
Microwave signals turned into electrical power
An electrical current capable of charging a mobile phone has been created from microwave signals.
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» 17 Oct 2013
Watch Dogs delay wounds games maker Ubisoft
Shares in video games firm Ubisoft have slumped by 26% after it delayed the release of two much-anticipated titles.
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» 08 Oct 2013
Baked in Britain, the millionth Raspberry Pi
For British computing this is quite a day. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that a million of the tiny cheap computers aimed at transforming education have now been made in the UK.
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» 03 Oct 2013
Dell's latest Venue tablets shun Windows RT system
Dell has opted not to release a Windows RT device among its latest line-up of tablets and laptops.
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» 02 Oct 2013
US websites suspended after federal shutdown
A number of US government websites and Twitter feeds have been suspended due to a partial US government shutdown.
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» 01 Oct 2013
Grand Theft Auto Online launch faces server worries
The creator of Grand Theft Auto has warned there might be teething problems as its online version launches.
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» 30 Sep 2013
Valve reveals haptic game controller for release in 2014
Games developer and publisher Valve has shown off its Steam Controller, the final part of its strategy to bring its PC-based platform to the living room.
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» 26 Sep 2013
In-game app fees face OFT consumer protection crackdown
A UK watchdog has threatened action against video game app-makers it finds to be in breach of consumer protection laws.
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» 25 Sep 2013
Californian law gives teens right to delete web posts
California has passed a law that will enable under-18s to make websites delete their personal information.
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» 24 Sep 2013
Minecraft game adds Ordnance Survey GB terrain data
Minecraft, the highly popular building and monsters video game, can now incorporate accurate Ordnance Survey terrain data of Great Britain in its blockwork virtual world.
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» 23 Sep 2013
Apple fingerprint tech raises 'privacy questions'
A senior US senator believes the fingerprint recognition technology featured in Apple's new iPhone 5S raises "substantial privacy questions".
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» 20 Sep 2013
Blackberry reveals date BBM messaging will go to rivals
From this weekend, users will no longer need to own a Blackberry device to access its BBM messaging service.
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» 19 Sep 2013
Facebook apologies for dating ad showing Rehtaeh Parsons
Facebook has apologised for publishing a dating ad featuring a photo of a 17-year-old who had killed herself after complaining of being cyber-bullied.
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» 18 Sep 2013
Valve drops hints about Steam game hardware
Valve will next week reveal more details about the gaming hardware it has been developing.
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» 17 Sep 2013
Mobile phone emergency alert system to be tested in UK
A system that sends emergency alerts to mobile phones within areas affected by flooding, industrial accidents or other local risks is to be tested in the UK.
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» 16 Sep 2013
Google Street View car in 'accident'
A Google Street View car hit two public transport buses and a truck in the city of Bogor, Indonesia.
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» 13 Sep 2013
Wave power generator bags Dyson award
A wave power generator that can harvest energy no matter which way the sea is running has won the UK round of James Dyson's engineering award.
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» 12 Sep 2013
Intel Bay Trail Atom chips challenge ARM for tablets
Intel has launched Bay Trail - a family of chips it hopes will help it make further inroads against processors designed by its rival ARM.
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» 11 Sep 2013
Museum celebrates women in computing
Many of the first computers were developed during wartime and women were intimately involved in their creation and operation. Here Dorothy Du Boisson and Elsie Booker operate Colossus as it cracks codes.
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» 09 Sep 2013
Snowden leaks: US and UK 'crack online encryption'
US and UK intelligence have reportedly cracked the encryption codes protecting the emails, banking and medical records of hundreds of millions of people.
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» 05 Sep 2013
Sony launches lens accessories and Z1 handset at Ifa
Sony has confirmed plans to sell two stand-alone lenses that connect to smartphones by wi-fi, allowing them to take higher-quality photos.
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» 04 Sep 2013
Illumiroom will be too expensive, says Microsoft
Microsoft has admitted that an ambitious scheme to illuminate the world's living rooms is unlikely to see the light of day any time soon.
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» 03 Sep 2013
LG's G Pad and Acer's Liquid S2 phone revealed before Ifa
LG and Acer are both claiming Z"world firsts" with their latest product launches, revealed ahead of Berlin"s Ifa tech show.
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» 02 Sep 2013
Vietnam internet restrictions come into effect
A controversial law banning Vietnamese online users from discussing current affairs has come into effect.
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» 30 Aug 2013
Million-dollar dating scam mum and daughter jailed
A mother and daughter who used an internet dating scam to steal $1.1m (£700,000) have been jailed for a total of 27 years.
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» 29 Aug 2013
Vodafone and O2 begin limited roll-out of 4G networks
Mobile networks Vodafone and O2 are rolling out their first 4G data services in three UK cities.
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» 28 Aug 2013
Kobo flattens Aura e-reader to help challenge Kindle
Kobo has updated its e-reader line-up, including its first e-ink device to have a "totally flat" front.
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» 27 Aug 2013
Instagram, Vine and Netflix hit by Amazon glitch
Software problems at one of Amazon's data centres has knocked out several high profile web services.
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» 26 Aug 2013
Tweets printed by home-built ticker-tape machine
A web developer from Cumbria has built a modern version of a 19th Century ticker-tape machine which prints out tweets.
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» 23 Aug 2013
Makerbot Digitizer: Desktop 3D scanner goes on sale
A desktop device that can quickly scan objects so they can be replicated using a 3D printer has gone on sale.
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» 22 Aug 2013
Omate Truesmart watch secures Kickstarter funds
Omate Truesmart - a smartwatch with a built-in five megapixel camera - is set to go into production after hitting its crowdfunding target.
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» 21 Aug 2013
Sony names PlayStation 4 launch dates
Sony has announced the launch dates for its PlayStation 4 console.
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» 20 Aug 2013
Minecraft maker shelves 0x10c video game
Developer Markus "Notch" Persson, who created the hit online video game Minecraft, says he has shelved plans for a follow-up.
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» 19 Aug 2013
Ubuntu sets crowdfund pledge record for Edge smartphone
A crowdfunding campaign for the Ubuntu Edge smartphone has set a record for raising more money in pledges than any other such venture.
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» 16 Aug 2013
Unauthorised YouTube adverts exposed by security firm
A London-based team of security researchers has exposed a scheme which inserted unauthorised adverts into Google's YouTube.
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» 15 Aug 2013
Hacker 'shouts abuse' via Foscam baby monitoring camera
A hacker was able to shout abuse at a two-year-old child by exploiting a vulnerability in a camera advertised as an ideal "baby monitor".
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» 14 Aug 2013
Twenty hurt at LG event as promotional stunt goes wrong
Twenty people were injured, with seven sent to hospital, when a promotional stunt in Seoul for LG's G2 smartphone went wrong, the company has said.
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» 13 Aug 2013
Apple aerial map photos blocked over Oslo in Norway
Norway's government is refusing to let Apple take aerial photography of the capital city Oslo to create 3D images for its Maps app, reports local media.
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» 12 Aug 2013
Mobile phone drivers 'not linked' to accident figures
Researchers have found no link between the number of US drivers making phone calls while on the road and the number of accidents recorded.
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» 08 Aug 2013
Xerox to update scan software after switched number outcry
Xerox says it will release a software patch to tackle the fact that scans made with its Workcentre copiers can result in numbers and letters being changed in saved files.
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» 07 Aug 2013
'Safety issues' prompt Apple charger trade-in programme
Apple has begun a worldwide programme to replace third-party and counterfeit USB chargers.
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» 06 Aug 2013
Luxury toilet users warned of hardware flaw
A luxury toilet controlled by a smartphone app is vulnerable to attack, according to security experts.
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» 05 Aug 2013
Website's servers hacked to host child abuse images
Dozens of business have been hacked and their computer servers used to host images of child sexual abuse, the Internet Watch Foundation has said.
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» 01 Aug 2013
Zynga sues sex app maker over Bang With Friends name
The makers of a "casual sex matchmaking app" called Bang With Friends are facing legal action over its name from games studio Zynga.
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» 31 Jul 2013
'Hacker heroin frame plot' foiled by security blogger
A respected US-based internet security expert says he has foiled an attempt to frame him as a heroin dealer.
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» 26 Jul 2013
US prosecutors launch largest ever hacking fraud case
US prosecutors have launched what they say is the country's largest ever hacking fraud case.
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» 24 Jul 2013
Belarus internet infested with spammers
Almost 30% of all net addresses in Belarus are blocked by anti-spam firms because of the amount of junk mail passing through them, says a report.
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» 22 Jul 2013
Apple, Google and other tech giants demand spying openness
Apple, Google and dozens of other technology companies have urged US authorities to let them divulge more details about security requests.
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» 19 Jul 2013
Machine turns sweat into drinking water for Unicef
A machine that takes sweat-laden clothes and turns the moisture into drinking water is in use in Sweden.
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» 18 Jul 2013
Google competition plan 'not good enough' - EU official
Google has not done enough to address concerns it is unfairly stifling competition, an EU official has said.
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» 17 Jul 2013
Tech firms target ads on pirate websites
Websites that profit from piracy are being targeted by an initiative that aims to cut off the cash they get from adverts.
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» 17 Jul 2013
Driverless cars to be tested on UK roads by end of 2013
Driverless cars will be tested on public roads by the end of 2013, says the UK government.
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» 16 Jul 2013
Microsoft and Blackberry cut Surface and Z10 prices
Microsoft and Blackberry have both cut prices on their flagship products in a bid to boost sales.
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» 09 Jul 2013
Smartphone becomes in-car head-up display
Sat-nav firm Garmin has made a portable head-up display (HUD) for cars that projects turn-by-turn directions on to a vehicle's windscreen.
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» 08 Jul 2013
Samsung issues weaker than expected profit forecast
Samsung Electronics, the world's biggest mobile phone and TV maker, has forecast weaker-than-expected profits for the April to June quarter.
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» 05 Jul 2013
Google privacy policy criticised by data watchdog
Google could face "enforcement action" if it does not improve its privacy policies, the UK's data watchdog says.
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» 03 Jul 2013
Microsoft develops 3D touchscreen with tactile feedback
Details of a touchscreen showing 3D images that can be felt and manipulated have been published by Microsoft's research unit.
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» 02 Jul 2013
Yahoo to shut down pioneering AltaVista search site
Pioneering search engine AltaVista is due to be shut down on 8 July.
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» 01 Jul 2013
Blackberry shares plunge after $84m first-quarter loss
Shares in smartphone maker Blackberry have dived after it reported an $84m (£55m) loss for the three months to 1 June.
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» 27 Jun 2013
LTE-Advanced 4G network launches in South Korea
South Korea has started offering what are billed as the fastest ever 4G data speeds made available to consumers.
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» 26 Jun 2013
Drayson Racing electric car sets new world speed record
Drayson Racing Technologies has broken the world land speed record for a lightweight electric car.
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» 25 Jun 2013
Rolling robot offers help to farmers
The trick used by hamsters to get an exercise ball rolling is helping to power a spherical robot.
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» 24 Jun 2013
Street View: Google given 35 days to delete wi-fi data
Google has been given 35 days to delete any remaining data it "mistakenly collected" while taking pictures for its Street View service, or face criminal proceedings.
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» 21 Jun 2013
Samsung Ativ Q tablet runs both Windows 8 and Android
Samsung has unveiled a tablet that can switch between the Windows 8 and Android operating systems
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» 20 Jun 2013
Microsoft U-turn in Xbox One games row
Microsoft has made a dramatic U-turn over its decision to impose restrictions on pre-owned titles on its new Xbox One console.
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» 19 Jun 2013
Huawei says Ascend P6 is world's 'slimmest' smartphone
Huawei has unveiled what it says is the world's thinnest smartphone.
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» 18 Jun 2013
Sharp brings giant-sized 90in TV to Europe
Sharp has released what it says is the biggest TV ever to go on sale in Europe.
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» 17 Jun 2013
NSA snooping: Facebook reveals details of data requests
Facebook received 9,000-10,000 requests for user data from US government entities in the second half of 2012.
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» 14 Jun 2013
Bike makes riders high-flyers, if only for five minutes
Flying cars are yet to take off - could bikes have a better chance?
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» 13 Jun 2013
Peugeot prepares its most powerful model ever for Goodwood
Moving from concept to reality, the Peugeot RCZ R is being readied for its official world debut at next month's Goodwood Festival of Speed. The new model adds a little kick to the RCZ sports car, delivering a package that the French automaker calls its most powerful street car ever.
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» 12 Jun 2013
Clip-Air project envisages modular aircraft you can board at a railway station
Air travel today is a nightmare of long drives to crowded airports, long queues that move at a snail's pace, and long, boring waits in identical lobbies drinking overpriced coffee. It would be so much easier and less frustrating if catching a plane were like catching a train. If Switzerland's École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has its way, its Clip-Air project will one day produce modular aircraft that will allow you to board a plane at a London railway station and disembark in the middle of Rome without ever setting foot in an air terminal.
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» 11 Jun 2013
Spinpod rotates your smartphone when the panoramic urge strikes
The Spinpod motion control unit is currently vying for funding on Kickstarter
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» 10 Jun 2013
Mood Map exhibit turns tweets into art
Mood Map is installed in the Museum of Art at Seoul National University
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» 06 Jun 2013
Invisibility 'time cloak' developed
An "invisibility" time cloak which is able to hide events in a continuous stream of light has been developed by scientists.
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» 05 Jun 2013
Solar Impulse deploys inflatable hangar for the first time
The inflatable hangar deployed for the first time to house the Solar Impulse in St. Louis
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» 04 Jun 2013
SEED Collaborative's SEEDclassroom
SEED's net zero modular classroom takes on Living Building Challenge
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» 31 May 2013
Rover radiation data poses manned Mars mission dilemma
Nasa's Curiosity rover has confirmed what everyone has long suspected - that astronauts on a Mars mission would get a big dose of damaging radiation.
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» 30 May 2013
Hiroshima's Optical Glass House constructed using 6,000 glass bricks
Architecture studio Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP has designed the "Optical Glass House" in Hiroshima, Japan
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» 29 May 2013
Tag On That lets you print on almost any object
Is that label maker of yours just not turning your crank anymore? Well, if you're willing to do a little more fiddling around, you might be interested in Tag on That.
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» 28 May 2013
Plans unveiled for "world's first zero gravity spa" in Barcelona space hotel
The bustling Spanish city of Barcelona attracts thousands of tourists each year and is renowned for its world heritage sites which include several masterpieces by the 19th century Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.
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» 27 May 2013
Viewpoint: Mars - what we've learnt in five years
On 25 May, it will be five years since Nasa's robotic spacecraft Phoenix touched down in the Martian "arctic". Here, Dr Tom Pike, one of the mission scientists on Phoenix, explains what we've learnt about the Red Planet in that time.
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» 24 May 2013
Solar-powered ship beats its own trans-Atlantic speed record
With its previous circumnavigation of the planet, it had already set the record for longest distance traveled by a purely solar-powered boat.
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» 23 May 2013
3D printing: A force for revolutionary change
It was Neil Gershenfeld who introduced me to the potential of additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, getting on for 10 years ago, and I got very excited about its possibilities. And now, years later, here he is, trying to dampen my enthusiasm.
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» 22 May 2013
The curious story of how the lie detector came to be
The science behind the lie detector test has been disputed since its creation 90 years ago, so is there any reliable way to tell if someone is lying, asks Dr Geoff Bunn, author of The Truth Machine: A Social History of the Lie Detector.
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» 21 May 2013
F-35B makes first vertical takeoff
Lockheed Martin has revealed that an F-35B fighter jet made its first vertical takeoff on May 10 at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. This follows on the heels of its first vertical night landing on April 2 at the same location. The vertical takeoff capability is designed for moving the strike fighter over short distances in an emergency when a runway isn't available, but it is not seen as a combat feature due to its heavy use of fuel.
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» 20 May 2013
Cities: How crowded life is changing us
More than half the world's population are concentrated in urban areas, and this is having an effect not just culturally, but biologically too. And advances in technology are adding an entirely new dimension to people's lives.
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» 16 May 2013
Non-toxic corn starch could replace cyanide in gold mines
A newly-developed process gives gold mines an alternative to using cyanide for extracting gold from ore
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» 15 May 2013
The weird and wonderful world of 3D printing
Printers that can create 3D objects have become one of the hottest topics in technology in recent months – ushering in a world of weird and wonderful possibilities that could be manufactured with the push of a button.
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» 14 May 2013
Hyundai develops small welding robot to tackle big jobs
Hyundai Heavy Industries tests out its new miniature robotic welding arm
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» 10 May 2013
NeoLucida brings 19th Century sketching tech into the present
Sketches done with an antique camera lucida (left) and the NeoLucida
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» 08 May 2013
Making solar cells with a kitchen microwave
Researchers at the University of Utah have discovered a method for creating solar cell material using the same microwave found in most kitchens
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» 07 May 2013
The body's "Fountain of Youth" could lie in the brain
The small almond-sized portion of the brain known as the hypothalamus could be the body's 'Fountain of Youth
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» 03 May 2013
Glowing plants and DIY bio succeed on Kickstarter
The Glowing Plants project aims to let you read by plantlight (Image: Shutterstock)
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» 30 Apr 2013
The Middle East in Prophecy
Jerusalem is the most important city in the world. Scripture shows that the region surrounding it—the Middle East—will eventually explode into world war. Do you know what the Bible teaches about the end-time climax of world events in that region? You may be surprised!
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» 29 Apr 2013
Chat app messaging overtakes SMS texts, Informa says
Instant messaging on chat apps, such as WhatsApp, has overtaken the traditional SMS text message for the first time, according to research firm Informa.
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» 23 Apr 2013
The Obama administration takes on Chinese cyberwarfare
Cyberwarfare has become a fact of life for corporations and the government in the United States — mostly from China. China's massive amount of coordinated hacking makes it extraordinarily dangerous, and now the Obama administration is coming out swinging. Trade sanctions and political dealings are obvious options, but the United States isn't shying away from increasing counterintelligence and offensive maneuvering against the communist state.
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» 22 Apr 2013
Does technology hinder or help toddlers' learning?
Children under five years old have an uncanny knack of knowing how to master new technology.
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» 19 Apr 2013
Kepler telescope spies 'most Earth-like' worlds to date
The search for a far-off twin of Earth has turned up two of the most intriguing candidates yet.
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» 18 Apr 2013
Sony Xperia Z – the ultimate HD viewing experience
Movies, games and TV shows have never looked better, with the new Sony Xperia Z
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» 17 Apr 2013
Making your own phone is easier than you might think
SUDDENLY, my phone rings. It chirps out a tinny version of what sounds like the Christmas carol Angels We Have Heard on High. I am giddy with amazement.
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» 27 Aug 2012
The Touch Time's functions can be accessed via the capacitive LCD touch display
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» 27 Aug 2012
World's smallest neutron generator – it's not just for nukes anymore
Three Sandia neutrister neutron generators mounted in a test box under vacuum
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» 24 Aug 2012
Robots compete in their own Olympics games
London may be host to the Olympics and paralympics but Bristol is the place to be if you are a sporty robot.
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» 23 Aug 2012
Sony shuts Wipeout video game studio in Liverpool
Sony has closed one of the UK's oldest video game studios following a review of its operations.
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» 22 Aug 2012
Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel cashes in Facebook shares
Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel, one of Facebook's earliest backers and a director of the company, has cashed in most of his remaining shares in the world's largest social network.
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» 21 Aug 2012
Google failed to comply on paid bloggers order: Alsup demands more
The pursuit of paid bloggers by Judge William Alsup, who presided over the Oracle-Google trial earlier this year, has gone into its second lap.
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» 14 Aug 2012
Mobile customer uncovers premium rate bug
An unexplained charge on a phone bill has led a mobile user to uncover a loophole in the sign-up system for some premium rate services.
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» 13 Aug 2012
Cracks appear in Osborne's plan to boost mobile phone coverage
A £150m project championed by George Osborne that promised to bring full mobile phone coverage to millions of rural inhabitants has run into difficulty...
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» 09 Aug 2012
Oracle and Google are ordered to reveal paid bloggers
Oracle and Google have been ordered to reveal the names of reporters, bloggers and other commentators they have paid.
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» 08 Aug 2012
Facebook first real-cash gambling app launched
A real-money gambling app has been launched on Facebook - the social network's first.
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» 07 Aug 2012
Wikipedia goes down thanks to cut cables
Online encyclopaedia Wikipedia was knocked offline on Monday thanks to two accidentally cut cables near a data centre in Florida.
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» 06 Aug 2012
Amazon says Kindle ebook sales have overtaken print has said that sales of its Kindle ebooks are now outstripping those of printed books.
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» 03 Aug 2012
UK tech start-up scene boosted by new investments
The UK tech start-up scene has been boosted by a flurry of deals in London, Belfast, Milton Keynes and Sheffield.
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» 02 Aug 2012
Software helps print video game characters in 3D
Software that helps turn video game characters into real-life figures using a 3D printer has been developed by Harvard computer scientists.
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» 01 Aug 2012
Digg reboots with added Twitter and Facebook integration
After a six-week sprint, a former pioneer of social news curation, Digg, is re-born.
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» 31 Jul 2012
Ubisoft rush to fix security hole exposed by plug-in
Games maker Ubisoft has been forced to release an emergency patch to fix a security hole discovered in its Uplay application.
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» 30 Jul 2012
UK enforces Pegi video game ratings system
Video game ratings using the Pegi (Pan-European Game Information) system have become legally enforceable in the UK.
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» 27 Jul 2012
TalkTalk launches service it claims will revolutionise pay TV
TalkTalk has pushed the button on its long-awaited television service, promising to revolutionise pay TV...
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» 25 Jul 2012
ISPs split over UK open internet code of practice
Several leading UK internet service providers have refused to sign a code of conduct designed to guarantee "full and open access" to the net.
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» 23 Jul 2012
Chirp app sends smartphone data via digital birdsong
An app that transmits data via a burst of "digital birdsong" aims to simplify the way users share images and other files between smartphones.
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» 20 Jul 2012
Microsoft makes its first ever loss
The computing giant Microsoft has made its first-ever quarterly loss after it wrote off some of the value of its online advertising business.
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» 19 Jul 2012
Microsoft confirms Windows 8's October launch date
Microsoft has revealed that Windows 8 will be released on 26 October.
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» 18 Jul 2012
Texting overtakes talking in UK, says Ofcom study
People in the UK are now more likely to text than to make a phone call, according to new research from Ofcom.
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» 17 Jul 2012
News360 talks news aggregation, iPad relaunch and publisher partnerships
News publishers – this one included – are excited about the potential of smartphone and tablet apps as a new way to make money from subscriptions.
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» 16 Jul 2012
Yahoo investigating exposure of 400,000 passwords
Web giant Yahoo has confirmed it is investigating a breach of its system which may have exposed 450,000 user IDs.
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» 13 Jul 2012
O2 Twitter team demonstrate their social media moves on angry tweeters
O2 was having a nightmare of an evening, and morning, after the failure of its service over Wednesday night affected huge numbers of customers.
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» 12 Jul 2012
Android Jelly Bean roll-outs begin with Nexus devices
Google has started uploading the latest version of its Android system to users' smartphones.
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» 11 Jul 2012
Research In Motion mulls sale of corporate jets
BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) says it may sell one or both of its two corporate jets as part of efforts to transform itself into what chief executive Thorsten Heins calls a "lean, mean hunting machine".
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» 10 Jul 2012
Wakestock music festival first in UK to use microchips
Wristbands fitted with microchips have been worn by everyone at a UK festival for the first time.
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» 09 Jul 2012
Facebook and Yahoo bury the hatchet with wide-ranging alliance
Facebook and Yahoo have agreed to forge a broad internet advertising and licensing partnership, laying to rest their duelling patent lawsuits.
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» 06 Jul 2012
Boot up: App Store malware, Wikipedia's top thousand, Google v Microsoft morgues and more
A quick burst of 12 links for you to chew over, as picked by the Technology team Google I/O fireside chat: how Google is pulling an Apple with Google+ >> ReadWriteWeb
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» 05 Jul 2012
Boot up: the truth about Microsoft, political Google?, Glaser's back! and more
A quick burst of 8 links for you to chew over, as picked by the Technology team
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» 04 Jul 2012
Net body Icann pledges to be more open
The body that oversees the internet's address books has had its contract renewed by the US government.
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» 03 Jul 2012
Microsoft in $6.2bn write-down of aQuantive advertising service
Microsoft could plunge to a quarterly loss after taking a $6.2bn (£3.96bn) charge against its balance sheet by writing down the value of its aQuantive...
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» 02 Jul 2012
Apple pays $60m to settle iPad dispute in China
Apple has paid $60m (£38.2m) to settle a dispute in China over ownership of the iPad name, a court there announced on Monday...
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» 27 Jun 2012
Patent trolls cost other US bodies $29bn last year, says study
The direct cost of actions taken by so-called "patent trolls" totalled $29bn (£18.5bn) in the US in 2011, according to a study by Boston University.
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» 26 Jun 2012
India upgrades world cheapest tablet Aakash
India has unveiled a new version of what it says is the "world's cheapest tablet computer" - the Aakash 2.
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» 25 Jun 2012
Wikipedia founder calls for Richard O'Dwyer extradition to be stopped
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has made a rare political intervention to call on Theresa May to stop the extradition of British student Richard O'Dwyer...
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» 22 Jun 2012
Habbo Hotel to turn back on in phases
Habbo Hotel will be partially relaunched next week, according to Sulake, its parent firm.
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» 21 Jun 2012
US and Israel tied to Flame attack by Washington Post
Accusations the US and Israel jointly created the computer virus Flame have been printed by the Washington Post newspaper.
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» 20 Jun 2012
Sina Weibo starts charging Chinese for premium features
Sina Weibo, China's biggest Twitter-like microblogging platform, has introduced a membership charge for premium features.
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» 19 Jun 2012
Google Maps to feature UK canals and rivers
Google has embarked on a project to map towpaths in the UK, as part of a plan to get more people on to England and Wales's rivers and canals.
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» 18 Jun 2012
Google reveals terrorism video removals
Google has revealed it removed about 640 videos from YouTube that allegedly promoted terrorism over the second half of 2011...
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» 15 Jun 2012
UK data communication bill faces tough criticism
Civil liberty groups and ISPs have voiced concerns over the newly-published draft communications bill.
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» 14 Jun 2012
Icann reveals new internet top-level domain name claims
The full list of submissions for new internet address endings has been published by the global organisation co-ordinating the expansion.
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» 12 Jun 2012
Louise Mensch troll sentenced over threatening email
A man who sent a threatening and highly offensive email to the Conservative MP Louise Mensch has been warned he will be jailed if he gets back in touch with her..
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» 11 Jun 2012
Facebook flotation may have cost UBS $350m
The Swiss investment bank UBS may have lost as much as $350m (£226m) during Facebook's flawed flotation last month, according to reports.
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» 08 Jun 2012
SpaceX value soars after successful mission to dock at ISS
Elon Musk has added another $1.4bn to his fortune after backing the first private company to successfully dock a spacecraft with the International Space Station.
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» 07 Jun 2012
Google unveils new mapping technologies
Google has demonstrated new mapping technologies in an effort to reassert its position as a market leader.
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» 06 Jun 2012
Willow Glass: ultra-thin glass can 'wrap' around devices
A new type of flexible ultra-thin glass has been unveiled by the firm that developed Gorilla Glass, currently used to make screens of many mobile devices.
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» 05 Jun 2012
E3: Playstation gets augmented reality Harry Potter book
Sony has unveiled Wonderbook - an augmented reality product for its Playstation 3 games console.
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» 04 Jun 2012
Google Play: Ice Cream Sandwich over 7% but Gingerbread still dominates
The latest numbers for the access to Google Play - in other words, what the mix of devices that are active and connecting to Google's app market - are in.
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» 01 Jun 2012
Google change will alert Chinese users when search terms are being censored
Google is changing its search service in China so that it will warn users when they are using terms likely to trigger interference from the authorities and suggest ways around the censorship.
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» 31 May 2012
Mark Zuckerberg sees $4bn wiped off fortune in Facebook IPO disaster
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has fallen out of the billionaire big league fewer than two weeks after taking the social network public.
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» 30 May 2012
Peter Carl Fabergé honoured in Google doodle
Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé - best known for creating the famous Fabergé eggs - has had the 166th anniversary of his birth celebrated with a Google doodle.
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» 29 May 2012
Facebook smartphone to be released next year
Social networking giant Facebook is to launch its own smartphone by next year, reports have suggested.
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» 28 May 2012
Cookie law set to come into force
Thousands of UK websites are expected to be in breach of a law that dictates what they can log about visitors.
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» 25 May 2012
Huawei seeks EU help on InterDigital patent fee dispute
China's Huawei has filed a competition complaint against US firm InterDigital with European Union regulators.
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» 24 May 2012
Google funds computer teachers and Raspberry Pis in England
Dozens of teachers specialising in computer science are to work in English schools thanks to a partnership between Google and the charity Teach First.
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» 23 May 2012
Robert Moog 78th birthday celebrated in Google doodle
Google has marked the birthday of music pioneer Robert Moog by creating a 'Doodle' in the form of an interactive electronic synthesiser...
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» 21 May 2012
Olympic torch up for sale on eBay hours after it arrives in UK
It was meant to be a chance for ordinary people across Britain to inspire others with the Olympic spirit.
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» 18 May 2012
Communications green paper delayed while Jeremy Hunt deals with Leveson
The planned publication of a communications green paper has been put on hold until after Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, has given evidence to the Leveson inquiry..
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» 17 May 2012
Facebook IPO: analysts warn investors away as more shares hit the market
Analysts have warned small investors to steer clear of the $100bn Facebook sale after some of the social network's biggest shareholders ramped...
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» 15 May 2012
AMD unveils Trinity chipsets to challenge Ivy Bridge
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has launched its new Trinity processor family boasting "twice the performance per watt" of its earlier Llano chips.
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» 14 May 2012 petition site targets UK campaigners
The popular US-based campaign site is opening a UK branch as part of a global roll-out.
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» 11 May 2012
Microsoft Bing search engines to use Facebook tips
Microsoft is revamping its Bing search engine to include advice from Facebook and other social media platforms.
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» 10 May 2012
Carmageddon seeks Kickstarter cash comeback
Carmageddon, a notorious video game from the late nineties, is attempting to raise crowd-sourced funding to make a return.
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» 09 May 2012
Howard Carter celebrated in Google doodle
The birthday of Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, is celebrated in the latest Google doodle...
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» 08 May 2012
Android and iPhone users fuel fervour for Pebble, a wristwatch that runs apps
In the old Dick Tracy comics, the detective had a wrist TV-cum-mobile he used to talk to his associates.
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» 07 May 2012
Engineers launch artificial earthquakes at hospital
Engineers in California have unleashed high-intensity artificial earthquakes on a five-storey building packed with medical equipment.
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» 04 May 2012
Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone unveiled
Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone - the Galaxy S3.
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» 03 May 2012
Motorola wins Xbox and Windows 7 ban in Germany
Motorola Mobility has been granted an injunction against the distribution of key Microsoft products in Germany.
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» 02 May 2012
Wikipedia founder to help in government research scheme
The government has drafted in the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to help make all taxpayer-funded academic research in Britain available online to anyone who wants to read or use it.
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» 30 Apr 2012
Campaign aims to speed up 4G mobile roll-out in UK
Mobile network Everything Everywhere has taken fresh steps to lobby for 4G data services in the UK.
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» 27 Apr 2012
LulzSec associate claims VMWare source code hack on Chinese company
VMWare, the virtualisation software company, has revealed that a hacker associated with LulzSec calling himself "Hardcore Charlie"..
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» 26 Apr 2012
UK public sector accounts for bulk of data breach fines
The UK's private sector accounted for more than a third of all reported data breaches over 11 months..
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» 25 Apr 2012
Google pair back plan to lasso asteroids and mine them for precious metals
It sounds like the start of a science fiction or disaster movie, or both.
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» 20 Apr 2012
Alan Turing papers on code breaking released by GCHQ
Two 70-year-old papers by Alan Turing on the theory of code breaking have been released by the government's communications headquarters, GCHQ.
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» 19 Apr 2012
For Dummies guide publisher, Wiley, seeks piracy trial
US publisher John Wiley & Sons is demanding a trial by jury of people accused of copying its books.
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» 18 Apr 2012
Google v Oracle: we wanted to take on Android, admits Ellison
Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison has admitted that he wanted to enter into competition with Google's Android software...
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» 17 Apr 2012
Euro MP David Martin dismisses anti-counterfeiting treaty
A controversial anti-piracy agreement should be rejected by the European Parliament, a key Euro MP has said.
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» 16 Apr 2012
China censors tested by microbloggers who keep one step ahead of state media
In the opaque world of Chinese censorship, a few red lines shine through the murk.
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» 13 Apr 2012
Dual-focus contact lens prototypes ordered by Pentagon
The Pentagon has put in an order for prototype contact lenses that give users a much wider field of vision.
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» 12 Apr 2012
Icann internet suffix application deadline looms
Organisations wishing to buy web addresses ending in their brand names have until 00:00 GMT on Thursday to submit applications.
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» 11 Apr 2012
Is Instagram the next YouTube or the next Flickr?
On October 9 2006 Chad Hurley, 29, and Steven Chen, 27, sold a video-sharing website called YouTube to Google for $1.65bn.
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» 10 Apr 2012
Microsoft buys and licenses AOL patents in $1bn deal
Microsoft is buying the majority of AOL's patents in a deal worth $1.06bn (£668m).
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» 09 Apr 2012
Expect more online attacks, Anonymous hackers say
The hacking group Anonymous says it will launch online attacks every weekend, following claims it disrupted access to the Home Office website.
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» 06 Apr 2012
Half a million Mac computers infected with malware
More than half a million Apple computers have been infected with the Flashback Trojan, according to a Russian anti-virus firm.
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» 05 Apr 2012
Car insurance: satellite boxes make young drivers safer
Car insurance based on satellite technology has led to a 20% fall in crashes involving young drivers, according to one of the UK's biggest general insurers.
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» 04 Apr 2012
TomTom sat-nav devices hit by GPS leap year bug
TomTom has blamed a "leap year bug" for a fault causing some of its satellite navigation devices to malfunction.
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» 03 Apr 2012
Email surveillance plans face Lib Dem rebellion
Senior Liberal Democrat MPs are threatening to rebel over the coalition government's plans to extend the powers of the security services to monitor the public's email, telephone calls and social media communications.
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» 30 Mar 2012
Mobile firms bleed billions to fraud and bill errors
Mobile phone firms are losing $58bn (£36bn) a year worldwide to billing errors and fraud, a report says.
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» 29 Mar 2012
History of the web goes offline at LOL gallery
A new gallery exploring the history of the internet is to open at the National Media Museum in Bradford.
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» 28 Mar 2012
iPad 3 refunds for Australian buyers after Apple admits no 4G service
Apple has offered refunds to Australians who bought a new iPad 3 after the maker admitted it does not work on the country's 4G network.
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» 27 Mar 2012
Mies van der Rohe Google doodle
Google's latest doodle pays tribute to one of the pioneers of modern architecture, Mies van der Rohe, who was born 126 years ago on Tuesday.
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» 26 Mar 2012
Avalanche research aids search for tastier ice cream
Avalanche experts are helping to study how ice cream's structure changes when it is stored in a household freezer.
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» 22 Mar 2012
Budget 2012: Super-connected cities and video games tax credits
Chancellor George Osborne has announced which cities will benefit from a £100m pot of Treasury cash aimed at making them "super-connected".
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» 21 Mar 2012
BBC iPlayer now available on Xbox
People can now view the BBC's iPlayer via Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, making the popular on-demand TV service available on all the UK's major gaming platforms.
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» 20 Mar 2012
Free mobile apps drain battery faster
Free mobile apps which use third-party services to display advertising consume considerably more battery life, a new study suggests.
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» 19 Mar 2012
Android app developers criticise Google for late payment
Android app developers have complained about a hold-up in payments from Google.
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» 16 Mar 2012
Innorobo 2012: Is the dream of having a robot companion over?
Say hello to my little friend: Kibo is just under 4ft (1.2m) tall.
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» 15 Mar 2012
Cyber-attack on BBC leads to suspicion of Iran involvement
A "sophisticated cyber-attack" on the BBC has been linked to Iran's efforts to disrupt the BBC Persian Service.
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» 14 Mar 2012
Arm latest processors aim to stretch internet reach
Arm Holdings has unveiled what it describes as the "world's most energy-efficient microprocessor" design.
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» 13 Mar 2012
Homeless hotspots plan causes controversy for BBH ad agency
An "experiment" which involved using homeless people as mobile wi-fi hotspots has attracted criticism, forcing the advertising agency behind it to defend itself.
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» 09 Mar 2012
Hotfile digital locker service targeted by Hollywood
Hollywood is calling on the US courts to force Hotfile, the popular file-sharing site, offline following similar action against Megaupload.
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» 08 Mar 2012
The new iPad: no Apple TV revolution yet but it on the way
Wednesday's iPad3 launch had a wider purpose than introducing an upgraded tablet.
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» 07 Mar 2012
Know your Anonymous from your LulzSec
Anonymous is a group of online "hacktivists" – individuals from around the world who engage in hacking attacks..
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» 06 Mar 2012
Megaupload founder extradition papers filed by US
A formal request for the extradition of Megaupload's founder has been filed in New Zealand by the US government.
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» 05 Mar 2012
Michael Jackson back catalogue allegedly stolen by hackers
Michael Jackson's back catalogue has allegedly been stolen from Sony Music by hackers, it has emerged.
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» 02 Mar 2012
Mobile carriers face a future without text messaging as data apps take over
Just past the security gate for the world's largest mobile phone trade show in Barcelona, executives of big mobile carriers...
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» 01 Mar 2012
The Raspberry Pi computer goes on general sale
A credit-card sized computer designed to help teach children to code has gone on sale for the first time.
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» 29 Feb 2012
Google fails to meet EU rules on new privacy policy
Google's new privacy policy may violate the European Union's data protection laws, according to the French data regulator.
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» 28 Feb 2012
Apple deception alleged in Proview iPad trademark row
Asian electronics firm Proview has accused Apple of "deception" in the way it acquired rights to the iPad name.
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» 27 Feb 2012
Oxfam Shelflife links goods with past using QR Codes
Oxfam is trying out a mobile phone scheme called Shelflife that lets customers find out the stories behind second-hand goods it sells.
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» 24 Feb 2012
Apple iPad sale ban case suspended for now in Shanghai
Apple can for now continue to sell the iPad tablet in Shanghai after a court ruling over naming rights was suspended on Thursday.
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» 23 Feb 2012
Third of UK postcodes have slow broadband speeds
A third of homes in the UK have broadband speeds well below the national average, according to research from price comparison site uSwitch.
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» 22 Feb 2012
Blackberry-maker RIM releases late Playbook OS upgrade
After delays of almost a year, an upgraded operating system for the Blackberry Playbook tablet has been released.
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» 17 Feb 2012
European Court of Justice blocks net-filtering bid
A social network cannot be required to install an anti-piracy filtering system, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.
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» 16 Feb 2012
Cisco to challenge Microsoft Skype deal at EU court
Cisco has said it will challenge Microsoft's $8.5bn (£5.4bn) takeover of Skype at the EU's top court.
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» 15 Feb 2012
Apple iPad China sales and shipments threat in name row
A Chinese company is to ask customs officials to block shipments of Apple's iPad both into and out of the country.
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» 14 Feb 2012
Apple factories to face independent inspections
The working conditions in factories which produce Apple products are to be inspected, the computing giant has announced.
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» 13 Feb 2012
Acta protests: Thousands take to streets across Europe
Thousands of people have taken part in co-ordinated protests across Europe in opposition to a controversial anti-piracy agreement.
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» 10 Feb 2012
Ofcom targets phone and broadband switching slammers
Landline phone and internet providers which switch customers to their service without their consent - a process known as "slamming" - are being targeted by Ofcom.
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» 09 Feb 2012
Cisco sees profits rise over 43%
Technology giant Cisco, saw a 43.5% rise in net profits to $2.2bn (£1.3bn) for the three months to 28 January 2012, compared with the same period in 2011.
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» 08 Feb 2012
Symantec code theft: Hackers attempted extortion
Hackers tried to extort money in exchange for keeping source code private, security firm Symantec has said.
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» 06 Feb 2012
Summer fashion 2012 will be in glorious techno colour
It is as reliable as the appearance of the first crocuses: every spring, fashion embraces colour.
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» 03 Feb 2012
Hackers outwit online banking identity security systems
Criminal hackers have found a way round the latest generation of online banking security devices given out by banks, the BBC has learned.
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» 02 Feb 2012
New York prosecutors ask Twitter to reveal Occupy Wall Street man tweets
Prosecutors have subpoenaed the Twitter records of an Occupy Wall Street protester who was arrested in October during a mass protest on the Brooklyn Bridge.
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» 31 Jan 2012
Israel tops cyber-readiness poll but China lags behind
Israel, Finland and Sweden are seen as leading the way in "cyber-readiness", according to a major new security report.
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» 30 Jan 2012
Facebook to go public with $10bn share offering
Facebook will begin the process of becoming a publicly-listed company this week, valuing the social networking site at between $75bn (£48bn) and $100bn, reports suggest.
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» 27 Jan 2012
Twitter able to censor tweets in individual countries
Twitter has refined its technology so it can censor messages on a country-by-country basis.
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» 26 Jan 2012
O2 apology for disclosing mobile phone numbers online
O2 has apologised for a technical problem which caused users' phone numbers to be disclosed when using its mobile data.
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» 25 Jan 2012
Proposed EU data rules a tax on business say critics
Businesses have expressed concern about proposed EU data protection rules which include a "right to be forgotten".
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» 24 Jan 2012
Storage sites unnerved by Megaupload action
The arrest of Megaupload's founders has led to other file storage sites taking action in an apparent attempt to protect themselves from legal action.
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» 20 Jan 2012
Microsoft Windows division suffers 6% drop in revenues
Microsoft has suffered a 6% decline in revenues at its Windows division, as competition from smartphones and tablet computers...
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» 19 Jan 2012
Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang resigns from its board
Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo!, has resigned from its board.
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» 18 Jan 2012
Wikipedia joins blackout in protest at US privacy moves
Wikipedia has taken its English-language site offline as part of protests against proposed anti-piracy laws in the US.
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» 17 Jan 2012
Rupert Murdoch Sopa attack rebuffed by Google
Google has hit back at Rupert Murdoch after he branded the search giant a "piracy leader".
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» 16 Jan 2012
Rupert Murdoch squares off with Obama over online piracy legislation
The gathering storm over online piracy legislation being debated in the US Congress has sucked two more heavy hitters into the fray...
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» 13 Jan 2012
Ofcom boosts 4G coverage plan in rural not-spots
Ofcom has revised proposals for its fourth-generation mobile spectrum auction, adding measures that could bring coverage to 98% of the UK.
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» 12 Jan 2012
Virgin Media to double the speed of customer broadband
Virgin Media will double the speed of its broadband service for more than four million of its customers, the company has said.
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» 11 Jan 2012
RadioPlayer teams up with Audioboo to offer listen-again service
The pan-industry internet radio service RadioPlayer has joined forces with Audioboo to offer an instant listen-again service for its 300-plus stations.
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» 10 Jan 2012
Samsung future-proof voice-controlled television
A "smart" internet-connected television that has the ability to have its hardware upgraded every year has been unveiled by Samsung.
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» 09 Jan 2012
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes coding course
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has resolved to take an online computer coding course.
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» 06 Jan 2012
Worm steals 45,000 Facebook passwords, researchers say
A computer worm has stolen 45,000 login credentials from Facebook, security experts have warned.
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» 29 Dec 2011
Train-switching technology poses hacking threat
A shift to a mobile communications technology could expose rail networks to hackers, according to a security expert.
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» 28 Dec 2011
China GPS rival Beidou starts offering navigation data
China's satellite navigation system has become operational, according to an official.
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» 27 Dec 2011
Hackers hit US security company
Activist hacker group Anonymous says it has stolen thousands of emails, passwords and credit card details from US-based security firm Stratfor.
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» 23 Dec 2011
Gardens of Time beats Cityville in Facebook games list
Facebook has named Playdom's Gardens of Time as the most popular game on its social network in 2011.
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» 22 Dec 2011
Irish privacy watchdog calls for Facebook changes
The Irish data protection commissioner has recommended widespread changes to improve privacy on Facebook.
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» 21 Dec 2011
TalkTalk most complained about ISP, Ofcom finds
TalkTalk remains the most complained about UK internet service provider, according to regulator Ofcom.
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» 20 Dec 2011
Old republic Star Wars video game prepares to launch
Budding Jedi masters and Sith lords will soon have somewhere else to hone their lightsaber skills.
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» 19 Dec 2011
Internet Explorer: Microsoft plans silent updates
From January, Internet Explorer (IE) users will be automatically updated to the latest version of the browser.
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» 16 Dec 2011
Driverless car: Google awarded US patent for technology
A US patent for self-driving cars has been awarded to Google.
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» 15 Dec 2011
Will Android apps be worth the effort for developers in 2012?
Why are so many notable apps still only available for iPhone (and iPad) rather than Android? It's a state of affairs that has sparked controversy on our daily Apps Rush posts due to the fact that on some days, the roundup of new apps is iOS-heavy.
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» 14 Dec 2011
UK is Europe most digitally aware nation, Ofcom study finds
The UK is officially Europe's most screen-addicted nation: Britons spend more time online, own more smartphones and digital video recorders and watch more television over the internet than any country on the Continent.
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» 13 Dec 2011
Skyrim wins Spike VGA awards despite PlayStation glitch
The fantasy role-playing game, Skyrim, has won the top prize at the prestigious Spike Video Game Awards.
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» 12 Dec 2011
Motorola wins Apple wireless patent fight in Germany
A German court has ruled in Motorola Mobility's favour in a patents dispute with Apple.
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» 08 Dec 2011
Facebook bug sees Zuckerberg pictures posted online
A series of private pictures of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have been posted online by "hackers" to highlight a bug in the social network.
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» 07 Dec 2011
Twitter top 2011 hashtags: #egypt and #tigerblood
The most popular hashtags of 2011 have been revealed, illustrating how Twitter spans diverse topics from politics to celebrity gossip.
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» 06 Dec 2011
Silicon rival MoS2 promises small, low-energy chips
The first computer chip made out of a substance described as a "promising" alternative to silicon has been tested by researchers.
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» 02 Dec 2011
GCHQ challenges codebreakers via social networks
UK intelligence agency GCHQ has launched a code-cracking competition to help attract new talent.
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» 30 Nov 2011
United Nations agency hacking attack investigated
A group of hackers has posted more than 100 email addresses and login details which it claimed to have extracted from the United Nations.
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» 25 Nov 2011
Black Friday iTunes infected credit malware alert
Criminals are targeting internet users with a new gift certificate scam, according to security experts.
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» 24 Nov 2011
HTC shares plunge after revenue forecast cut
Shares of smartphone maker HTC have fallen by 7%, the maximum allowed in one day, after the company cut its growth forecast.
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» 23 Nov 2011
Secret net Tor asks users to sign up to cloud services
People involved in a project to maintain a secret layer of the internet have turned to Amazon to add bandwidth to the service.
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» 22 Nov 2011
Hackers hit US water treatment systems
Hackers are alleged to have destroyed a pump used to pipe water to thousands of homes in a US city in Illinois.
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» 21 Nov 2011
World lightest material unveiled by US engineers
A team of engineers claims to have created the world's lightest material.
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» 18 Nov 2011
Associated Press reporters told off for tweeting
Associated Press has reprimanded some of its journalists for breaking news on Twitter before posting it on the wires.
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» 17 Nov 2011
Google unveils Android-based online music store
Google has launched an online music store in the US, which will allow devices running its Android software to buy, store and stream MP3 files.
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» 16 Nov 2011
Computer maker Dell warns Thai floods will hurt revenues
Dell has warned its revenues could be hit by a worldwide shortage of hard drives caused by the flooding in Thailand.
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» 15 Nov 2011
Warren Buffett buys IBM stake with $10.7bn investment
Warren Buffett - one of the world's most closely watched investors - has disclosed building a 5.4% stake in IBM.
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» 14 Nov 2011
Facebook to seek consent for privacy changes
Privacy campaigners have welcomed a report that Facebook is to ask users to opt into any changes in the way it uses their personal information.
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» 11 Nov 2011
World of Warcraft suffers subscriber slump
Almost a million people have stopped paying for World of Warcraft in the last three months.
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» 10 Nov 2011
ARM new GPU chip design aims to boost mobile graphics
British computer chip designer ARM has unveiled its latest graphics processing unit (GPU) for mobile devices.
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» 08 Nov 2011
Giant asteroid to pass near Earth
An asteroid that is 400m (1,300ft) wide will pass by the Earth on Tuesday, closer to it even than the Moon.
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» 07 Nov 2011
Smartphone scams: Owners warned over malware apps
Rik Ferguson, an "ethical hacker" and expert on smartphone security, demonstrates how easy it is for criminals to create trojan apps
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» 04 Nov 2011
US: Russia, China top cyberspies
China and Russia are the most active perpetrators of economic cyber-espionage against US companies, a US intelligence report says.
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» 03 Nov 2011
Asus Eee Pad Transformer is Stuffs gadget of the year
A hybrid laptop-tablet computer is the unexpected winner of Stuff magazine's gadget of the year award.
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» 31 Oct 2011
GCHQ chief reports disturbing cyber attacks on UK
The UK has been subject to a "disturbing" number of cyber attacks, the director of communications intelligence agency GCHQ has said.
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» 28 Oct 2011
Sony buys the rest of mobile phone firm Sony Ericsson
Japanese technology giant Sony has bought full control of mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson from Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson.
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» 27 Oct 2011
Nokia bets on Windows Phone future
Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has launched two new smartphones based on Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7.5 operating system.
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» 25 Oct 2011
Video rental firm Netflix loses customers over prices
The US video rental firm Netflix has lost subscribers in the third quarter of 2011, as it reels from a customer backlash over price increases.
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» 24 Oct 2011
German Rosat spacecraft makes uncontrolled re-entry
A big German spacecraft has made an uncontrolled fall from the sky.
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» 20 Oct 2011
Websites should carry libel risk for anonymous posts
Websites should have protection from defamation cases if they act quickly to remove anonymous postings which prompt a complaint, a report says.
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» 19 Oct 2011
Apple full-year profits rise 85%
The world's biggest technology company Apple has reported full year results, showing net profit for the year to 25 September at $25.9bn
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» 18 Oct 2011
Taiwan HTC loses Apple patent infringement case in US
Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has been dealt a big blow in its legal battle with Apple involving patent infringement claims.
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» 17 Oct 2011
Samsung seeks iPhone4S sales ban in Australia and Japan
Samsung electronics has raised the stakes in its current legal battle with Apple by seeking a ban on sales of iPhone4S in Australia and Japan.
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» 14 Oct 2011
Analogue TV signals to end in October 2012
UK analogue TV signals will end on 24 October 2012, Digital UK has said.
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» 13 Oct 2011
Blackberry problems spread to US
Problems with the Blackberry smartphone system appear have to spread to the United States.
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» 12 Oct 2011
Users find bugs in Facebook app for iPad
Just hours after Facebook's release of its long-awaited iPad app, users have started reporting minor bugs.
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» 11 Oct 2011
RIM claims all services restored for Blackberry users
After a 20 hour blackout, Blackberry services across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been restored.
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» 10 Oct 2011
Samsung delay is Jobs tribute
Samsung has postponed the launch of its Nexus Prime smartphone as a mark of respect to Steve Jobs.
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» 07 Oct 2011
Tributes flood in for Steve Jobs
World and business leaders have paid tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who has died at 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.
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» 06 Oct 2011
BT turns up broadband speed dial
BT is to launch a fibre optic service that will deliver speeds of up to 300Mbps (megabits per second)
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» 04 Oct 2011
Hewlett-Packard completes Autonomy buyout
Hewlett-Packard has completed the $12bn (£7.8bn) buyout of UK software firm Autonomy
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» 03 Oct 2011
Smart cities get their own operating system
Cities could soon be looking after their citizens all by themselves thanks to an operating system designed for the metropolis.
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» 30 Sep 2011
Amazon $199 Fire sparks supply, margin questions
The rock-bottom price of the new Kindle Fire tablet computer is raising questions about Inc's ability to keep up with demand
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» 29 Sep 2011
Amazon Kindle Fire to enter tablet computer market
Amazon has unveiled a colour tablet computer called the Kindle Fire.
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» 28 Sep 2011
Scottish government calls for .scot internet domain
The Scottish government has sought fresh backing for the creation of an internet domain for Scotland.
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» 27 Sep 2011
Google helps put Dead Sea Scrolls online
Ultra-high resolution images of several Dead Sea Scrolls are now available on the web
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» 26 Sep 2011
Apple sued by Via over chips in gadgets
Taiwanese chip designer Via is suing Apple claiming the US firm has infringed patents it owns.
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» 23 Sep 2011
Facebook focuses on media sharing and adds timeline
Facebook has outlined plans to encourage users to share more of the media they consume - including music and movies
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» 22 Sep 2011
Urbee 3D printed car goes on display in Canada
An environmentally friendly car, partly made using 3D printing technology, has gone on show in Canada.
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» 21 Sep 2011
Google+ opens social network to everyone
Google+ is being opened up for anyone to join after two-and-a-half months in closed testing.
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» 20 Sep 2011
Laser beam kicks molecules to detect roadside bombs
A laser beam that makes molecules vibrate could help detect improvised explosive devises, say scientists.
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» 19 Sep 2011
Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer
Artificial blood vessels made on a 3D printer may soon be used for transplants of lab-created organs.
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» 16 Sep 2011
Blackberry maker RIM profits fall sharply
Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has seen its second-quarter profits more than halve
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» 15 Sep 2011
Jeremy Hunt urges web firms to join anti-piracy drive
UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has delivered a hard-hitting speech, calling on net firms, advertisers and credit card companies to cut ties with websites that link to unlawful content
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» 14 Sep 2011
Microsoft unveils its new Windows 8 operating system
Microsoft has taken the wraps off the next generation of its Windows operating system.
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» 13 Sep 2011
Twitter boss unveils records user numbers for the site
Twitter has announced it now has more than 100 million active users.
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» 12 Sep 2011
The Schleswig-Holstein Question
Facebook has agreed to work with the German government to develop a code of conduct governing privacy on social networking sites
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» 09 Sep 2011
Microsoft online services hit by major failure
Millions of Microsoft users were left unable to access some online services
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» 08 Sep 2011
Taiwan HTC sues Apple after Google sells tech patents
Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has fired a fresh salvo in its ongoing war with Apple
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» 07 Sep 2011
Online firm Yahoo fires CEO Bartz
Yahoo's chief executive Carol Bartz has been fired by the internet company
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» 06 Sep 2011
Turkish net hijack hits big name websites
Visitors to the websites of Vodafone, the Daily Telegraph, UPS and four others were re-directed to a site set up by Turkish hackers
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» 05 Sep 2011
Samsung pulls tablet PC from trade show amid row
South Korea's Samsung Electronics said Monday it has withdrawn its new tablet computer from a major electronics fair in Berlin
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» 01 Sep 2011
Mobile internet use nearing 50%
Almost half of UK internet users are going online via mobile phone data connections
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» 30 Aug 2011
Google boss knew about unlicensed pharmacy adverts
Google's chief executive Larry Page knew that adverts for unlicensed Canadian pharmacies were running on its US site
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» 29 Aug 2011
Google Eric Schmidt criticises education in the UK
Google chairman Eric Schmidt has said education in Britain is holding back the country's chances of success
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» 25 Aug 2011
Apple boss Steve Jobs to be replaced by Tim Cook
Apple founder Steve Jobs has resigned as chief executive of the technology giant
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» 24 Aug 2011
3G mobile data network crowd-sourcing survey by BBC News
Despite operator claims of 90% or more 3G coverage, there are still many notspots, including in major towns and cities
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» 23 Aug 2011
Libya starts to reconnect to internet
Libya's internet connections appear to be slowly coming back online after a six-month blackout.
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» 22 Aug 2011
Supercar maker Ferrari says no to making electric cars
The chairman of Ferrari says he does not believe in electric cars
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» 19 Aug 2011
IBM produces first brain chips
IBM has developed a microprocessor which it claims comes closer than ever to replicating the human brain.
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» 18 Aug 2011
Virtual touch helps keyhole surgeons to feel tumours
Tactile feedback technology could give keyhole surgeons a virtual sense of "feeling" tumours while operating.
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» 17 Aug 2011
Rural broadband funding ready for England and Scotland
Rural areas in England and Scotland have been allocated nearly £363m to improve their broadband connections
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» 16 Aug 2011
Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn
Internet giant Google has announced a deal to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn (£7.7bn).
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» 15 Aug 2011
Chinese authorities find 22 fake Apple stores
A total of 22 fake Apple stores have been uncovered in one Chinese city.
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» 12 Aug 2011
England riots: Government mulls social media controls
The government is exploring whether to turn off social networks or stop people texting during times of social unrest.
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» 11 Aug 2011
England riots: Hackers hit Blackberry over police help
A hacker group has attacked Blackberry's website after the company said it would assist police investigating riots in the UK.
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» 09 Aug 2011
Child finds flaws in mobile games
A novel class of security problems have been found lurking in many mobile games by a ten-year old hacker.
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» 08 Aug 2011
US man charged over Facebook spam turns himself in
A US man charged with sending more than 27 million spam messages to Facebook users has turned himself in.
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» 05 Aug 2011
Fingerprint breakthrough offers new forensic evidence
A technology to extract fingerprints from a crime scene could show if a criminal suspect has taken drugs or been in contact with explosives
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» 04 Aug 2011
Third of adults use smartphone says Ofcom report
One in three adults in the UK now uses a smartphone, according to a report by the telecoms regulator Ofcom.
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» 03 Aug 2011
Colombia markets its .co domain as internet opens up
Colombia's newest major export does not require intensive labour.
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» 02 Aug 2011
Foxconn to boost use of robot machines in manufacturing
Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn, which assembles products for firms including Apple
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» 01 Aug 2011
LulzSec: Shetland teen charged over computer hacking claims
A man from the Shetland Islands has been charged with computer offences by police investigating hacking attacks
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» 29 Jul 2011
Virtual people to get ID checks
The faces and behaviour of online avatars could help identify the people controlling them, scientists believe.
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» 27 Jul 2011
ISPs still mislead on broadband
Broadband speeds in the UK now average 6.8Mbps
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» 26 Jul 2011
Hackers hit Italian cyber-police
Hackers have started to release gigabytes of secret documents stolen from an Italian cybercrime unit.
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» 25 Jul 2011
Sony insurer seeks PlayStation Network hack opt-out
Sony faces a court battle over how it will pay for legal claims made in the wake of a massive data breach.
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» 22 Jul 2011
Microsoft revenues hit a record as Xbox sales soar
The US technology giant Microsoft said its annual revenues hit a record of $69.94bn (£43.4bn)
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» 21 Jul 2011
Apple goes download only for Lion
Apple has launched the latest version of its Mac operating system - OS X Lion - through its online app store.
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» 20 Jul 2011
Apple makes record profit as iPhone and iPad sales leap
Apple's latest profits soared past expectations as sales of its best-known iPhone and iPad products more than doubled.
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» 19 Jul 2011
Lulz Security hackers target Sun website
A group of computer hackers has tampered with the website of News International-owned The Sun's website.
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» 18 Jul 2011
Internet memory effects quantified in computer study
Computers and the internet are changing the nature of our memory, research in the journal Science suggests.
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» 15 Jul 2011
Mobile pinging claim raises legal questions
A former News of the World journalist's allegation the newspaper paid police to track mobile phones raises serious questions
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» 14 Jul 2011
Forward poetry prize shortlist announced
Britain's Sean O'Brien is among those shortlisted for this year's Forward Prize for Poetry,
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» 14 Jul 2011
Spelling mistakes cost millions in lost online sales
An online entrepreneur says that poor spelling is costing the UK millions of pounds..
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» 13 Jul 2011
Anonymous hackers attack US defence group
Hacker group Anonymous has released a cache of data it claims to have stolen from US defence consultant Booz Allen Hamilton.
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» 12 Jul 2011
Secret Service raids Apple store webcam artist
The US Secret Service has raided the home of an artist who collected images from webcams in a New York Apple store.
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» 11 Jul 2011
Wales first solar park powers up in Pembrokeshire
The first solar park in Wales is expected to start converting sunlight into electricity later at the Rhosygilwen estate in Pembrokeshire.
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» 08 Jul 2011
Facebook adds Skype video chat feature
Facebook has announced a partnership with Skype to add video chat to the social networking site.
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» 07 Jul 2011
Weather looks worse for shuttle Atlantis
Weather remains the primary concern ahead of Friday's planned launch of the last shuttle mission.
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» 06 Jul 2011
Huffington Post launches UK edition
The US blog-led news site The Huffington Post is launching its UK edition on Wednesday.
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» 05 Jul 2011
Fox News hacker tweets Obama dead
Hackers have taken over a Twitter account belonging to US broadcaster Fox News and declared President Obama dead.
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» 04 Jul 2011
Rare earth find helps Japan tech
Japanese researchers say they have discovered vast deposits of rare earth minerals
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» 01 Jul 2011
Cost of Euro mobile roaming falls
The cost of making and receiving mobile phone calls while travelling in Europe has come down again.
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» 30 Jun 2011
MySpace sold to Specific Media by Murdoch's News Corp
News Corporation has sold its ailing social networking site MySpace to online advertising firm Specific Media.
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» 29 Jun 2011
Google+ challenges Facebook in social network battle
Online search giant Google has launched a new social networking website in its latest attempt to take on Facebook
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» 28 Jun 2011
Film-makers seek injunction to block pirate site
Film-makers are going to court in a bid to block access to a site that hosts pirated versions of popular movies.
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» 27 Jun 2011
LulzSec hacking group announces end to cyber attacks
A hacker group that has attacked several high-profile websites over the last two months has announced that it is disbanding.
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» 24 Jun 2011
Google facing US antitrust probe - reports
US federal regulators are preparing to issue court orders to Google and other companies
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» 23 Jun 2011
Teenager charged over alleged website attacks
A 19-year-old Essex man has been charged with five computer offences
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» 22 Jun 2011
Bitcoin will recover from crash
The virtual currency Bitcoin will "bounce back" after a hack attack caused its value to collapse, according to one of its senior developers.
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» 20 Jun 2011
The iPad is the tablet market, for now
Confusion continues to be the rule rather than the exception for the Android tablet buying experience at stores in the U.S
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» 16 Jun 2011
Hewlett Packard sues Oracle over Itanium chip dispute
Hewlett Packard (HP) is suing Oracle over a chip dispute in the latest clash between the two former allies.
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» 15 Jun 2011
Facebook denies losing users
Facebook has denied that it is losing customers, saying it is "pleased" with growth.
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» 14 Jun 2011
Facebook juror faces possible jail
A juror who allegedly contacted a defendant via Facebook faces contempt of court action in a UK legal first.
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» 13 Jun 2011
Spain arrests Anonymous suspects
Three suspected members of the Anonymous hacking group have been arrested in Spain.
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» 10 Jun 2011
Sony offers successor to PSP and hacking apology
Sony has taken the wraps off its long awaited update to the PlayStation Portable.
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» 09 Jun 2011
Facebook sorry over face tagging launch
Facebook has apologised for the way it rolled-out a new system that recognises users' faces.
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» 08 Jun 2011
Wimbledon finals to be first 3D
The BBC will broadcast the men's and women's singles finals at this year's Wimbledon Championships live in 3D.
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» 07 Jun 2011
Apple boss Steve Jobs shows off iCloud service
Apple has unveiled its much-anticipated iCloud service at its annual developers' conference.
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» 06 Jun 2011
China: Teenager Sells Kidneys For Ipad 2
A teenager in China has sold one of his kidneys in order to buy an iPad 2, Chinese media report.
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» 03 Jun 2011
Mobile signals to interfere with digital TV
Interference from future mobile signals might make digital TV unwatchable for some Britons, Ofcom has said.
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» 02 Jun 2011
Cisco predicts internet device boom
The number of internet connected devices is set to explode in the next four years to over 15 billion - twice the world's population by 2015.
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» 01 Jun 2011
UK beefs up cyber warfare plans
Cyber' soldiers will be put alongside conventional troops as the government puts cyber attacks on an equal footing with other conflicts.
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» 30 May 2011
US defence firm Lockheed Martin hit by cyber-attack
US defence firm Lockheed Martin says it has come under a significant cyber-attack, which took place last week.
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» 26 May 2011
O2 comes top in broadband study
Mobile broadband provided by O2 loads webpages quicker than any other UK network, research by Ofcom has found.
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» 25 May 2011
Robots develop language to 'talk' to each other
Robots are developing their own language to help them navigate and improve their intellectual ability.
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» 24 May 2011
Courts could target Twitter UK
Twitter's decision to open a UK office could leave it more vulnerable to prosecution over what its users write.
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» 23 May 2011
Zuckerberg: Kids under 13 should be allowed on Facebook
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be a college drop-out, but the billionaire 27-year-old is passionate about education reform.
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» 20 May 2011
Fake security software catches out Apple owners
A fake security program for Apple computers called MACDefender has racked up a significant number of victims.
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» 19 May 2011
Google chairman Schmidt promises privacy controls
Google chairman Eric Schmidt has promised that the firm will simplify the process by which Android phone users agree to share their data.
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» 18 May 2011
Hargreaves review gives copyright law digital makeover
A review of the UK's copyright laws offers reforms but not the radical overhaul demanded by some.
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» 17 May 2011
Nokia kills off Ovi mobile brand
Nokia is to stop using the Ovi brand to sell music, games and mobile apps.
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» 16 May 2011
Limewire pays $105m settlement to music firms
File-sharing software company Limewire has reached an out of court settlement with record labels that sued it for helping people pirate music.
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» 13 May 2011
Facebook exposed in Google smear campaign
It has been revealed that Facebook embarked on a smear campaign against rival Google.
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» 12 May 2011
Facebook profile access leaked claims Symantec
Access to hundreds of thousands of Facebook accounts may have accidentally been leaked because of a flaw in some applications.
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» 11 May 2011
Microsoft confirms takeover of Skype
Microsoft has confirmed that it has agreed to buy internet phone service Skype..
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» 09 May 2011
TalkTalk offers centralised website blocking
Internet provider TalkTalk is to give customers the option of filtering malicious or offensive material out of their broadband service.
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» 06 May 2011
Apple acts on iPhone tracking bug
Apple has released a software update after complaints that iPhones and iPads were secretly recording locations.
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» 05 May 2011
PlayStation hack: Sony faces more political pressure
In his second letter to Sony concerning the incident, Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, criticised delays in how it informed customers.
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» 02 May 2011
Bin Laden raid was revealed on Twitter
The raid that killed Osama Bin Laden was revealed first on Twitter..
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» 29 Apr 2011
Will the royal wedding break the Internet?
When Kate Middleton and Prince William kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Friday afternoon, all bloody hell could break loose online.
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» 28 Apr 2011
Apple not tracking iPhone users
Apple has denied that its iPhones and 3G iPads have been secretly recording their owners' movements.
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» 27 Apr 2011
Nokia to shed 7,000 staff as part of reorganisation
Mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has announced it will shed 7,000 jobs as part of a plan to refocus the company..
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» 26 Apr 2011
Tech upstarts reveal the flaws in healthcare IT
A premature baby receives treatment in the high-tech neonatology ward of the Centre Hospitalier de Villefrance Sur Saone ..
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» 25 Apr 2011
Playstation Network suspended over external intrusion
Millions of gamers are unable to play online as the Playstation Network remains unavailable.
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» 22 Apr 2011
Amazon failure knocks websites offline
Major websites including Foursquare have been knocked offline by a fault at Amazon's cloud computing service.
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» 21 Apr 2011
Apple profits nearly double as iPhone sales soar
Intel's figures, released on Wednesday, were also well above hopes and helped share prices to a three-year high.
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» 20 Apr 2011
Nasa awards £170m for construction of privately chartered space 'taxis'
Commercial space travel came a step closer today after Nasa handed out nearly £170million ($270million) to companies hoping to build spaceships that are up to the job.
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» 19 Apr 2011
Apple sues Samsung for copying iPhones and iPad
Apple is suing its rival Samsung Electronics for allegedly copying the design of its iPad and iPhone.
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» 18 Apr 2011
Stephen Fry prison pledge over Twitter joke trial
Comedian Stephen Fry has said he is "prepared to go to prison" over the "Twitter joke" trial.
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» 15 Apr 2011
Google sees a sharp rise in first-quarter earnings
Internet giant Google has reported a sharp rise in first-quarter earnings, the first figures with co-founder Larry Page back at the helm as boss.
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» 14 Apr 2011
Fujitsu offers UK fast rural broadband network
Tottenham's hopes of performing a Champions League miracle came to an inevitable conclusion as Real Madrid rounded off an emphatic quarter-final triumph..
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» 13 Apr 2011
Cisco shuts down Flip video camera business
Cisco Systems has said it is shutting down its Flip video camera business..
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» 12 Apr 2011
Public sector will save money' by using iPhone
Many more council workers, NHS staff and teachers could soon wield expensive iPhones after GCHQ released guidance on how to use the Apple device securely.
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» 11 Apr 2011
Intel, on the Outside, Takes Aim at Smartphones
With an “Intel Inside” sticker affixed to their PCs, computer buyers in the 1990s could hardly avoid knowing whose microchip was making their machines work.
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» 08 Apr 2011
Government Twitter Tsar to be on £142,000 salary
The Government is to hire a Twitter Tsar on an annual salary of £142,000..
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» 07 Apr 2011
Net giants challenge French data law
Google and Facebook are among a group of net heavyweights taking the French government to court this week.
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» 06 Apr 2011
Twitter predicts future of stocks
Twitter may not yet have found a way to make money for itself but it is doing a good job of generating cash for its users
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» 05 Apr 2011
Criminals target mobile devices and social networks
Smartphones and social networking sites are likely to become the next big target for cyber criminals..
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» 01 Apr 2011
Sites hit in massive web attack
Hundreds of thousands of websites appear to have been compromised by a massive cyber attack.
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» 31 Mar 2011
Google to build profiles of Gmail users for advertisers
Google is to begin building up profiles of Gmail users based on the contents of their emails..
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» 30 Mar 2011
Co-founder back at Twitter's helm
Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder, is returning to the company in a full-time position, which sees him take over product development from fellow co-founder Evan Williams.
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» 29 Mar 2011
Nintendo 3DS Launches in the U.S.
With a new handheld gaming system, Nintendo aims to once again revolutionize the high-tech world of entertainment. But does it succeed?
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» 28 Mar 2011
Technology census shows most Britons use web to find deals
The most popular web activity in the UK is searching for discounts and deals on products, according to a ‘technology census’.
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» 25 Mar 2011
Yahoo search revamped, gets Search Direc
Yahoo Inc unveiled a revamped Internet search service that showcases information from movie listings to weather forecasts as users type in a query.
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» 24 Mar 2011
Millions download latest Firefox browser
More than five million people have downloaded the latest version of Firefox since its release a day ago.
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» 23 Mar 2011
Apple iPad 2 will cost less than iPad 1 in the UK
The iPad 2 will go on sale in the UK on Friday for less than the launch price of its predecessor, Apple has confirmed.
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» 22 Mar 2011
Ofcom launches next-generation 4G consultation
The telecoms regulator has launched a consultation on how best to sell off the rights to the next generation of mobile wireless networks.
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» 21 Mar 2011
Filter alone can't ensure internet safety
CYBER safety will not be delivered by an internet filter alone..
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» 18 Mar 2011
Twitter boss on application snub
Twitter founder Biz Stone has rejected suggestions that the site is shunning developers in order to make money.
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» 17 Mar 2011
Social networks beat entertainment sites as most popular UK online activity
During January 2011 social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, collectively registered 2.4 billion UK internet visits
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» 16 Mar 2011
Google buys Parrot Pictures to improve YouTube quality
Google has bought Irish company Green Parrot Pictures in a bid to improve the quality of video uploaded to YouTube.
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» 15 Mar 2011
Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9
Microsoft has launched its new web browser, Internet Explorer 9.
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» 14 Mar 2011
Flood warning app for iPhone users
The Environment Agency has released an iPhone app that will issue emergency flood warnings to users on the move.
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» 11 Mar 2011
Apple iOS4.3 mobile operating system released early
pple has released its new operating system, iOS 4.3
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» 10 Mar 2011
Android more profitable than iOS for app developer
Top games developer reports that Android is more lucrative platform than Apple’s iOS..
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» 09 Mar 2011
Microsoft in $1bn Nokia deal
Details begin to emerge of Nokia’s tie-up with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7
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» 08 Mar 2011
Google Acquires BeatThatQuote for $61.5 Million
Google has broken new ground in the personal finance realm with the purchase of UK price comparison website BeatThatQuote for $61.5 million
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» 07 Mar 2011
iPad 2 forces Samsung into Galaxy Tab rethink
Samsung will have to rethink the price of its new Galaxy Tab to compete with Apple’s iPad .
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» 04 Mar 2011
New technology for cardiac procedures
Oak Hill Hospital announced new technology for cardiac procedures with the use of the Impella 2.5 Heart Pump by Abiomed, making the hospital the first to offer it in Hernando County.
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» 03 Mar 2011
Apple iPad 2: Steve Jobs makes surprise launch appearance
The second generation of the iPad which goes on sale in the UK in March 25 and in the US on March 11, has two cameras
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» 01 Mar 2011
E-readers growing in popularity as publishers predict the year of the e-book
The growth of electronic books is closing the technology age gap as more over-55s turn to Apple iPads and Amazon Kindles instead of the familiar paperback.
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» 28 Feb 2011
Vodafone network hit by break-in
Vodafone's mobile network has been disrupted following a break-in at one of its exchange centres.
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» 25 Feb 2011
With seconds to spare, Discovery rockets into spa
After a last-minute Air Force computer glitch threatened to derail launch, the shuttle Discovery, carrying an all-veteran crew of six, critical supplies, and a final U.S. module for the International Space Station
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» 24 Feb 2011
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 update crashes smartphones
Microsoft has been forced to withdraw an update to its Windows Phone 7 operating system after it crashed users' phones.
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» 23 Feb 2011
Reality TV and Facebook – the worst innovations of last decade
Reality television, Facebook, Twitter and congestion charging are some of the worst innovations of the last decade
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» 22 Feb 2011
Microsoft welcomes Xbox Kinect hackers
Microsoft is to open up its Xbox Kinect technology to allow amateur software developers to experiment with it.
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» 21 Feb 2011
Toyota to sell home electric-car chargers in 2012
Toyota Motor will launch home battery chargers for electric and plug-in hybrid cars next year..
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» 18 Feb 2011
Thought-controlled wheelchairs and bionics that feel
Thought-controlled wheelchairs and nerve-controlled prosthetic arms are some of the latest innovations in bionics being discussed at a science conference in Washington.
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» 17 Feb 2011
Google unveils One Pass system for online content
Google has launched a new payment system that allows users to subscribe to online content for a 10% commission fee.
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» 16 Feb 2011
NASA probe streaks past comet in picture-perfect flyby
Twelve years after launch and seven years after it collected dust from comet Wild 2, NASA's Stardust probe streaked past comet Tempel 1 late Monday .
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» 15 Feb 2011
First PlayStation phone unveiled by Sony Ericsson
The first mobile phone to incorporate the PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming system has been launched by Sony Ericsson.
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» 14 Feb 2011
Nokia to get billions from Microsoft: CEO
NOKIA Corp will get billions of dollars from Microsoft Corp to ditch its current smart-phone software in favour of Windows Phone 7, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said on Sunday, in a defence of the deal..
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» 11 Feb 2011
Science's burden: storing terabytes of research data for decades
High-energy physicists tries to preserve and reuse data
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» 10 Feb 2011
Hewlett-Packard unveils Palm-powered tablets
Hewlett-Packard (HP), the world's biggest technology company, is making a major play for the multi-billion dollar mobile market...
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» 09 Feb 2011
Google Ocean: Atlantis found off Africa turns out to be boat mapping lines
A "grid of streets" on the seabed at one of the proposed locations of the lost city of Atlantis has been spotted on Google Ocean.
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» 08 Feb 2011
Anonymous hackers attack US security firm HBGary
Online activist group Anonymous has targeted an American security firm that claimed to know the identities of its leaders.
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» 07 Feb 2011
Scottish tax break hopes over video games report
Scotland's video games companies are hoping an influential report will back their calls for the industry to receive tax breaks.
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» 04 Feb 2011
Google eyes Apple in tablet war
Google has unveiled an operating system for tablet computers aimed at ramping up the competition with Apple's iPad.
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» 02 Feb 2011
Egypt protesters use voice tweet
Google and Twitter have launched a service which circumvents the ban on net services in Egypt.
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» 31 Jan 2011
Net approaches address exhaustion
The last big blocks of the net's dwindling stock of addresses are about to be handed out.
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» 28 Jan 2011
Sony unveils NGP - successor to PSP handheld console
Sony has unveiled its new handheld games console the PSP 2.
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» 27 Jan 2011
Everything Everywhere offers mobile payments
Paying for a sandwich will soon be possible via mobile phones as network operator Everything Everywhere rolls out what it claims is the UK's first mobile payments service.
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» 26 Jan 2011
Mobile phone to blast into orbit
The team at SSTL and the Surrey Space Centre in Guildford want to see if the sophisticated capabilities in today's phones will function in the most challenging environment known.
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» 25 Jan 2011
Apple app store reaches 10 billion downloads
The 10 billionth download has been made from Apple's app store, the company has announced.
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» 24 Jan 2011
Lush hackers cash in on stolen cards
Cyber thieves are cashing in after stealing credit cards in a hack attack on the website of cosmetics firm Lush.
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» 21 Jan 2011
Larry Page to become Google chief executive
Google co-founder Larry Page is to become chief executive of the US internet search giant in April.
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» 19 Jan 2011
Road train technology trials get rolling
Technology that links vehicles into "road trains" that can travel as a semi-autonomous convoy has undergone its first real world tests.
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» 18 Jan 2011
Apple boss Steve Jobs takes medical leave
Apple boss Steve Jobs has announced that he is to take "medical leave" from the company.
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» 17 Jan 2011
Google, Facebook and Yahoo to test new net addresses
A global trial of the net's new addressing system is being planned for 8 June.
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» 14 Jan 2011
Jimmy Wales says Wikipedia too complicated for many
Wikipedia is too complicated for many people to modify despite billing itself as "the free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit", its founder has said.
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» 13 Jan 2011
Sony launches legal action against PlayStation hackers
Sony has launched legal action against hackers who uncovered and published security codes for the PlayStation 3.
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» 12 Jan 2011
Piracy websites attract billions of visits
A study by anti-fraud firm MarkMonitor has offered a snapshot into the changing nature of online piracy.
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» 11 Jan 2011
Winklevoss twins gamble $65m for Facebook fortune
Three Harvard graduates are to gamble a $65m settlement they made with Facebook over who came up with the idea for the site, in an effort to get more money.
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» 10 Jan 2011
US wants Twitter details of Wikileaks activists
The US government has subpoenaed the social networking site Twitter for personal details of people connected to Wikileaks, court documents show.
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» 29 Dec 2010
Earth project aims to simulate everything
It could be one of the most ambitious computer projects ever conceived.
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» 28 Dec 2010
Ka-Sat net-dedicated spacecraft lifts off
The second European satellite dedicated to delivering broadband internet connections has launched successfully.
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» 27 Dec 2010
Skype recovers from global blackout
Free internet phone service Skype says it has 'stabilised' its service following a two day outage.
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» 26 Dec 2010
New solar fuel machine mimics plant life
A prototype solar device has been unveiled which mimics plant life, turning the Sun's energy into fuel.
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» 22 Dec 2010
Facebook for farmers: Technology empowers China's rural workers
Straining to control a deafening, bucking, fuel-powered plough, Qing Zhongxing prepares a strip of land ahead of sowing next season's harvest of rapeseed.
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» 21 Dec 2010
Hackers steal English Defence League membership list
A controversial anti-Islamist group has told its members to be "vigilant" after their details leaked online.
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» 20 Dec 2010
Older teenagers unsafe online
The mother of a murdered teenager who was groomed online by a stranger, says not enough is being done to protect older teens on the web.
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» 17 Dec 2010
Facebook suffers brief shut down
Facebook was forced to take itself offline after a staff member accidentally leaked internal product prototypes.
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» 16 Dec 2010
Gawker hack triggers password resets at major sites
Millions of web users are being asked to reset their passwords as concerns spread over a major hacking attack.
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» 15 Dec 2010
Man v machine showdown set for TV quiz show Jeopardy
Valentine's Day is a day for lovers, but for IBM it is the date of a showdown where its supercomputer Watson will take on two mere mortals.
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» 14 Dec 2010
Hack attack on Gawker spawns Twitter spam
An attack on online gossip site Gawker Media has enabled spammers to take over thousands of Twitter accounts.
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» 13 Dec 2010
Amazon hit by web service failure
The European sites of web retailer Amazon have suffered a temporary failure, amid ongoing threats against major sites by pro-Wikileak activists.
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» 10 Dec 2010
Phones calls used to redefine UK regions
Social networks could provide the key to redrawing the regional map of Britain, producing areas with strong social cohesion.
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» 09 Dec 2010
Hackers hit Mastercard and Visa over Wikileaks row
Hackers have attacked the websites of credit card giants Mastercard and Visa.
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» 08 Dec 2010
Google unveils Chrome OS notebook for test scheme
Google has delayed a much anticipated branded laptop powered by its Chrome operating system until next year.
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» 07 Dec 2010
World of Warcraft fans set for Cataclysm launch
World of Warcraft (WoW) is about to undergo one of the biggest changes in its six-year history.
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» 06 Dec 2010
Government reveals superfast broadband plans
Every community in the UK will gain access to superfast broadband by 2015 under plans due to be outlined.
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» 03 Dec 2010
Google tweaks to tackle online piracy
Google has said it will tweak its search service in an attempt to tackle online piracy, following lobbying by the music industry.
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» 02 Dec 2010
Net neutrality rules set for showdown in the US
US regulators are set for a showdown over rules to ensure an open internet.
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» 01 Dec 2010
EU launches antitrust probe into alleged Google abuses
The European Commission has launched an investigation into Google after other search engines complained that the firm had abused its dominant position.
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» 30 Nov 2010
Iran says nuclear programme was hit by sabotage
Iran's president has said some of the centrifuges used in its uranium enrichment programme were sabotaged, raising suspicions that they were targeted by the Stuxnet computer worm.
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» 29 Nov 2010
Hylas-1 net-dedicated satellite launches
The first satellite dedicated to delivering broadband services to Europe has launched on an Ariane 5 rocket.
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» 26 Nov 2010
Talk Talk to introduce controversial virus alert system
Talk Talk is launching trials of a controversial anti-malware system following intervention by the Information Commissioner (ICO).
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» 25 Nov 2010
Facebook news feeds beset with malware
One fifth of Facebook users are exposed to malware contained in their news feeds, claim security researchers.
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» 24 Nov 2010
First Apple computer fetches £130,000 at auction
One of the first batch of Apple personal computers has sold at auction in London for £133,250 ($210,000).
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» 23 Nov 2010
1,000mph car project on track
The British project to develop a 1,000mph car is on target to meet its goals, says director Richard Noble.
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» 22 Nov 2010
Google wi-fi data to be deleted
The UK's information commissioner has said that wi-fi data accidentally collected by Google's Street View cars will be deleted "as soon as possible".
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» 19 Nov 2010
Laser camera takes photos around corners
A camera that can shoot around corners has been developed by US scientists.
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» 18 Nov 2010
US Air Force warns Facebook 'may reveal location
The US Air Force has warned its troops that using Facebook and other social networking sites could inadvertently reveal their location to the enemy.
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» 17 Nov 2010
China Tianhe-1A crowned supercomputer king
China's Tianhe-1A supercomputer has been confirmed as the most powerful in the world.
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» 16 Nov 2010
Facebook ramps up competition with a new message system
Facebook has ramped up competition with AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft and Google with a product to rival their email services.
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» 15 Nov 2010
Warning over anti-virus cold calls to UK internet users
Internet users are being warned about cold callers who offer to fix viruses but then install software to steal personal information.
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» 12 Nov 2010
Internet pioneer Vint Cerf warns over address changes
The world's two leading movie industries have signed a pact to strengthen production, distribution and commercial ties.
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» 11 Nov 2010
Musical sound
I just love how Apple is able to enhance its products every time, even if it is with just a basic thing. The iPod touch 4th generation is the perfect example in this regard.
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» 10 Nov 2010
Facebook and Google in data sharing spat
Facebook has responded to Google's decision to block the export of contact information from Gmail by offering users a work-around solution.
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» 09 Nov 2010
Call of Duty: Black Ops launched
The eagerly anticipated sequel to the biggest selling video game in history has gone on sale.
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» 08 Nov 2010
Burma hit by massive net attack ahead of election
An ongoing computer attack has knocked Burma off the internet, just days ahead of its first election in 20 years.
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» 04 Nov 2010
Facebook eyes mobile domination
Facebook has set out a strategy to make it as dominant a force in the world of mobile as it is in social networking.
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» 03 Nov 2010
Amazon Kindle offers access to banned sites in China
Amazon's Kindle devices are selling in China because the e-reader allows users to log on to banned sites such as Twitter and Facebook, reports say.
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» 01 Nov 2010
Mass Effect 2 wins game of year at Golden Joysticks
Mass Effect 2 has won the ultimate game of the year at this year's Golden Joystick awards.
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» 29 Oct 2010
China claims supercomputer crown
China has claimed the top spot on the list of the world's supercomputers.
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» 28 Oct 2010
LimeWire file-sharing service shut down in US
An injunction issued by the US district court in New York has effectively shut down LimeWire, one of the internet's biggest file-sharing sites.
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» 27 Oct 2010
Virgin Media races to offer fastest UK network
Virgin Media is set to turn up the dial on its cable network, offering users speeds of up to 100Mbps (megabits per second).
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» 26 Oct 2010
UK robots prepare for world cup
UK researchers are preparing one of the nation's first teams to compete in the 2011 robot football world cup.
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» 25 Oct 2010
Privacy body to re-examine Google
Britain's privacy watchdog is to look again at what personal information internet giant Google gathered from private wi-fi networks.
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» 22 Oct 2010
Facebook, Amazon and Zynga bet on social web
Facebook, Amazon and Zynga will invest in a fund to help entrepreneurs develop applications and services for a new era of the social web.
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» 21 Oct 2010
Apple launches MacBook Air laptop
Apple is cashing in on the popularity of its iPhone and iPad to boost demand for its oldest product, the Macintosh.
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» 20 Oct 2010
Mount Etna mapped by radar satellites
Two German radar satellites flying in tight formation above the Earth have returned their first combined images.
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» 19 Oct 2010
The place where crazy inventors create your future
More and more of our waking hours are spent in spaces sprinkled with electronic devices - a digital camera here, an electronic book reader there and smart phones as far as the eye can see.
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» 18 Oct 2010
Fibre optic cables data capacity may soon be reached
Technology may stretch the capacity of the fibre optic cables used to carry data sooner than has long been thought, according to a report in Science.
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» 15 Oct 2010
Medal of Honor game goes on sale amid controversy
The video game Medal of Honor (MoH) has gone on sale despite calls by the UK defence secretary to ban it.
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» 14 Oct 2010
Two million US PCs recruited to botnets
The US leads the world in numbers of Windows PCs that are part of botnets, reveals a report.
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» 13 Oct 2010
Facebook app downloads show unique bandwagon effect
A study of the download rates of a set of apps for Facebook has shown how they follow an unusual "bandwagon effect".
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» 12 Oct 2010
Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 smartphones
Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 7, its latest attempt to break into the lucrative smartphone market.
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» 11 Oct 2010
Virgin Galactic spaceship makes solo flight
Virgin Galactic's suborbital spaceship, Enterprise, has made its first solo test flight, in California.
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» 08 Oct 2010
Initiative aims to supply millions of mobiles to women
A woman living in sub-Saharan Africa is 23% less likely than a man to own a mobile phone, according to research.
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» 07 Oct 2010
Facebook unveils groups feature
Facebook has introduced new features aimed at giving users more control over their information and who can see it.
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» 05 Oct 2010
Warcraft expansion gets debut day
The co-founder of social networking site Twitter is standing down as its chief executive.
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» 04 Oct 2010
Change to Bios will make for PCs that boot in seconds
New PCs could start in just seconds, thanks to an update to one of the oldest parts of desktop computers.
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» 01 Oct 2010
Google Android apps found to be sharing data
Some of the most popular apps written for Google's Android phones do not tell users what is done with data they gather, says a study by US researchers.
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» 30 Sep 2010
Historic broadcast of super HD from UK to Japan
A gig by The Charlatans has been sent to Japan in a first-of-its-kind broadcast of Super Hi-Vision TV.
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» 29 Sep 2010
Web searches predict success for films, games and songs
Web search terms are a good predictor of the success of films, songs and video games even weeks ahead of release, researchers say.
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» 28 Sep 2010
Blackberry launches Playbook rival to iPad
The company unveiled its tablet computer to much anticipation at its developer conference, DEVCON, in San Francisco.
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» 27 Sep 2010
Legal row over who can use pod
Apple has embarked on a legal battle over the right to use the word "pod".
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» 24 Sep 2010
Researchers seek to find true level of cyberstalking
A new survey has been launched in an effort to find out the true level of cyberstalking in the UK.
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» 23 Sep 2010
One app for all effort launches
A European project to develop an application environment for every internet-connected device has received 10m euros in funding.
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» 22 Sep 2010
Google releases censorship tools
The US government asked Google for user information 4,287 times during the first six months of 2010.
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» 21 Sep 2010
Facebook phone plans are denied after internet report
Facebook has announced it is going to try to push deeper into the mobile phone market.
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» 20 Sep 2010
Clever cars to mean safer driving
Cars could soon be ringing the emergency services themselves if they are involved in a crash.
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» 17 Sep 2010
Pi record smashed as team finds two-quadrillionth digit
A researcher has calculated the 2,000,000,000,000,000th digit of pi - and a few digits either side of it.
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» 16 Sep 2010
Microsoft launch Internet Explorer 9 web browser
Microsoft has launched its latest bid to be computer users' default window on to the web.
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» 15 Sep 2010
Pricetag set for tiger conservation
The cost of keeping tigers alive in the wild is about $80m (£50m) per year, say conservationists - but only about $50m (£30m) per year is being pledged.
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» 14 Sep 2010
Alien killer shrimp found in UK
Lady Gaga dominated the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles taking home eight prizes including video of the year.
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» 13 Sep 2010
Diamond star thrills astronomers
Twinkling in the sky is a diamond star of 10 billion trillion trillion carats, astronomers have discovered.
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» 09 Sep 2010
Astronomers find evidence for unusual class of black holes
Researchers say they may have found further evidence for the existence of an unusual type of black hole.
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» 08 Sep 2010
Dwarf galaxies gobbled by their giant neighbours
Astronomers have spotted the tell-tale signs of so-called dwarf galaxies being digested by bigger spiral galaxies.
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» 07 Sep 2010
Inbred bumblebees face extinction threat
Charles Saatchi's plan to donate his gallery to the British public has hit a stumbling block after talks with Arts Council England broke down.
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» 06 Sep 2010
Hubble telescope re-shoots 1987 supernova
The Hubble space telescope has returned to view one of its favourite subjects - a giant stellar explosion that was first seen on Earth in 1987.
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» 03 Sep 2010
Technique to trace persistent CFCs
Ultrafine measurements of atmospheric gases could help track down persistent sources of CFCs thought to be slowing the recovery of the ozone layer.
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» 02 Sep 2010
An ancient reef found in the Pacific
An ancient reef found in the Pacific may provide clues to what will happen to coral when sea temperatures rise.
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» 01 Sep 2010
Mammoth-killing space blast 'off the hook
The theory that the great beasts living in North America 13,000 years ago were killed off by a space impact can now be discounted, a new study claims.
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» 30 Aug 2010
Double meteorite strike 'caused dinosaur extinction
The dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago by at least two meteorite impacts, rather than a single strike, a new study suggests.
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» 27 Aug 2010
Wheat genome may help tackle food shortages
UK scientists have released draft sequences of the wheat genome, which they think could make a vital contribution to securing global food supplies.
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» 26 Aug 2010
Oetzi the Iceman may have been buried, says team
Oetzi, the 5,000 year old "Iceman" found in the Italian Alps, may have ceremonially buried, archaeologists claim.
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» 25 Aug 2010
Rich exoplanet system discovered
Astronomers have discovered a planetary system containing at least five planets that orbit a star called HD 10180, which is much like our own Sun.
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» 24 Aug 2010
Space is the final frontier for evolution, study claims
Charles Darwin may have been wrong when he argued that competition was the major driving force of evolution.
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» 23 Aug 2010
Computer blow to Europe's Goce gravity satellite
A flagship European Earth observation satellite has been struck by a second computer glitch and cannot send its scientific data down to the ground.
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» 20 Aug 2010
Fate of Universe revealed by galactic lens
A "galactic lens" has revealed that the Universe will probably expand forever.
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» 19 Aug 2010
Fossils may be earliest animals
Tiny, irregularly shaped fossils from South Australia could be the oldest remains of simple animal life found to date.
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» 17 Aug 2010
Microsoft links new smart phones to Xbox Live
Microsoft Corp. is bringing its video-game expertise to the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 line, an attempt to capitalize on the success of the Xbox 360 as the software maker tries to compete with Apple Inc.'s iPhone.
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» 16 Aug 2010
Solar physicists may have discovered why the Sun recently experienced a prolonged period of weak activity.
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» 13 Aug 2010
Home computers discover rare star
By putting their home computers to work when they would otherwise be idle, three "citizen scientists" have discovered a rare astronomical object.
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» 12 Aug 2010
Lucy species used stone tools, fossil study says
Two ancient animal bones from Ethiopia show signs of butchering by human ancestors, moving back the earliest evidence for the use of stone tools by about 800,000 years, researchers say.
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» 11 Aug 2010
Galactic jewel shines in its setting
A long-exposure Hubble Space Telescope image shows a majestic face-on spiral galaxy located deep within the Coma Cluster of galaxies, which lies 320 million light-years away in the northern constellation Coma Berenices.
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» 09 Aug 2010
Net neutrality talks stall in US
US regulators have halted closed-door meetings intended to find a way to make sure all web data is treated equally.
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» 07 Aug 2010
Google Waves Goodbye To Messaging App
Google has abandoned work on Wave, its ambitious real-time messaging and collaboration application, after admitting it had not become a hit with the public.
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» 04 Aug 2010
Google China answer page inaccessible
A Google question-and-answer page for Chinese users was inaccessible from mainland China on Tuesday less than a month after the search giant's Internet license was renewed amid a dispute over online censorship.
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» 02 Aug 2010
Microsoft takes aim at tablet market
Microsoft wants your money.
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» 30 Jul 2010
Sky Confirms 3D TV Launch Date And Line-Up
Sky will launch its 3D TV channel to millions of homes on October 1, the broadcaster has announced.
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