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kite/wind Spots in the East

POSTE LAFAYETTE-Has a very nice moon shaped public beach which is ideal for launching both by kite and windsurf. It is situated on the most northern part of the bay, and one can sail all through the bay which is approx. 2,5 km wide.

The beach here is very wide and placed in a side onshore position, making it a well frequented spot for launching by the locals.

This bay can be sailed right through to the other side, where there are several big hotels on the southern side along long white beaches.

In the middle of this lagoon is a small wave spot that has reforming little breaks on a sand banc at high tide, making it ideal for first jumps and rides.

Important: stay well clear of the main channel going out the reef (called “la passe Canon”), it has serious currents and any rescue operation would be pretty hazardous.

At high tide it is possible to ride over the reef out to sea, but this should be avoided unless you are a crack and in need of a special rush.

BELLE MARE-One of the more popular spots for kiting is in a big moon shape, with lots of hotels and touristical activity both on and off the water.

This is a very big public beach and bathers and boating activity has to be respected here, to insure hassle free access.

Most common conditions here are side to onshore, with long runs in fairly shallow waters possible. Beware of the outer areas of this lagoon as the bottom is covered with fragile and sharp “stag horn” types of corals.

There is a pass (la passe “Du Puis”) in the reef here, that offers surfable waves in summer when the winds are slack. This wave is a right hander, fast and tubular in shape, and no place for beginners. The current in the channel is potent, and has to be avoided at all costs when paddling back in.

PALMAR-Is basically just an extension of the belle mare beach with the same characteristics as Belle Mare, except that the lagoon tapers off a bit here and is not quite as wide. There is a public beach at the southern side of the bay that allows access to the water. However this can be a bit tricky for kiters because of the narrower beach here.

TROU D'EAU DOUCE-This spot is pretty special due to its position in relation to the main pass just a few hundred yards upwind of it. Forget the public beach for the launching of kites, this is way to tricky with the numerous rocks above and below the water. On the northern side of the public beach is a fairly wide beach that can accommodate kite launchings. The best and most common practice though, is to hire a boat here for the day, and to cruise over to “Ile aux Cerfs”, a few km away, where you will be rewarded by many small white sanded coves to launch and land your gear with ease. The lagoon is huge here, with onshore conditions. A few tacks upwind to the reef will bring you to discover the pleasures of the spot known as “Joy Ride”. This a super smooth speed track, just inside the breaking surf of the reef. It should be avoided at low tide because of the odd coral head that will annihilate your gear.

From Trou d’eau Douce you can ride all the way to Blue Bay 24 km south, but be sure to scout the course first as there are many hot areas to be avoided.

More details can be gleaned about this from the sympathetic instructors at Sindbad or Kitezone.

POINTE D'ESNY-Situated on the South eastern point of the island, Pointe D’esny has one of the clearest and biggest lagoons on island. It stretches towards the north all the way to Ile aux Cerfs, and to the south the lagoon of Blue Bay can be accessed. With side to onshore conditions, and a beautifully wide beach it is one of the favored flat water sailor spots. Some very nice and long rides can be had close to the coral reef where the waves have flattened the water to smooth conditions.

The access to the beach can be a bit of a problem, unless you live in one of the numerous private bungalows fringing the coastline. Some of these can be rented on short or long term basis.

There are two official access points which are pretty hard to find: One is about halfway through the locality and consists of a narrow pathway from the main road to the beach. The other is just on the northern boundary of the private yacht club situated opposite Ile aux Aigrette; a very nice nature reserve well worth visiting.

Beware of the strong current between the coast and Ile aux Aigrettes, this is in the same direction as the wind and makes upwind rides all the more difficult.

Your best bet is to walk up the beach a bit, for a better riding area.
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