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» 02 Mar 2016

Our life in Mauritius is mainly built around this exciting work. Every morning, the objectives of the day excite me. This job allows me to share strong experiences in emotion and meetings.

I am native of Auvergne volcanoes in a village of few inhabitants, at the foot of the ski resorts of the Massif Central. I quickly became passionate about sports and integrated the clubs in the area (both sailing on the lakes of Auvergne and skiing in alpine)
Between the age of 12 and 13, sports became a lifestyle ! I was always busy training for regional and national competitions. I eagerly gathered my first academic degrees in windsurfing and skiing in order to teach during the school holidays. I have a French state diploma in Alpine skiing and kite surfing. I am also a wakeboarding and Stand Up Paddle educator & a federal instructor in sailing and football. I worked within a sports organization called UCPA for ten years as a monitor, technical director and trainer.

Then, I wanted to travel and discover places with Fanny (my wife). We had 2 children. A third is on the way and due in February. All my children were born in Mauritius. Initially we were meant to stay in Mauritius for one year for a refreshing experience but then we fell in love and decided to prolong the adventure and open a kite school in Le Morne. I opened Yoaneye in May 2007 without really knowing what I expected ... I just knew I had the skills and deserved this beautiful spot to try the adventure! I knew that the site was perfect for kitesurfing and the most complete playground than anything I had ever experienced. I have established a leading kite centers in France near Bordeaux in 1999. I have a few years later repeated the experience by opening a center for children of 11-13 years in Toulon. It was a first in France. The kite was really starting to pick up. Since I started in this sports, adventure and the unknown were the engines of my motivation. The challenge of embarking on a third experiment in a foreign country seemed obvious.

I wanted to give this Enterprise, the name and the image of an exceptional site. I wanted the name to bear the elements in which I was working. It was important to play with words to make an identity. The logo was also built on the same spirit. It represents the natural elements, moving clouds and a wave. It is an eye, the eye of the professional, which guides, which monitors, observe, analyze. I share today this experience with teams that I have trained in Mauritius. I direct my training to sports education as a whole and the development engine of an individual. The notions of education, support, service, patience and sharing are the backbone of my vision
of sports. These 10 years in Mauritius, I have learned to adapt and manage different cultures.

The first 5-6 years spent in an environment of challenge and sacrifice, shared between the beauty of the island and the difficulty to enjoy life. Relaxing moments can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The work takes a prominent place. Now I can count on a strong and competent team. I take great pleasure to teach, train new members of staff, managers, tapping into human resources, optimizing the achievements of each to develop them. Our life in Mauritius is mainly built around this exciting work. Every morning, the objectives of the day excite
me. This job allows me to share strong experiences in emotion and meetings. The French actor José Garcia forms part, for example, of those regular students who particularly love our business
through unique and privileged moments of sharing. I had a Russian client, looking for a challenge, who wanted to reach a very high technical level. He wanted to go into the biggest waves possible starting from a small level. He came to Mauritius over 5 years and he would take privat classes for 4-5 hours per day, 3 times a week over 3 weeks. After these many hours of training, he ended up kite surfing Oneye, a wave of up to 5 meters. He was finally able to achieve his goal.

There are so many stories in this genre... I will remember only the opportunity to teach and to live unforgettable and emotionally strong moments...

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