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» 04 May 2016

After holidaying here a few times, I began to fall in love with the Island. Each time I came and returned home again, I felt as if I were leaving a little part of my heart behind here.HI GEORGIA, WHERE ARE YOU FROM?
I grew up with my Mum, Dad and little brother, in busy towns in London. I was always interested in working with children, and spent many years volunteering with under privileged children. I volunteered at an after school play group at The salvation Army for a few years and loved it! I am a fully qualified Early years Practitioner. But for paid work I always seemed to end up in hospitality, looking back on that now I think it was fate! I can speak Creole fluently, but always struggle with French! I am also qualified to teach English as a foreign language, but funnily enough when I first moved here I ended up teaching basic Creole to people from South Africa who wanted to settle down in Mauritius!!
I met Dev (my husband) in 2001, after he came to UK to study. He was only supposed to study in England for a year, and then return to Mauritius after completing his studies. Instead, he ended up staying in England for 13 years, after marrying me in 2002 and having 3 children together!
We had a whirlwind start to our relationship, we met in September 2001, Dev proposed exactly 1 month later (And of course I said yes!) We married in May 2002, and had our 1st daughter in October that year! We heard the whole "you're too young" and "it will
never last " comments a lot, but look at us today, still going strong - 3 children, 2 countries and 15 years later! Our children are now 4, 9 and 13 years old! Being a young parent can be very hard at times, but when I’m running around with the kids, I’m grateful that I still have youth on my side!
I always knew that we might move to Mauritius someday permanently after being with Dev for a few years. After holidaying here a few times, I began to fall in love with the Island. Each time I came and returned home again, I felt as if I were leaving a little part of my heart behind here. I knew Dev had always been keen to return to his homeland, and was basically just waiting for me to say I was ready. When our oldest daughter finished primary school, we didn't want to put her in a UK secondary school, and then have to put her through the ordeal of leaving all her close friends and having to start all over again abroad, so we decided to move before she started secondary school. There were a few people who told me stories about their friends and family members who had moved abroad with their children at the same age, who couldn't settle down and had to return back home but my friend Sarah talked with me through all my worries and fears, and helped me to think practically. Even though she was heartbroken at the thought of me moving so far away, she gave me the support, encouragement and confidence to believe in the decision we had made to try and create a better future for ourselves and our children. So, we packed up our whole life into a huge container, booked one way tickets and set off in search of the beginning of our new lives!
I run a Table D'Hote in Chamarel with my husband. It is a business that his parents built up from scratch. As they were getting older they were keen for us to come and take over the business, so they could begin to enjoy the life they had built for themselves. We are very proud of our organic restaurant and the organic farm situated just behind our restaurant and for which we work very hard to maintain. We are currently building a hotel in Chamarel, and have a few other ideas and projects in the pipeline to expand on what was so generously given to us by Dev’s parents. We hope to build an empire that we could one day leave for our children, so watch this space! All that work in hospitality has certainly come in handy!

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