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» 01 Jul 2016

I was born in Leicester in UK and I have 2 brothers. Leicester was never famous for anything except Gary Lineker perhaps but now everyone knows Leicester thanks to the English Premier League Championship 2015-2016. When I left school, my Father encouraged me to follow his career as a Chartered Accountant. I tried my very best but figures and repetitive daily tasks were not for me. Eventually I landed in Rentokil UK as Sales Consultant for the hygiene division, pounding the pavements and knocking on doors to spread the word of cleanliness, hygiene, good housekeeping and what the lack of them meant in terms of sickness. After a successful sales and marketing record, I was eventually honoured to become Regional Sales Manager. During those years, I learnt everything there was to know about hygiene, sanitation and Pest Control. I studied entomology and insect behaviour and qualified as a Public Health Officer as part of my upward search of fulfilment. I lived a full and enriching life, living in Hampshire, surrounded by rich and famous neighbours, jetting off to holiday destinations on a regular basis until my then husband Steve, was headhunted to tackle a project of building new crushers for a newly formed Company in the tiny Island of Mauritius. We couldn’t even find it on the map - it was such a small location. Taking a year’s sabbatical from Rentokil, I joined him to start what has become my destiny – life in the melting pot of cultures which form the strength and integrity of Mauritius. 23 years ago, Mauritius was very different to what we know today. The road to Flic en Flac which became my hometown, took over an hour and a half in a fast car from the Airport. There were no supermarkets, no hypermarkets such as Jumbo, Intermart, Super U etc. The local shops served our purposes very well and fresh meat was a luxury as and when we could get it. It took forever to get where we needed to go but there were so relatively few cars that the journey was a challenge. Instead of getting held up by too many cars and traffic, the obstacle would be a broken down Bedford sugar lorry - 30 years old at best. In 1999, I begun what is now known as Eradicators Ltd. A small Company dedicated to giving our Clients the best we can be. Our mission is to offer the Ultimate solution - not just by spraying and placing large amounts of pesticides and rodenticides - but by getting to the root of the problem - explaining the cause of the rat infestation, termite invasion, fly sources etc. This is the whole concept of why we are different - we are not aiming to be the biggest, with the most amount of Clients - just the opposite - our team offers individual consultancy, specific needs are identified and we work at gaining control of the situation - as a Team together. I still go on site every day and Hema, my Administrator and I are at the heart of every challenging job we tackle. Whether its weevils in rice, termites in houses or flies in a food court - we evaluate the problem and then tackle the job together. Our success is derived by our family union - I left my blood relations behind in the UK - but here I have found my soul. My small team are my family - we do everything together and work as a united front. We share birthdays, births, deaths, joy and sorrow together - and borrow the motto from the SMF - ‘’We’ll do it - What is it ? “ Having my family so far away in UK, means I don’t get back to visit very often. My son Matthew, lives in Cape Town, with his wife Delah and they have Jasmine aged 3 - my granddaughter. She is already fascinated by insects and snails she finds in the garden, so I may have a new trainee in the making. No Tox Clean Team was formed following trips to SA where I investigated the whole concept of cleaning. I realised that everyone uses toxic chemicals to clean, especially bleach and scouring powders on floors. Whilst watching my tiny granddaughter learn to crawl, it was clear she was touching surfaces which could result in skin allergies or worse still - she could ingest these dangerous products. Conferring with a friend who provides completely non toxic products for cleaning - Bio cleaning - we decided that this was a must in Mauritius.

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