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» 30 Nov 2016

1. Hi Ashish, how would you describe yourself?
A dedicated healthcare professional with 15 years of experience, currently working as Head of Medical Services at Fortis Clinique Darne. I pursued Medicine at Higher Medical Institute, Pleven Bulgaria & did my Masters in Hospital Administration from Symbiosis Pune, India.

2. Please share some childhood memories with us:
Born in a small town of Punjab, India, I was blessed to have very understanding and loving parents and trust me growing up with two sisters was a walk in the park…. in my dreams.

3. What have you experienced in your career which you deem is worth sharing
Being in Healthcare, I have come across several incidents, one that particularly touched me happened a year ago. Fortis Clinique Darne and Muscular Dystrophy Association Mauritius organized an event for the kids suffering from Muscular Dystrophy, though most of the work was done by marketing team and I as Head Medical was supposed to be in attendance for the event, when I reached there, I saw these kids on wheelchairs fighting their ailment, saw parents who know the fate and yet supporting these kids to the best of their capacities. One of the kid, a young lad not more than 16 years came to address and thank all of us for supporting them. During his address he said he would love to stand up some day and perform on stage. There was absolute silence, guess like me all had goose bumps and watery eyes and then came the applauds from the dad who, with a pat on his back said ‘sure son’. That day, I understood one thing, no matter what and how difficult the situations are, it's the inner strength and the zeal to live and fight that makes the difference between living.

4. How did you end up in Mauritius?
 I am living in this paradise island since 2011. During this stay of five years, I have grown both on personal and professional fronts. Although it was a little difficult to adjust initially to a slow pace, now I am enjoying it every single day. It’s home away from home.

5. More about your work here please,
    Fortis Clinique Darné is one of the oldest, yet most modern hospitals in Mauritius. Founded in April 1953 by Dr. Francois Darné, "Clinique Darné" was rechristened Fortis Clinique Darné in January 2009; when Fortis Healthcare Limited, amongst India's largest healthcare providers joined hands with a diversified Mauritian Industrial Group CIEL to jointly acquire a controlling stake in this, the largest private hospital on the Island.

Fortis Clinique Darné continues to uphold the tradition of providing personal and dedicated care coupled with state-of-the-art medical technology, in a caring and friendly environment. Strategically situated in the center of the island, the hospital has a 112-bedded capacity and is fully equipped with 4 Operating Theatres, a Cardiac Catheterization Lab, a 13-bedded Critical Care Unit, a 2-bedded Isolation Intensive Care Unit and 15 day care beds. With a proven track record of over 60,000 procedures performed in the last decade alone, the hospital offers medical and paramedical services across 25 specialties, all under one roof.

7. What are the things you are passionate about?
There are so many things which I am passionate about! Music, reading, I guess my real passion is health care, implementing emerging trends in healthcare translating into excellence in patient care.

8. Give us a glimpse at an average day in your busy life:
 Health care is an ever changing industry. With every passing day there are so many new things which one learns. My day generally starts with a brief from my subordinates, we try and see how we can serve our patients in an efficient manner. I go for my rounds in the facility, meet patients and staff, address their issues and try and make their stay as comfortable as possible.

9. What do you love most about living here?
I love the fact that I can have my jog in the mornings, spend time with my family, I love social life, challenges of business and all the people I meet professionally and personally.

10. What is your definition of happiness / your favorite quotes / sayings?
      Happiness to me is introspection: Our task is not to seek happiness but merely to seek and find all the barriers with in us that we have built against it.

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