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» 03 Nov 2015

The Paramedical Department of Fortis Clinique Darné created in 2002 by Yannick d’Hotman and Fabrice Leclézio, two physiotherapists was joined 5 years later by Kaneez Hatteea. After an agreement signed in 2012, it became the official Paramedical Department of the clinic. The Department operates 24/24h, round the clock throughout the year. However, the services provided by the Paramedical Department are available to out-patients only on weekdays. The department’s policy is that any patient should undergo a general assessment and not be seen only for the ailment that afflicts him. With this in view, it has expanded its services and patients can now benefit from various facilities, some of which are unique to the clinic. To date, the department is composed of 8 physiotherapists, 1 exercise physiologist specialised in cardiac rehabilitation, 1 coach, specialised in geriatric issues, 1 nutritionist, 1 psychosocial beautician and 2 podiatrists.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Service is a first in the private sector and is offered only at Fortis Clinic Darné. The patient has the possibility to receive a treatment on par with any European healthcare provider; it comprises preventive treatments for potential cardiac patients as well as follow-up for patients who have undergone angioplasty with or without stenting, patients who have suffered from myocardial infarction or have undergone coronary bypass. A special attention is given to the holistic aspect of the treatment where the patients are advised on nutrition and are followed by the exercise physiologist, who is specialised in cardiac rehabilitation. The psychological aspect is also not overlooked. The paramedical department also offers services to cater for the elderly, who form an important part of the society. It offers the services of a geriatric coach, whose main role is to help the elderly maintain their autonomy, service, the coach not only treats patients at the clinic but also in homes for the elderly.

Today’s lifestyle requires any responsible individual to take good care of his nutrition, for proper eating habits to ward off a great extent the risks of diseases. For this reason, the nutrionist holds an important role within the department, as for whatever the treatment which a patient comes in for, a nutritionnal advice will always be required. In a bid to provide specialised services, the paramedical department offers patients the possibility to avail of the care of a psycho-socio beautician. This is a service that the department is very proud of for it is a one of a kind over the island. Through a massage or manicure, a patient has the ability to talk to the beautician who is dedicated to listen and give support, in a friendly environment. The department strong-ly believes that a patient should not be seen only through physical ailments. The psychological aspect is as important as the physical aspect, and the department considers that the psycho-socio beautician’s services helps to link the two. The department is conscious of the challenge that a  holistic healthcare can represent and is always on the lookout for other value added services to provide to patients. With this in mind, a podiatrist service has been initiated, (2 podiatrists on site – at Fortis Clinique Darne Floreal). Patients suffering from diabetes as well as the elderly can get
full support regarding their foot problems through chiropody. The department encourages doctors to promote these services to patients, since they will inevitably help improve their conditions.

HEAD OFFICE: Georges Guibert Street, Floréal 74111, Mauritius
Tel: (230) 601 2300 | Fax: (230) 696 3612 (Administration) | Fax: (230) 696 1209 (Medical)
FCD NORTH: Office C, C0 – 05A & C2 – 204, La Croisette Mall, Grand Bay, Mauritius
Tel: (230) 601 2300 | Fax: (230) 269 6224
Email: |

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