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» 01 Dec 2015

Glass making is an amazing experience for both adults and children; in front of the team of glass blowers shaping the red-hot molten glass in a quiet traditional local workshop. The glass blowers use recycled glass for creating various objects & pieces by using 2000 year old techniques and tools. Different techniques are used to work and manipulate the glass: blowing, hand molding and casting. In the glass foundry, the team performs all the steps of the entire glass blowing channel: from gathering the glass, until the final piece created is put in the kiln for annealing.

We are told that the Mauritius Glass Gallery crushes approximately 200kg of bottles per day into big chunks. The glass they use comes mainly from Coca Cola bottles which have been rejected from the production channel at Phoenix Beverages – their Parent Company. The main types of items they create are glass & table ware, souvenirs, gifts and lamps. Top hotels and companies across the islands have their glassware specifically produced at The Mauritius Glass Gallery. Due to the fact that this glass is rich in lime, it is therefore harder to transform into decorative work. It takes many years of training and practice to become a glass blower.

Hands of Fame is a unique exhibition of local & international celebrity hand casts, all sculptured in 100% glass in support of the charitable foundation ‘Helping Hands’. The exhibition is divided into different sections of celebrities namely, Writers/Poets; Actors, Musicians, Sports stars and Mauritian Celebrities. ‘Helping Hands’ is a registered charity and the purpose is to support local NGO projects in the area of Children & Education in view of poverty alleviation.

At the end of the visit, we enter the showroom displaying and selling a vast collection of glass items, whether souvenirs, glass & table ware or decorative-all hand-made by the glass artisans. There is an interesting opportunity, for both children & adults, to have handprints done in glass. It is a nice souvenir which can be treasured for many years.

Mauritius Glass Gallery is a pioneer in the country with regards to sustainable development. Approximately 6 tons of glass is recycled per month, and the company continues to experiment with new techniques to increase the usage of recycled glass. For the past many years, they equally use used Vegetable Oil as a combustible for their furnace. The company regularly collaborates with local organizations (Mission Vert, Belle Verte, Mauritius Marine Conservation Society, Reef Conservation, amongst others) equally involved in green initiatives. Such activities focus mainly on the sensitization of children around the concepts of household recycling and how to preserve the local environment. In the museum side of the foundry, there is a display of the different initiatives undertaken by their partners to protect the environment.

The company is a Mauritian based Glass Foundry situated in the centre of the Island, in Phoenix. It was established in 1991 by the former Mauritius Breweries Ltd in collaboration with Phoenix Camp Minerals (Coca Cola Bottlers) to recycle waste glass from the two companies. Their mission today is to take the recycling of glass a step further in terms of design, techniques as well as artistic concepts. We can definitely sense that they strongly believe recycled glass creations have its place amongst today’s contemporary product & interior design. Each product is designed and handmade locally. For Further information you can contact The Mauritius Glass

Gallery on 6963360,
Alternatively you can visit them from
Monday – Friday between 8am -5pm
or Saturdays from 8am to noon. They are
closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

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