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12 Oct 2010

The two men accused of murdering six Royal Military Police soldiers in Iraq in 2003 have been cleared.

Iraqis Hamza Hateer and Mussa Ismael al Fartusi were acquitted at Baghdad's criminal court due to lack of evidence.

The military policemen - or Red Caps - were killed by a mob in the southern Iraqi town of Majar al-Kabir.

The Ministry of Defence said more suspects were being sought, but John Miller, whose son Simon was killed, said he was "devastated".

Cpl Miller, 21, was engaged to be married and had been promoted to corporal just before leaving for Iraq.

"My son was let down so badly in life, now he has been let down so badly in death," said Mr Miller, 59, from Washington, Tyne and Wear.
The existence of an unfinished manuscript by late author Stieg Larsson's Girl with the Dragon series has been confirmed by his family.

His brother Joakim said in a US TV interview that the writer told him 10 days before his sudden death in 2004 that the book was "nearly finished".

Mr Larsson told CBS's Sunday Morning show that it was written as the fifth story rather than the fourth.

The three existing crime stories have gone on to sell millions worldwide.

Larsson, who died of a heart attack aged 50, did not live to see his books become publishing sensations.

His younger brother said: "This book number four, that's book number five, because he thought that was more fun to write than book number four."

Mr Larsson and his father told CBS they would not allow the manuscript to be published.

But it is said to be in the hands of Eva Gabrielsson, Larsson's long-term partner, who lost control of his estate to his father when he died.

Swedish law does not recognise common law marriages.

The two sides have been locked in a legal dispute over the issue since the author's death.

It is unclear whether the manuscript held by Ms Gabrielsson is actually the fourth book in the series or the same one - the fifth take - referred to by his brother.

She has claimed that his brother and father have not presented his work in the way he would have wanted it to be.


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