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» 04 Nov 2015

We have noticed whilst writing our Escape articles, that the best of
Mauritius can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places.
Les Lodges d’Andrea are characteristic of beauty behind dirt roads and an old sugar cane factory. The minute you raise your eyes to the horizon when checking in, you will lose yourself to the beauty of the coast of Riviere des Anguilles. Angry waves crashing into the cliffs and subsiding back into the ocean before coming back with more force and in different hues of blue is a scene which will captivate you during your stay.

The scenic sea view room overlooks the captivating beauty of the coastline with a ceiling-to-floor corner window. The double bed is comfortable and has a mosquito net which adds to the romantic mood along with the rustic lighting made available for guests. The lodge has all the basic amenities to make your stay comfortable whilst staying true to the nature of the surroundings. Luxury is not what you expect in a lodge where the promise of an escape means surrendering yourself to nature for a get away from concrete jungles and technology.

So what do you do if there’s no television? You simply put on those trekking shoes and join a guide for a walk to Gris Gris or to L’exil depending on the weather conditions and your preferences. You can also join a group of quad bikers and explore the natural sceneries, waterfalls, cliffs, sugar cane fields and knolls which the south has to offer. I personally strongly  recommend the quad biking experience for some thrilling fun and great adventure. The quad biking guides are extremely friendly and if you are with a group of friends or family, you are bound to enjoy this different take on exploration. On this particular trip, we opted for a walk to Gris Gris and La Roche Qui Pleure. I am Mauritian and although I have visited lots of landscapes during my exploration of the island, the trek we did was altogether unique. The plants and trees that grow along this part of the south are so lush and green that it reminded me of countries such a New Zealand. I felt completely cut off as my notion of pristine cool and calm seas was overtaken by crashing waves against cliffs and stronger winds Replaced the cool sea breeze to which I am accustomed. We passed an abandoned duck farm which had a pond full of water lettuce which was so profuse that you’d think you were overlooking a vast field of lush green
plants unsuspecting of the water under it. Some trees which produce a fruit called ‘Pomme Jacko’ were completely bent over forming an arch due to strong winds. A spectacle which one needs to discover whilst visiting Mauritius! Another mesmerizing experience is to be able to gaze at sea turtles swimming away happily despite the angry waves. We walked to La Roche Qui Pleure and insisted on taking the strenuous route through the beach which meant climbing an old ladder held by ropes against the cliff. It was not the wisest idea in terms of safety but it gave us
an immense feeling of achievement. Our adventure also consisted of crossing a river and walking through a potato field but unfortunately there is only so much I can share through words. What I can easily say though as a conclusion to this article, is that you need to visit Les Lodges d’Andrea at the very least once in a while. The staff are welcoming to Mauritians and tourists alike and if you do not wish to stay over, you can opt to spend the day visiting this untainted and stunning stretch of the south coast.

-By Shikha

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