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» 01 Sep 2014

So you have visited the picture perfect resorts set on the idyllic beaches of Mauritius with promises of utter relaxation. That’s great. But have you experienced any other sort of get away on the island?
We thought so! We were spellbound and frankly excited when we discovered this month’s special Escape destination.  Our get away is set in the heights of Chamarel, where the beauty of our highest mountain range ends into Pitot Canot which is home to Lakaz Chamarel. The panoramic scenery is outstanding, so much so that the
rooms are not equipped with televisions and trust me, you really could gaze at the horizon and onto Tamarin Bay and Le Morne for hours on end. The play of sunlight on the mountains all the way to the sea and the hues of orange and pink shining down from the clouds are simply breathtaking. We felt alone and privileged to witness such grandeur exclusively. It almost felt like the world belonged to us and so did all the countless stars in the velvet skies at night.. Garden Villas, Sea view villas, Lake
View villas… You can choose the villa which will melt your heart away during your stay. Coloured rocks, thatched roofs, outstanding landscaping and board games for leisure are some basic descriptions of what to expect. The helpful and serene staff will proudly welcome you into their soulful getaway and it is very apparent that the magic of the place has grown onto the staff of Lakaz Chamarel. Everybody was relaxed
and almost whispering in order to capture every single natural delight surrounding us. At breakfast, in the rustic main cottage, I enjoyed a full hour of exotic birds landing on my palms to eat some bread crumbs which I had invited them to.  
A 5 minute walk from the main cottage will take you to the spa which is made of coloured rocks. I sat on one of the wooden trunks converted into a bench and gazed at the setting in awe. I then explored the the premises further and relaxed in the meditation Buddha platform overlooking a majestic garden. I wondered how we
were able to give up simple pleasures. Even the shower gel is all natural and I mean literally brown-sugarin-oil natural. Our outdoor shower was equipped with unique concoctions from nature’s delights and I was all too happy to give up those plastic
filled chemically enhanced shampoos and soaps later that evening.
The summit of Piton Canot was a 2 hour trek from our villa and we were not leaving defeated by our previous unsuccessful attempt. On the eve we had started off at 17 00 to quickly realise that we wouldn't make it in time for sunset. So we started off
early morning equipped with water bottles and trekking shoes but also an unfaltering determination. The way up is fairly easy and there are ropes to help you climb but it is not a trek for the fainthearted. The efforts however pay off as soon as you gaze
onto a 360 degree view of Mauritius from the South West. It is an exhilarating experience.
The sensual experience gathered from the birds, the scenery, the food, the human touch and interaction cannot be given justice through words. We highly recommend you to visit Lakaz Chamarel. Whether you are a nature lover or simply need to
get away from the world and find a sanctuary. Lakaz Chamarel guarantees serenity and peace.

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