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» 02 Mar 2017

We start our escape with a guessing game known as Sirandane! Water found in a ball and the ball is found in straw - the answer is Coconut. The previous generation of Mauritians have grown up on these word games which are less famous with the new generation and Zilwa Mauritius has magically turned these memories into a brand, making anyone’s stay in the hotel,100% Mauritian and showing you the way of life of an Islander, the way of life of a Zilwa (Islander in Creole).
Get rid of your travelling shoes, put on your savatte Dodo (typically Mauritian flip flops), wear your Sapo la Paille (Straw hat) and step into the hotel as a Zilwa (Islander). 5 islands will catch your attention namely Coin de Mire, Ilot Grabrielle, L’ile Plate, Serpent Island and L’ile Ronde. They sit on the perfectly blue horizon waiting for your visit. As a Zilwa you will be drawn to them too and this probably inspired the making of Gran Zil (Big Island) and Ti Zil (small island) which are a few meters away from the shore. Hop on a boat made available every 30 minutes and visit the Gran Zil and Ti Zil for massages with a stunning view onto Coin de Mire and Mauritius but also enjoy some Octopus Curry with rice and Mauritian BBQ and a few drinks whilst listening to the island’s favorite guitarist and singer in his Sapo la Paille and Savatte Dodo! Our sega (Mauritian Song) is about freedom and Adrien the barman will make it a joy to share the meanings of the songs with you.
You will find in your room a diary with the story someone wrote about his stay at Zilwa. Read it as it is fun and the illustrations are lovely (and you can write your story in the remaining pages). Lose yourself in the northern villages and download an app made by the hotel which will guide you throughout your ride and walk so that you do not miss out on important landmarks. You can also use the backdrop of islands and show off your skills on stand up paddle, kayak, in diving gear and water skii. Get up at 5 a.m and go fishing with the local fisherman. It is a genuine experience and the fisherman is not employed by the hotel but just earns whatever tip you deem fit for taking you out at sunrise. The magnificence of the rays will touch your soul and the breakfast prepared just for you which is one of the local’s favorite, will make your day. I have friends who eat it as a midnight snack! Gato pima, di pain maison and craft cheese will await you along with a thermos of hot Mauritian tea. My grandmother used to fry the Chilli cakes for breakfast and my grandfather would go to the bakery at dawn to buy fresh bread.
The Dine Around concept of the hotel is a brilliant one for people to experience dishes in the 6 different restaurants of the hotel and experience new tastes with the buffet. Tease your tastebuds with Cuisine Sino-Mauricienne (Chinese- Mauritian food) and traditional Indian cuisine at Tadka, Mauritian Food at its best in the Taba-J and Lor Disab and Karay holds the tastiest buffet although my personal favorite was lunch on Gran Zil which is not to be missed by anyone!
I will go back to Zilwa, for many reasons, it is now one of my favourite hotels of the island. It comes with high recommendations as after visiting hotels for 6 years, it is pretty hard to surprise us and yet this hotel left us refreshed and yearning for more. The architecture and decor is brilliant and you will feel relaxed straight away as everyone wears a smile and seems to hold their heart in their hands just for you.

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