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» 03 Aug 2015

In 1960, the parents of Eric Le Court started their collection of seashells found on the shores of Mauritius. They would spend hours on the beach looking for those marvels of nature. They transmitted their ever growing passion to Eric who now strives to share these treasures with others.

Gems from nature, seashells remain unknown and out of reach for many of us. Some of them live deep inside the oceans while others have mastered the art of camouflage. It is difficult to admire their habitat. Eric’s mission is to enlighten those of us who ignore the existence of many of those species of seashells.

With an insatiable passion, Eric is always finding new seashells and he often meets collectors, biologists and scientists from all over the world. This network has enabled him to enlarge his portfolio of seashells.

Within a few years, Eric has amassed some 10 000 seashells. His collection is unique and he is often solicited by international fares. He shares his knowledge to enrich various websites. Thanks to his knowledge, he is able to take photos of live seashells. He has also made it a must to try and preserve nature’s gift.
One of the biggest collections of the Mascarenas Islands with 1500 species

A collection with 10 000 plus seashells

Representation of rare species (Corus Gloriamaris, Harpa Costata, Cyprea Fultoni, Lambis Violacca)

Dangerous borderline mortal (Conus Striatus, Conus Geographus)

RARE SHELLS Cylinder Gloriamaris
This shell has been one of the most expensive for a long time. However, nowadays with advanced diving gear, their habitat has been found and these shells are less rare. However this shell remains a prized one.

Lambis Violacea
The shell from the Strombidae family is endemic to the Cargados Carajos which is a series of islets and sand stretches situated 420 km from the northern coastline of Mauritius. This is a prized seashell for collectors.

Harpa Costata
This shell is endemic in Mauritius and is sought after by researchers all around the world. This shell is one of the most majestic ones of its species.

Cyprea Fultoni
The Fultoni generally lives in South African coasts. A few years ago, the Russians discovered a great population of Fultoni seashells in Mozambican waters. The latter were described separately from the South African ones which remain the rarest.

The museum is open
Monday to Saturday from 09 30 to 18 00
Ticket Price: Adult – Rs 250 / Child up to 17
years of age – Rs 125

The World of Seashells Museum
Ruisseau Créole
La Mivoie
Black River
Tel: (230) 483 1938
Mobile: (230) 5259 0197



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